Final Fantasy Compendium

in·dex / n. 1. Alphabetical list of subjects, etc., with references, as in a book. 2. Pointer; sign; indicator. [L]

This is it! A complete (and I mean COMPLETE) list of where to find everything on the site. Use this if you're not sure what category something would fall under.

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1000 Needles: Spell/Ability
????: Spell/Ability
AVALANCHE: Organization
Abadon: Monster
Ace Cardians: Character (FF11)
Adaman Vest, Adamant Vest: Armor/Accessory
Adamant: Term
Adamantoise: Monster
Adel: Character (FF8)
Adramelk: Character (FF Tactics)
Adrammelech: Character (FFTA)
Adrammelech (2): Zodiac Beast
Adremmelech: Summon
Aegis Shield, Aegis Armlet, Aegis Gloves, Aegis Gauntlet: Armor/Accessory
Aegyl: Species
Aerith Gainsborough, Aeris: Character (FF7)
Aero: Spell/Ability
Agart: Place (FF4)
Ahriman: Monster
Ai Hayakawa: Character (FFU)
Air Cab: Transportation
Air Knife, Air Lance, Air Lancet: Weapon
Airplane: Transportation
Airship: Place (FF10)
Airship (2): Transportation
Airship Base: Place (FF5)
Ajido-Marujido: Character (FF11)
Aki Ross, Dr.: Character (FF:TSW)
Aki, Instructor: Character (FF8)
Al Bhed: Species
Al Bhed Psyches: Character (FF10)
Al'Taieu: Place (FF11)
Al-Cid Margrace: Character (FF12)
Albrook: Place (FF6)
Alchemist: Job Class
Aldo: Character (FF11)
Alert: Spell/Ability
Alexander: Summon
Alexandria: Place (FF9)
Alfritaria: Place (FFCC)
Alive Forest: Place (FFMQ)
Alois, Senator: Character (FF11)
Alphollon Tavnazia: Character (FF11)
Altair, Altea: Place (FF2)
Altana: Character (FF11)
Altepa: Place (FF11)
Alus Restor, Prince: Character (FF3)
Amalia: Character (FF12)
Anastasis, Grand Kiltias: Character (FF12)
Ancient Castle: Place (FF6)
Ancient Forest: Place (FF7)
Ancient Sword: Weapon
Angeal Hewley: Character (FF7)
Angel Earrings, Angel Ring: Armor/Accessory
Angelo: Summon
Anima: Term
Anima (2): Summon
Animist: Job Class
Anna: Character (FF4)
Antican: Character (FF11)
Antidote: Item
Antlion: Monster
Antlion Cave: Place (FF4)
Apururu: Character (FF11)
Aqua Breath: Spell/Ability
Aquaria: Place (FFMQ)
Archades: Place (FF12)
Archadia: Place (FF12)
Archadian Empire: Organization
Archduke of Jeuno: Character (FF11)
Archer: Job Class
Archer/Ballista: Job Class
Arda, Heaven's Pillar: Place (FF12)
Arena: Place (FF2)
Argento: Character (FF7)
Aria Benett: Character (FF3)
Arion: Character (FFMQ)
Arise: Spell/Ability
Arithmetician/Calculator: Job Class
Ark: Summon
Ark Angels: Character (FF11)
Armathrwn Society: Character (FF11)
Armor Break: Spell/Ability
Artemis Bow: Weapon
Arylon: Character (FF1)
Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca, Princess: Character (FF12)
Ashura, Middle Knife, Asura: Weapon
Assassin: Job Class
Assassin Knife/Dagger, Assassin's Dagger: Weapon
Assault Boat: Transportation
Astos: Character (FF1)
Astral Crystal: Term
Asura: Character (FF4)
Asura (2): Summon
Atomos: Summon
Attowha Chasm: Place (FF11)
Aura: Character (FFU)
Auracite: Term
Auralith: Term
Auron: Character (FF10)
Auto-Haste: Spell/Ability
Auto-Potion: Spell/Ability
Auto-Protect: Spell/Ability
Auto-Reflect: Spell/Ability
Auto-Shell: Spell/Ability
Avatar: Character (FF11)
Axes: Weapon Type
Ayame: Character (FF11)
Ayde: Character (FF10)
Azul the Cerulean: Character (FF7)
BMask Cave: Place (FF2)
Ba'Gamnan: Character (FF12)
Baaj Temple: Place (FF10)
Babel Giant, Bab-il Giant: Place (FF4)
Babus Swain: Character (FFTA)
Bacchus Wine: Item
Bad Breath: Spell/Ability
Bafsk, Bofsk: Place (FF2)
Bahamut: Character (FF1)
Bahamut (2): Character (FF11)
Bahamut (3): Place (FF12)
Bahamut (4): Summon
Baigan: Character (FF4)
Bakgodek, Overlord: Character (FF11)
Bal, Castle of: Place (FF5)
Balamb: Place (FF8)
Balamb Garden: Place (FF8)
Balfonheim: Place (FF12)
Balthier: Character (FF12)
Bandersnatch: Monster
Bangaa: Species
Baralai: Character (FF10)
Barbariccia: Character (FF4)
Bard: Job Class
Bare Hands: Weapon Type
Baren Falls: Place (FF6)
Barette: Armor/Accessory
Barheim Passage: Place (FF12)
Barkeep: Character (FF10)
Baron Town/Castle: Place (FF4)
Barret Wallace: Character (FF7)
Barrier Tower: Place (FF5)
Barthello: Character (FF10)
Bartz Klauser: Character (FF5)
Basch fon Ronsenburg, Captain: Character (FF12)
Basilisk: Monster
Bastok: Place (FF11)
Battalia Downs: Place (FF11)
Battle Axe: Weapon
Battle Boots: Armor/Accessory
Bayra: Character (FF10)
Beastmaster: Job Class
Beclem: Character (FF10)
Behemoth: Monster
Belgemine: Character (FF10)
Belias: Zodiac Beast
Belias (2): Summon
Bells: Weapon Type
Benjamin: Character (FFMQ)
Benzo: Character (FF10)
Bergan, Judge: Character (FF12)
Berserk: Spell/Ability
Berserker: Job Class
Besaid Aurochs: Character (FF10)
Besaid Island: Place (FF10)
Bevelle: Place (FF10)
Bhujerba: Place (FF12)
Biblos/Apanda: Monster
Big Bridge: Place (FF5)
Big Bro: Character (FF7)
Biggs: Character (FF7)
Biggs (2): Character (FF8)
Bikanel Island: Place (FF10)
Bikke: Character (FF1)
Bilghen: Character (FF10)
Bio: Spell/Ability
Biran Ronso: Character (FF10)
Bishop: Job Class
Bismark: Summon
Black Belt: Armor/Accessory
Black Belt (2): Job Class
Black Chocobo Forest: Place (FF5)
Black Mage: Job Class
Black Mage Village: Place (FF9)
Black Mage/Wizard: Job Class
Black Robe, Black Robes: Armor/Accessory
Black Shock: Spell/Ability
Black Wizard: Job Class
Black Wizard/Black Mage: Job Class
Blacksmith: Job Class
Blind: Spell/Ability
Blink: Spell/Ability
Blitzballs: Weapon Type
Blizzaga: Spell/Ability
Blizzara: Spell/Ability
Blizzard: Spell/Ability
Blood Spear, Drain Spear, Bloody Lance, Blood Lance: Weapon
Blood Sword, Drain Sword, Drainer: Weapon
Blue Mage: Job Class
Bobba: Character (FF10)
Boco: Character (FF8)
Boko: Character (FF5)
Bolbol: Character (FFU)
Bomb: Monster
Bomb (2): Summon
Bomb Fragment: Item
Bomb Spirit: Item
Bomb's Right Arm: Item
Bombs: Weapon Type
Bone Dungeon: Place (FFMQ)
Bone Town: Place (FF7)
Books: Weapon Type
Boomerangs: Weapon Type
Borghen: Character (FF2)
Bosco Pampa, The: Place (FF12)
Bows: Weapon Type
Bracer, Bracers: Armor/Accessory
Bran Bal: Place (FF9)
Braska: Character (FF10)
Break: Spell/Ability
Brigandine, Brigandine Armor: Armor/Accessory
Broad Sword/Broadsword, Shortsword: Weapon
Brother: Character (FF10)
Brothers (A.K.A. Minotaur/Sekhmet): Summon
Brushes: Weapon Type
Buckler: Armor/Accessory
Buddy: Character (FF10)
Bugah, Elder: Character (FF7)
Bugenhagen: Character (FF7)
Buggy: Transportation
Burmecia: Place (FF9)
Burmecians: Species
Bwagi: Character (FF12)
Byakko: Character (FF11)
Cache of Glabados: Term
Cachusha: Armor/Accessory
Cactuar: Character (FFU)
Cactuar (2): Monster
Cactuar (3): Summon
Cagnazzo: Character (FF4)
Cait Sith: Character (FF7)
Calli: Character (FF10)
Calm: Term
Calm Lands: Place (FF10)
Canoe: Transportation
Canonneer: Job Class
Cape Riverne: Place (FF11)
Car: Transportation
Carabini Mail, Carabineer Mail: Armor/Accessory
Caraway, General Fury: Character (FF8)
Carbuncle: Character (FF11)
Carbuncle (2): Summon
Card Queen: Character (FF8)
Cardian: Character (FF11)
Cargo Ship: Place (FF7)
Carwen: Place (FF5)
Castle Zvahl: Place (FF11)
Cat Claw, Cat Claws, Cat's Claws: Weapon
Catoblepas: Monster
Catoblepas (2): Summon
Cave of Bahamut: Place (FF4)
Cave of Summons: Place (FF4)
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth: Place (FF10)
Cavernous Maw: Transportation
Cebe, Isle of Treasures: Place (FF12)
Cecil Harvey: Character (FF4)
Centra Excavation Site: Place (FF8)
Centra Ruins: Place (FF8)
Cerberus: Monster
Cerberus (2): Summon
Cerobi Steppe: Place (FF12)
Cetra: Species
Chain Plate, Chainmail, Ringmail: Armor/Accessory
Chain Whip: Weapon
Chakra: Spell/Ability
Chancellor: Character (FF1)
Chaos: Character (FF1)
Chaos (2): Character (FF7)
Chaos (3): Zodiac Beast
Chaos (4): Summon
Chaos Tyrant: Character (FFU)
Chappu: Character (FF10)
Chebukki Triplets: Character (FF11)
Chemist: Job Class
Cherry Blossom: Spell/Ability
Chimera: Monster
Chobi: Character (FFU)
Choco Billy, Guringurin: Character (FF7)
Chocobaba: Character (FFU)
Chocobo: Species
Chocobo (2): Summon
Chocobo (3): Transportation
Chocobo Air Garden: Place (FF9)
Chocobo Bill, Gurin: Character (FF7)
Chocobo Dream World: Place (FF9)
Chocobo Farm: Place (FF7)
Chocobo Forest: Place (FF9)
Chocobo Forests: Place (FF8)
Chocobo Island: Place (FF5)
Chocobo Knights: Organization
Chocobo Lagoon: Place (FF9)
Chocobo Paradise: Place (FF9)
Chocobo Ranch: Place (FF10)
Chocobo Sage: Character (FF7)
Chocobo Sage's House: Place (FF7)
Chocobo Sanctuary: Place (FF8)
Chocoboy: Character (FF8)
Chocoimo: Character (FFU)
Chole, Kurin: Character (FF7)
Chumimi: Character (FF11)
Cid: Character (FF1)
Cid (2): Character (FF2)
Cid (3): Character (FF10)
Cid (4): Character (FF11)
Cid (5): Character (FFU)
Cid Highwind: Character (FF7)
Cid Kramer: Character (FF8)
Cid Pollendina: Character (FF4)
Cid Previa: Character (FF5)
Cid Randell: Character (FFTA)
Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, Doctor: Character (FF12)
Cindy: Character (FF4)
Circlet: Armor/Accessory
Citadel of Trials, Ordeal Castle: Place (FF1)
Claidie: Character (FF11)
Clan: Term
Clasko: Character (FF10)
Clavats: Species
Claws: Weapon Type
Cleyra: Place (FF9)
Climhazzard: Spell/Ability
Clio, Mr.: Character (FF5)
Cloister of the Dead: Place (FF5)
Clubs: Weapon Type
Cockatrice: Monster
Cockatrice (2): Summon
Coeurl: Monster
Colosseum: Place (FF6)
Comet: Spell/Ability
Conall Curach: Place (FFCC)
Conde Petie: Place (FF9)
Conde Petie Mountain Path: Place (FF9)
Confuse: Spell/Ability
Conjurer/Evoker: Job Class
Coral Sword, Coral Blade: Weapon
Coral Valley: Place (FF7)
Corel Prison: Place (FF7)
Cornelia: Character (FF11)
Cornelia, Coneria: Place (FF1)
Corpse Brigade, Death Corps: Organization
Corsair: Job Class
Cosmo Canyon: Place (FF7)
Costa del Sol: Place (FF7)
Cottage: Item
Counter: Spell/Ability
Cover: Spell/Ability
Crescent Island: Place (FF6)
Crescent Lake: Place (FF1)
Crescent Mountain: Place (FF6)
Crescent Town: Place (FF5)
Cross Helm, Close Helmet: Armor/Accessory
Crusader: Summon
Crusaders: Organization
Crystal Equipment: Armor/Accessory
Crystal Palace: Place (FF4)
Crystal World: Place (FF9)
Crystals, Orbs: Term
Cu Sith: Character (FF12)
Cuchulainn: Summon
Cura: Spell/Ability
Curaga: Spell/Ability
Curaja: Spell/Ability
Cure: Spell/Ability
Cure Staff, Heal Rod, Healing Rod,, Healing Staff: Weapon
Curilla, General: Character (FF11)
Cyclops: Summon
Cchulainn: Zodiac Beast
D'Oraguille, Achefagais: Character (FF11)
D'Oraguille, Lanfeaur: Character (FF11)
D'Oraguille, Marelinne R: Character (FF11)
D'Oraguille, Ranperre R: Character (FF11)
D-District Prison: Place (FF8)
DMW: Term
Daemons Court: Place (FFCC)
Daguerreo: Place (FF9)
Dalan: Character (FF12)
Dali: Place (FF9)
Dalmasca: Place (FF12)
Dalmasca Estersand: Place (FF12)
Dalmasca Westersand: Place (FF12)
Dalmasca, Kingdom of: Organization
Damcyan Castle: Place (FF4)
Dancer: Job Class
Darill's Tomb / Daryl's Tomb: Place (FF6)
Dark King: Character (FFMQ)
Dark Knight: Job Class
Dark Knight (DS Only): Job Class
Dark Matter: Item
Darkside: Spell/Ability
Darryl: Character (FF1)
Davoi: Place (FF11)
Dawn Maidens: Character (FF11)
Death: Spell/Ability
Death Claw: Monster
Death Gaze: Monster
Death Sentence: Spell/Ability
Deathguyunos: Character (FF: LotC)
Deep Sea Research Center: Place (FF8)
Deepground: Organization
Defender, Defense Sword: Weapon
Deidogg: Character (FF11)
Deist Castle, Dist Castle: Place (FF2)
Deist Cave, Dist Cave: Place (FF2)
Deling City: Place (FF8)
Deling, President Vinzer: Character (FF8)
Delkfutt Reactor: Place (FF11)
Delkfutt's Tower: Place (FF11)
Demon Wall: Monster
Den of Woe: Place (FF10)
Desert Palace: Place (FF9)
Desert of Shifting Sands: Place (FF5)
Despachiaire: Character (FF11)
Destin, King: Character (FF11)
Destin, Queen: Character (FF11)
Diablos: Summon
Diabolos: Character (FF11)
Diamond Equipment, Opal Equipment: Armor/Accessory
Dispel: Spell/Ability
Divine Knight: Job Class
Djose Temple: Place (FF10)
Dobe, Mayor: Character (FF8)
Doggvdegg: Character (FF11)
Dollet: Place (FF8)
Dolls: Weapon Type
Doma Castle: Place (FF6)
Dona: Character (FF10)
Doned Radiuju: Character (FFTA)
Donga: Character (FF10)
Doom Castle: Place (FFMQ)
Doomtrain: Summon
Dorgann Klauser: Character (FF5)
Drace, Judge: Character (FF12)
Dragon Claw, Dragon's Claws: Weapon
Dragon King Birthplace and Monastery: Place (FF11)
Dragon Knight/Dragoon: Job Class
Dragon's Cave, Cardia Islands: Place (FF1)
Dragon's Whisker, Dragon's Hair: Weapon
Dragonkin/Dragoner: Job Class
Dragoon: Job Class
Dragoon/Lancer: Job Class
Drain: Spell/Ability
Drakenvale: Place (FF5)
Draklor Laboratory: Place (FF12)
Draw: Term
Dream Harp, Dreamer: Weapon
Drogaroga's Spine: Place (FF11)
Dual Horn: Monster
Duncan's House: Place (FF6)
Dwarf Castle: Place (FF4)
Dwarves: Species
Dyanmis: Place (FF11)
Eald'Narche: Character (FF11)
Earth Bell: Weapon
Earth Drum: Item
Earth Shrine: Place (FF9)
East Academy: Place (FF8)
Easterly: Place (FF5)
Easterly Falls: Place (FF5)
Eastern Empire: Place (FF11)
Eblan Castle: Place (FF4)
Eblan Cave: Place (FF4)
Ebot's Rock: Place (FF6)
Echo Screen: Item
Edea's House: Place (FF8)
Eden: Summon
Edge: Character (FF4)
Edge (2): Place (FF7)
Eidolon: Term
Elder Tree: Place (FF5)
Eldie Mantiant, Lady: Character (FF11)
Elementalist: Job Class
Elfheim, Elfland: Place (FF1)
Elixir: Item
Elliott, Major: Character (FF:TSW)
Elma: Character (FF10)
Elshimo: Place (FF11)
Elvaan: Character (FF11)
Elvaan (2): Species
Elza: Character (FF12)
Emperor, Fiend, Chaos: Term
Empire: Organization
End of Dreams, The: Place (FF12)
Enhance Sword/Enhancer, Enhancing Sword: Weapon
Enkidu: Character (FF5)
Enuo: Character (FF5)
Eruyt Village: Place (FF12)
Esper: Term
Esper Gathering Place: Place (FF6)
Esper World: Place (FF6)
Espers: Species
Esthar: Organization
Esthar City: Place (FF8)
Esto Gaza: Place (FF9)
Esuna: Spell/Ability
Eternity's March: Place (FF12)
Ether: Item
Eventide: Place (FF11)
Evil Forest: Place (FF9)
Excalibur, XCALBR: Weapon
Excalipur: Weapon
Exdeath Castle: Place (FF5)
Exodus: Character (FFTA)
Exodus (2): Zodiac Beast
Exodus (3): Summon
Eye Drop: Item
Ezel Berbier: Character (FFTA)
Fabul Castle: Place (FF4)
Falls Basin: Place (FFMQ)
Famfrit: Character (FFTA)
Famfrit (2): Zodiac Beast
Famfrit (3): Summon
Fanatics' Tower: Place (FF6)
Fane of Gucuma Qul: Place (FF12)
Fane of Tehp Qul: Place (FF12)
Farmer: Job Class
Farplane: Place (FF10)
Fayth: Term
Feather Boots, Winged Boots: Armor/Accessory
Feather Hat, Leather Hat, Plumed Hat, Feather Cap: Armor/Accessory
Fei'Yin: Place (FF11)
Fell Knight/Dark Knight: Job Class
Fencer: Job Class
Fenrir: Summon
Fenrir (2): Transportation
Feol Viera: Term
Feol Warren: Place (FF12)
Feolthanos: Character (FF12)
Festival-Goer: Job Class
Feywood: Place (FF12)
Ffamran Bunansa: Character (FF12)
Fields of Fum: Place (FFCC)
Figaro Castle: Place (FF6)
Figaro Cave: Place (FF6)
Fighter: Job Class
Fighter/Warrior: Job Class
Filo: Character (FF12)
Final Heaven: Spell/Ability
Final Summoning: Term
Fira: Spell/Ability
Firaga: Spell/Ability
Fire: Spell/Ability
Fire Breath: Spell/Ability
Fire Cavern: Place (FF8)
Fire Shrine: Place (FF9)
Fire-Powered Ship: Place (FF5)
Fireburg: Place (FFMQ)
First World: Place (FF5)
Fisherman: Job Class
Fishermans Horizon: Place (FF8)
Flails/Hammers: Weapon Type
Flame Bute, FireLash, Flame Whip, Flame Mace: Weapon
Flame Sword, Salamand, Flame Brand, Flame Sabre, Flametongue: Weapon
Flametongue: Spell/Ability
Flan: Monster
Flare: Spell/Ability
Flee: Spell/Ability
Float: Spell/Ability
Floating Continent: Place (FF3)
Floating Island: Place (FF6)
Floral Fallal: Job Class
Flutes: Weapon Type
Flying Fortress, Sky Castle: Place (FF1)
Focus: Spell/Ability
Focus Tower: Place (FFMQ)
Forest Owls: Organization
Foresta: Place (FFMQ)
Forgotten City/Capital: Place (FF7)
Forgotten Continent: Place (FF9)
Fork Tower: Place (FF5)
Forks: Weapon Type
Fort Condor: Place (FF7)
Fossil Roo: Place (FF9)
Fran: Character (FF12)
Free Agents: Character (FF10)
Frog Song: Spell/Ability
Full Cure: Spell/Ability
Full Moon Fountain/Well: Place (FF11)
Full Moon/Engetsu: Weapon
Full Throttle: Job Class
Funguar: Monster
Fusilier: Job Class
Fynn Castle/Town, Phin: Place (FF2)
Gabranth, Judge: Character (FF12)
Gadgeteer: Job Class
Gagazet, Mount: Place (FF10)
Gaia: Place (FF1)
Gaia (2): Place (FF9)
Gaia Robe/Gear, Gaia Doublet: Armor/Accessory
Galbadia: Organization
Galbadia Garden: Place (FF8)
Galka: Character (FF11)
Galka (2): Species
Gambit: Term
Gambler: Job Class
Gamblers: Weapon Type
Game Hunter: Job Class
Garamsythe Waterway: Place (FF12)
Garden: Term
Gargan Roo: Place (FF9)
Gargant: Species
Gargant (2): Transportation
Garif: Species
Garik: Character (FF10)
Garilage Citadel: Place (FF11)
Garland: Character (FF1)
Garuda: Monster
Garuda (2): Summon
Gastrafitis, Gastra Bow, Gastrophetes: Weapon
Gatea: Place (FF2)
Gatekeeper: Character (FF11)
Gates of Shattered Time: Place (FF12)
Gatta: Character (FF10)
Gauntlet, Paladin Gauntlet, Gauntlets: Armor/Accessory
Gelnika: Place (FF7)
Genji Equipment . Samurai Equipment: Armor/Accessory
Genome: Species
Geomancer: Job Class
Geostigma: Term
Germinas Boots: Armor/Accessory
Germonik Scriptures: Term
Gerun: Character (FF12)
Ghelsba: Place (FF11)
Ghido's Shrine: Place (FF5)
Ghis, Judge: Character (FF12)
Giant Tree: Place (FFMQ)
Gigas: Character (FF11)
Gijuk: Character (FF12)
Gil Toss: Spell/Ability
Gil, GP: Term
Gilgame Cave: Place (FF5)
Gilgamesh: Summon
Gillionaire: Spell/Ability
Gippal: Character (FF10)
Giruvegan: Place (FF12)
Giyaman Bell: Weapon
Giza Plains: Place (FF12)
Gizamaluke's Grotto: Place (FF9)
Glabados Church: Organization
Glabados Ruins: Place (FF12)
Gladiator: Job Class
Gloceana: Place (FF5)
Gnomish Bread: Item
Goblin: Character (FF11)
Goblin (2): Monster
Goblin Punch: Spell/Ability
Goblin Wall: Place (FFCC)
Goblin/Imp: Summon
Gohn: Place (FF5)
Gohn Meteor: Place (FF5)
Gold Armor, Golden Armor: Armor/Accessory
Gold Hairpin, Golden Hairpin, Tiara: Armor/Accessory
Gold Needle: Item
Gold Saucer: Place (FF7)
Golem: Monster
Golem (2): Summon
Golmore Jungle: Place (FF12)
Gongaga: Place (FF7)
Graav: Character (FF10)
Gramis Solidor, Emperor: Character (FF12)
Graviga/Gravija: Spell/Ability
Gravity: Spell/Ability
Gray Edwards: Character (FF:TSW)
Great Forest of Moore: Place (FF5)
Great Glacier: Place (FF7)
Great Pyramid: Place (FF5)
Great Salt Lake: Place (FF8)
Great Trench: Place (FF5)
Green Beret, Bandanna: Armor/Accessory
Gregoroth, Chairman: Character (FF12)
Groceana: Place (FF5)
Guado: Species
Guado Glories: Character (FF10)
Guadosalam: Place (FF10)
Guardian Force: Term
Guardian Tree: Place (FF5)
Gugoza Falls: Place (FF12)
Guguerro Greendeep, The: Place (FF12)
Gullwings: Organization
Gun Mage: Job Class
Gunblades: Weapon Type
Gungnir: Weapon
Gunner: Job Class
Guns: Weapon Type
Gurdy: Character (FF12)
Gurgan: Species
Gysahl Greens: Item
HP Stroll: Spell/Ability
Hades: Summon
Hammers: Weapon Type
Hana: Character (FF10)
Hand-Bombs: Weapon Type
Handbags: Weapon Type
Harpoon: Weapon Type
Harps: Weapon Type
Hashmal: Zodiac Beast
Hashmal (2): Summon
Hassan: Character (FF: LotC)
Haste: Spell/Ability
Hastega: Spell/Ability
Havharo: Character (FF12)
Heaven's Cloud, Nimbus, Strato, Ama-no-Murakumo: Weapon
Heaven's Tower of Windurst: Place (FF11)
Heaven's Vigil: Place (FF12)
Heavenly Wrath: Item
Hecteyes: Monster
Helicopter: Transportation
HellClaw, Poison Claw, Poison Claws, Sick Knuckles: Weapon
Henne Mines: Place (FF12)
Hermetic: Job Class
Hi-Ether: Item
Hi-Potion: Item
Hill Of Destiny: Place (FFMQ)
Hiryuu, Wind Drake, Dragon: Transportation
Holy: Term
Holy (2): Spell/Ability
Holy Knight: Job Class
Holy Spear, Holy Lance, White Lance, Spirit Lance: Weapon
Holy Water: Item
Holyra: Spell/Ability
Home: Place (FF10)
Horizon Bridge: Place (FF8)
Horotoro Ruins: Place (FF11)
House On The Veldt: Place (FF6)
Hover: Transportation
Hovercraft: Transportation
Hume: Character (FF11)
Hume (2): Species
Hummingway Home: Place (FF4)
Hunter: Job Class
Hydra / Syldra: Summon
Hypello: Species
Hypno Crown, Hypnocrown: Armor/Accessory
Ice Brand: Spell/Ability
Ice Brand/Icebrand, Ice Sword, Ice Blade, Blizzard: Weapon
Ice Cavern: Place (FF9)
Ice Cavern, Ice Cave: Place (FF1)
Ice Pyramid: Place (FFMQ)
Ice Sled: Transportation
Icicle Inn: Place (FF7)
Ifrit: Summon
Iifa Tree: Place (FF9)
Illusion's Home: Place (FF12)
Illusionist: Job Class
Imp: Monster
Imp (2): Species
Imperial Base: Place (FF6)
Imperial Camp: Place (FF6)
Imperial Palace: Place (FF6)
Indra (AKA Ramuh): Summon
Instruments: Weapon Type
Interdimensional Rift: Place (FF5)
Ipsen's Castle: Place (FF9)
Iron Giant: Monster
Isaaru: Character (FF10)
Island Shrine: Place (FF5)
Isshu, Jewel of the Skysea: Place (FF12)
Istory: Place (FF5)
Istory Falls: Place (FF5)
Ivalice: Place (FF12)
Ixion: Summon
Jachol: Place (FF5)
Jade Portal: Place (FF2)
Jagd: Term
Jahara: Place (FF12)
Jane: Character (FF1)
Javelin: Weapon
Jecht: Character (FF10)
Jegon River: Place (FFCC)
Jenova Cells: Term
Jeuno: Place (FF11)
Jidoor: Place (FF6)
Jim: Character (FF1)
Jimma: Character (FF10)
Jote: Character (FF12)
Judge: Term
Judge of Wings: Character (FF12)
Judgemaster: Job Class
Judgment/Judge Staff, Judicer's Staff: Weapon
Judo Uniform, Jujitsu Gi: Armor/Accessory
Juggler: Job Class
Jules: Character (FF12)
Junction: Term
Junger Forest: Place (FF11)
Junon: Place (FF7)
Jyscal Guado, Maester: Character (FF10)
Kaeli: Character (FFMQ)
Kaidge Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Kain's Lance: Weapon
Kaipo: Place (FF4)
Kaiser Claw, Kaiser Knuckles: Weapon
Kalm Town: Place (FF7)
Karateka/Black Belt: Job Class
Karnak Meteor: Place (FF5)
Karnak Town, Karnak Castle: Place (FF5)
Kas'ion, Kashuon: Place (FF2)
Katal: Weapon Type
Katanas: Weapon Type
Keep of Forgotten Time: Place (FF12)
Kefka's Tower: Place (FF6)
Kelb: Place (FF5)
Kelk Ronso, Maester: Character (FF10)
Kenpo Robe, Karate Robe, Kenpogi: Armor/Accessory
Kerwin: Place (FF5)
Kerwon: Place (FF12)
Kikuichimonji, Ninja Knife, Forged: Weapon
Kilika: Place (FF10)
Kilika Beasts: Character (FF10)
Killer Bow, Archer Bow: Weapon
Kimahri Ronso: Character (FF10)
Kindred: Character (FF11)
Kinoc, Maester Wes: Character (FF10)
Kirin: Summon
Kisana: Character (FF: LotC)
Kisne Rise: Place (FF12)
Kjata: Summon
Knight: Job Class
Knight Armor, Paladin Armor: Armor/Accessory
Knights of the Round: Summon
Knives/Daggers: Weapon Type
Kohlingen: Place (FF6)
Kokkol's House: Place (FF4)
Konschat Highlands: Place (FF11)
Kotetsu, Long Knife: Weapon
Kramer Orphanage: Place (FF8)
Kuftal Tunnel: Place (FF11)
Kuluu: Character (FF11)
Kunai, Short Knife, Imperial, Ninja Knife: Weapon
Kuza: Place (FF5)
Kuzotz: Place (FF11)
Kytes: Character (FF12)
La'Thiene Plateau: Place (FF11)
Lady Luck: Job Class
Lamia: Monster
Lamia Harp, Charm Harp, Lamia Flute: Weapon
Lamont: Character (FF12)
Land of Summons: Place (FF4)
Landis: Place (FF12)
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, Lord: Character (FF12)
Lava Dome: Place (FFMQ)
Law: Term
Leblanc: Character (FF10)
Lemurs, Sky Continent of: Place (FF12)
Lenna, Queen: Character (FF: LotC)
Lenne: Character (FF10)
Lesrekta, Isle of Illusions: Place (FF12)
Lethe River: Place (FF6)
Leuda: Place (FFCC)
Level 3 Flare: Spell/Ability
Level 5 Death: Spell/Ability
Level Forest: Place (FFMQ)
Leviathan: Place (FF2)
Leviathan (2): Place (FF12)
Leviathan (3): Summon
Lhusu Mines: Place (FF12)
Lian: Character (FF10)
Libra: Spell/Ability
Libra Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Library of the Ancients: Place (FF5)
License: Term
Lich: Monster
Lich (2): Summon
Life Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Lifestream: Term
Light Robe, Luminous Robe: Armor/Accessory
Lilith's Kiss: Item
Lilties: Species
Linaly: Character (FF: LotC)
Lindblum: Place (FF9)
Linen Cuirass, Cuirass: Armor/Accessory
Liquid Steel: Spell/Ability
Llednar Twen: Character (FFTA)
Llyud: Character (FF12)
Logos: Character (FF10)
Long Sword/Longsword: Weapon
Lordly Robes, Lordly Robe, Robe of Lords: Armor/Accessory
Lost Continent: Place (FF9)
Lowtown: Place (FF12)
Luca: Place (FF10)
Luca Goers: Character (FF10)
Lucil: Character (FF10)
Luck Mallet: Item
Lufenia, Lefein: Place (FF1)
Lufenish: Species
Lugor: Place (FF5)
Lulu: Character (FF10)
Lunar Base: Place (FF8)
Lunar Cry: Term
Lunar Path: Place (FF4)
Lunar Subterrane: Place (FF4)
Lunarians: Species
Lunatic Pandora: Place (FF8)
Luzzu: Character (FF10)
Lynari Desert: Place (FFCC)
M. Knight (NES Only): Job Class
Mac's Ship: Place (FFMQ)
Mac, Captain: Character (FFMQ)
Macalania Lake/Temple: Place (FF10)
Macalania Woods: Place (FF10)
Machina: Term
Machina Maw: Job Class
Machinist/Engineer: Job Class
Madain Sari: Place (FF9)
Madeen/Maduin: Summon
Maechen: Character (FF10)
Mag Mell: Place (FFCC)
Mage Masher, Mute Knife: Weapon
Magic Break: Spell/Ability
Magic Hammer: Spell/Ability
Magic Knight: Job Class
Magic Pot: Monster
Magic/Magick: Term
Magicite: Term
Magitek: Term
Magitek Factory / Magitek Research Facility: Place (FF6)
Magnetic Cavern: Place (FF4)
Magus Sisters: Summon
Maiden's Kiss: Item
Main Gauche, Guardian: Weapon
Mako: Term
Mako Reactor: Term
Malboro: Monster
Manipulate: Spell/Ability
Maranda: Place (FF6)
Marche Radiuju: Character (FFTA)
Mark: Term
Marnela: Character (FF10)
Maroda: Character (FF10)
Marquisate of Tavnazia: Place (FF11)
Marrs Pass: Place (FFCC)
Marsh Cave: Place (FF1)
Masamune, Aura: Weapon
Mascot: Job Class
Master: Job Class
Materia: Term
Materia Cave: Place (FF7)
Mateus: Character (FFTA)
Mateus (2): Zodiac Beast
Mateus (3): Summon
Matoya's Cave: Place (FF1)
Maximillian: Armor/Accessory
Measures: Weapon Type
Mediator/Trainer: Job Class
Mega-Potion: Item
Megalixir: Item
Megaphones: Weapon Type
Melmond: Place (FF1)
Memoria: Place (FF9)
Mental Break: Spell/Ability
Merchant: Job Class
Mermaids: Species
Meteor: Term
Meteor (2): Spell/Ability
Meteorfall: Term
Mewt Randell: Character (FFTA)
Mhaura: Place (FF11)
Mi'hen: Character (FF10)
Mi'ihen Road: Place (FF10)
Mid Previa: Character (FF: LotC)
Mideel: Place (FF7)
Midgar: Place (FF7)
Midlight's Deep: Place (FF12)
Migelo: Character (FF12)
Mighty Guard: Spell/Ability
Mika, Grand Maester: Character (FF10)
Miller: Job Class
Mime: Job Class
Mime (2): Spell/Ability
Mind Flayer: Monster
Mine: Place (FFMQ)
Minerva Robe, Minerva Plate, Minerva Bangle, Minerva Bustier, Minerva's Ring, Heroine Robe: Armor/Accessory
Mines of Cathuriges: Place (FFCC)
Mini: Spell/Ability
MiniMog: Summon
Minister of Aurastery: Character (FF11)
Minister of Oarstery: Character (FF11)
Minister of Rhinostery: Character (FF11)
Minotaur (AKA Brothers, Sekhret/Sekhmet): Monster
Minster of Maunastery: Character (FF11)
Minster of Optistery: Character (FF11)
Mirage: Place (FF5)
Missile: Spell/Ability
Missile Base: Place (FF8)
Mist: Term
Mist Cave: Place (FF4)
Mist Continent: Place (FF9)
Mist Dragon: Summon
Mist Town: Place (FF4)
Mistalle: Place (FF11)
Mithra: Character (FF11)
Mithra (2): Species
Mithril Town, Silvera: Place (FF4)
Mithril/Mythril: Term
Mithril/Mythril Knife, Silver Knife: Weapon
Mithril/Mythril Sword, Mythril Blade, Silver Sword: Weapon
Mithril/Mythril equipment, Silver Equipment: Armor/Accessory
Mjrn: Character (FF12)
Moblin: Character (FF11)
Mobliz: Place (FF6)
Mog Knight: Job Class
Mognet: Term
Mognet Central: Place (FF9)
Monk: Job Class
Monk/Champion: Job Class
Montblanc: Character (FF12)
Montblanc (2): Character (FFTA)
Moogle Forest/Moogle Canal: Place (FF5)
Moogles: Species
Moomba: Species
Moomba (2): Summon
Moon's Core: Place (FF4)
Moonflow: Place (FF10)
Moore: Place (FF5)
Morning Star: Weapon
Morpher: Job Class
Moschet Manor: Place (FFCC)
Mosphoran Highwaste: Place (FF12)
Motorcycle: Transportation
Mount Corel: Place (FF7)
Mount Duergar, Dwarf Cave: Place (FF1)
Mount Gaea: Place (FF7)
Mount Gale: Place (FFMQ)
Mount Gulg, Gurgu Volcano: Place (FF1)
Mount Gulug: Place (FF9)
Mount Hobs: Place (FF4)
Mount Kilinda: Place (FFCC)
Mount Kolts: Place (FF6)
Mount Ordeals: Place (FF4)
Mount Vellenge: Place (FFCC)
Mount Zozo: Place (FF6)
Movalpolos: Place (FF11)
Mover: Monster
Mt Bur-Omisace: Place (FF12)
Mu: Monster
Mug: Spell/Ability
Murasame: Weapon
Muruc Cahuac Skysea: Place (FF12)
Mushrom Rock Road: Place (FF10)
Mushroom Forest: Place (FFCC)
Mydia: Character (FF12)
Mysidia: Place (FF2)
Mysidia (2): Place (FF4)
Mysidia Cave: Place (FF2)
Mysidia Tower: Place (FF2)
Mystic/Oracle: Job Class
Mythril Mine: Place (FF7)
N-Zone: Place (FF5)
Nabradia: Place (FF12)
Nabreus Deadlands: Place (FF12)
Nalbina Dungeon: Place (FF12)
Nalbina Fortress: Place (FF12)
Nam-Yensa Sandsea: Place (FF12)
Narshe: Place (FF6)
Necrohol of Nabudis: Place (FF12)
Necromancer: Job Class
Netherseer/Hell Knight: Job Class
Nethicite: Term
Neverwood, The: Place (FF12)
Nhadala: Character (FF10)
Nibelheim: Place (FF7)
Nibelheim Mountains: Place (FF7)
Nikeah: Place (FF6)
Ninja: Job Class
Ninja Sword: Weapon Type
Ninja/Assassin: Job Class
No Encounters: Spell/Ability
No. 288: Character (FF9)
Noah fon Ronsenberg: Character (FF12)
Nono: Character (FF12)
Nono (2): Character (FFTA)
Nooj, Meyvn: Character (FF10)
Norg: Place (FF11)
Norma: Character (FFMQ)
North Corel: Place (FF7)
North Mountain: Place (FF5)
North Wind: Item
Northern Crater: Place (FF7)
Northern Quon Continent: Place (FF11)
Northlands: Place (FF11)
Nu Mou: Species
Nunchuck: Weapon Type
O'aka XXIII: Character (FF10)
Obelisk, Oberisk: Weapon
Observatory Mountain: Place (FF9)
Ochu: Monster
Odin: Summon
Odin's Gate: Place (FF11)
Oeilvert: Place (FF9)
Oghu, the Veiled Isle: Place (FF12)
Ogir-Yensa Sandsea: Place (FF12)
Oglop: Species
Ogre Axe: Weapon
Ogre Nix, Organics, The Ogre: Weapon
Ohalland: Character (FF10)
Old Archades: Place (FF12)
Omega: Character (FF10)
Omega Ruins: Place (FF10)
Ondore, Marquis Halim IV: Character (FF12)
Onion Knight: Job Class
Onlak, Onrac: Place (FF1)
Opera House: Place (FF6)
Oracle: Job Class
Orator/Mediator: Job Class
Orc: Character (FF11)
Ordalia: Place (FF12)
Ordelle's Cave: Place (FF11)
Orichalcon: Weapon
Ormi: Character (FF10)
Osmose: Spell/Ability
Otto: Character (FFMQ)
Outer Continent: Place (FF9)
Ozmone Plain: Place (FF12)
Pacce: Character (FF10)
Paine: Character (FF10)
Paladin: Job Class
Palidor: Summon
Paloom, Palm: Place (FF2)
Pandaemonium, Pandemonium: Place (FF2)
Pandemona: Summon
Pandemonium: Place (FF9)
Papsque: Character (FF11)
Paramecia Castle, Paramekia Castle: Place (FF2)
Paramina Rift: Place (FF12)
Partisan: Weapon
Pazuzu: Character (FFMQ)
Pazuzu's Tower: Place (FFMQ)
Penelo: Character (FF12)
Perseus Bow: Weapon
Phantom: Summon
Phantom Forest/Phantom Train: Place (FF6)
Phantom Village: Place (FF5)
Pharos at Ridorana: Place (FF12)
Phin Town/Castle: Place (FF2)
Phoebe: Character (FFMQ)
Phoenix: Summon
Phoenix Caves: Place (FF6)
Phoenix Down / Fenix Down: Item
Phoenix Tower: Place (FF5)
Phon Coast: Place (FF12)
Pinnacle Rocks: Place (FF9)
Pinwheel, Fuma, Ninja Star, Fuma Shuriken: Weapon
Pirate Cave: Place (FF5)
Poft: Place (FF2)
Poison: Spell/Ability
Poison Axe, Venom Axe: Weapon
Poisona: Spell/Ability
Poles: Weapon Type
Port Marilith: Place (FF12)
Port Tipa: Place (FFCC)
Potion: Item
Power Break: Spell/Ability
Power Wrist, Giant's Gloves, Strength Bracelet, Power Armlet, Power Gauntlet: Armor/Accessory
Pravoca, Pravoka: Place (FF1)
Pray: Spell/Ability
Prettz: Character (FF: LotC)
Project G: Term
Protect: Spell/Ability
Protomateria: Term
Pso'Xja: Place (FF11)
Psychicer: Job Class
Pukutak: Character (FF10)
Puppetmaster: Job Class
Pupu: Species
Purvama, the Floating Lands: Place (FF12)
Pyramid of Moore: Place (FF5)
Pyreflies: Term
Qu: Species
Qu's Marsh: Place (FF9)
Quadav: Character (FF11)
Quake: Spell/Ability
Quan's Dwelling: Place (FF9)
Queen Remedi: Character (FFTA)
Quelb: Place (FF5)
Quezacotl: Summon
Quick: Spell/Ability
Quicksand Desert: Place (FF5)
Quifim Island: Place (FF11)
Ra Devil: Character (FF: LotC)
Rabanastre: Place (FF12)
Rackets: Weapon Type
Ragnarok: Weapon
Ragnarok (2): Summon
Raiden: Summon
Rainbow Bridge: Place (FFMQ)
Raise: Spell/Ability
Raithwall's Tomb: Place (FF12)
Raithwall, King: Character (FF12)
Raminas, King: Character (FF12)
Ramuh: Summon
Rancher: Job Class
Ranger: Job Class
Rasler Helos Nabradia, Prince: Character (FF12)
Rat Tail: Item
Raz: Character (FF12)
Rebena Te Ra: Place (FFCC)
Red Mage: Job Class
Red Wizard: Job Class
Red Wizard/Red Mage: Job Class
Reddas: Character (FF12)
Reflect: Spell/Ability
Reflect Ring, Wall Ring, Ruby Ring, Star Bracer: Armor/Accessory
Regen: Spell/Ability
Regole: Place (FF5)
Reks: Character (FF12)
Remedy: Item
Remiem Temple: Place (FF10)
Remora: Summon
Reraise: Spell/Ability
Return Magic: Spell/Ability
Returners' HQ: Place (FF6)
Reuben: Character (FFMQ)
Reunion: Term
Revive: Spell/Ability
Ribbon: Armor/Accessory
Ridorana Cataract: Place (FF12)
Rikken: Character (FF12)
Rinok: Character (FF12)
Rising Sun: Weapon
Ritz Malheur: Character (FFTA)
River Belle Path: Place (FFCC)
Rix: Place (FF5)
Ro'Maeve: Place (FF11)
Rocket Town: Place (FF7)
Roda Volcano: Place (FF12)
Rods: Weapon Type
Ronkan Ruins: Place (FF5)
Ronso: Species
Ronso Fangs: Character (FF10)
Rope Bridge: Place (FFMQ)
Rouge: Character (FF: LotC)
Roulette: Spell/Ability
Royal Palace: Place (FF12)
Rozarria: Place (FF12)
Rubber Suit, Rubber Costume: Armor/Accessory
Rugs: Weapon Type
Rune Axe: Weapon
Rune Bell: Weapon
Rune Blade/Runeblade, Rune Sword, Rune Edge, Rune Steel/Runemaster: Weapon
Runeseeker: Job Class
Running Shoes, Sprint Shoes, Speed Bracer, Dash Boots, Hermes Shoes: Armor/Accessory
S Cells: Term
Sacrarium: Place (FF11)
Sacrifice: Spell/Ability
Safety Bit: Armor/Accessory
Sage: Job Class
Sage Staff, Life Staff, Staff of the Magi: Weapon
Sage's Cave, Sarda's Cave: Place (FF1)
Sahagin: Character (FF11)
Sahagin (2): Monster
Sailing Ship: Transportation
Salamand, Salmando: Place (FF2)
Salamander: Summon
Salikawood: Place (FF12)
Samurai: Job Class
San'Doria: Place (FF11)
Sand Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Sanubia Desert: Place (FF10)
Sarutabaruta: Place (FF11)
Sauromugue Champaign: Place (FF11)
Save The Queen: Weapon
Scholar: Job Class
Scion: Term
Scorpion Tail: Weapon
Scythes: Weapon Type
Sealed Castle of Kuza: Place (FF5)
Sealed Cave: Place (FF4)
Sealed Gate Cave: Place (FF6)
Sealed Temple: Place (FF5)
Sealed Temple (2): Place (FFMQ)
Second World: Place (FF5)
Seeq: Species
Seeq/War-chief: Job Class
Selbina: Place (FF11)
Selepation Cave: Place (FFCC)
Selkie: Species
Semitt Falls, Semite Falls: Place (FF2)
Sending: Term
Sephiroth Clone: Term
Serpent Trench: Place (FF6)
Shadow of Paharo: Place (FF12)
Shaman/Devout: Job Class
Shara: Character (FFTA)
Shell: Spell/Ability
Shella: Place (FFCC)
Shemhazai: Zodiac Beast
Shemhazai (2): Summon
Shield Generator: Place (FF5)
Shimmering Island: Place (FF9)
Ship Dock: Place (FFMQ)
Ship Graveyard: Place (FF5)
Shiva: Summon
Shoat: Summon
Shock: Spell/Ability
Shoopuf: Species
Shoopuf (2): Transportation
Shrouded Maw: Place (FF11)
Shumi: Species
Shumi Village: Place (FF8)
Shuriken: Weapon
Shuriken/Ninja Stars: Weapon Type
Sight: Spell/Ability
Silence: Spell/Ability
Silf/Sylph: Summon
Silk Robe, Silk Cloak, Silken Shirt, Silk Robes, Silken Robe: Armor/Accessory
Silvera: Place (FF4)
Siren: Summon
Sister Ray: Term
Sky Pirate: Term
Sky Pirate (2): Job Class
Sky Samurai: Job Class
Sky Soldier: Job Class
Sky Warrior: Job Class
Skybandit: Term
Skybandits: Weapon Type
Skyseer/Heaven Knight: Job Class
Sleep: Spell/Ability
Sleep Sword, Slumber Sword,Sleep Blade: Weapon
Sleeping Forest: Place (FF7)
Slot: Spell/Ability
Slow: Spell/Ability
Slowga: Spell/Ability
Sniper: Job Class
Snow Cave: Place (FF2)
Snow Fields: Place (FF7)
Snowboard: Transportation
Sochen Cave Palace: Place (FF12)
Soldier: Job Class
Solider: Job Class
Solitary Island: Place (FF5)
Solitary Island (2): Place (FF6)
Solitary Island Temple: Place (FF5)
Songstress: Job Class
Sorceress: Term
Sorceress Memorial: Place (FF8)
Sorceror: Job Class
Souls: Weapon Type
South Figaro: Place (FF6)
South Gate: Place (FF9)
South Wind: Item
Southern Quon: Place (FF11)
Spears/Polearms: Weapon Type
Spencer: Character (FFMQ)
Spencer's Place: Place (FFMQ)
Sphere: Term
Spira: Place (FF10)
Squire: Job Class
Sraphim: Summon
Star Pendant, Star Necklace, Tourmaline Ring: Armor/Accessory
Star Sybil: Character (FF11)
Starlet: Summon
Statues/Goddesses/Magi: Term
Staves: Weapon Type
Steal: Spell/Ability
Steal Gil ; Tactics/TA Thief): Spell/Ability
Stilshrine of Miriam: Place (FF12)
Stona: Spell/Ability
Stop: Spell/Ability
Stray: Summon
Submarine: Transportation
Suicide: Spell/Ability
Summoner: Job Class
Summoning Gates: Term
Sun-Cryst: Term
Sunken Shrine, Sea Shrine: Place (FF1)
Supersoft: Term
Surgate Castle: Place (FF5)
Sword Saint/Holy Swordsman: Job Class
Sword of Kings: Term
Swords: Weapon Type
Sylph: Summon
Sylvan Cave: Place (FF4)
Tailor: Job Class
Talekeeper of the Galka: Character (FF11)
Tarutaru: Character (FF11)
Tarutaru (2): Species
Tavnazian Stronghold: Place (FF11)
Tchita Uplands: Place (FF12)
Tear's Point: Place (FF8)
Teleport: Spell/Ability
Templar: Job Class
Temple Of Chaos, Temple of Fiends: Place (FF1)
Temple Of The Ancients: Place (FF7)
Temple of Uggalepih: Place (FF11)
Temple of Yhoator: Place (FF11)
Tenshodo: Character (FF11)
Tent: Item
Terra: Place (FF9)
Terra Cavern, Earth Cave: Place (FF1)
Terrato / Midgar Zolom: Summon
Thamasa: Place (FF6)
The Canon: Term
The Chronicles: Term
Thief: Job Class
Thief Glove, Sneak Glove, Thief Cuffs, Thief Armlets, Brigand's Gloves: Armor/Accessory
Third World: Place (FF5)
Thor Hammer: Weapon
Throw: Spell/Ability
Thundaga: Spell/Ability
Thundara: Spell/Ability
Thunder: Spell/Ability
Thunder Blade: Spell/Ability
Thunder Plains: Place (FF10)
Tiamat: Monster
Tida: Place (FFCC)
Tiger Fangs: Weapon
Timber: Place (FF8)
Time Compression: Term
Time Mage: Job Class
Tipa: Place (FFCC)
Titan: Summon
Titan's Cave, Titan's Tunnel: Place (FF1)
Toad: Spell/Ability
Tobli: Species
Tomaj: Character (FF12)
Tomaj's Camp: Place (FF12)
Tomb of Raithwall: Place (FF12)
Tomb of the Unknown King: Place (FF8)
Tomra: Place (FF4)
Tonberry: Character (FF11)
Tonberry (2): Monster
Tonberry (3): Species
Tonberry (4): Summon
Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith: Place (FF12)
Torna Canal: Place (FF5)
Tornado: Spell/Ability
Totema: Term
Tower Of Babel, Tower of Bab-il: Place (FF4)
Tower Of Zot: Place (FF4)
Tower of Kam'Lanaut: Place (FF11)
Tower of Mirage, Mirage Tower: Place (FF1)
Trabia Garden: Place (FF8)
Trainer: Job Class
Trains: Transportation
Trance: Term
Treaty-Blade: Term
Treno: Place (FF9)
Triangle Hat, Tricorn, Magus Hat, Tricorne, Horned Hat, Wizard Hat, Wizard's Hat: Armor/Accessory
Triangle Island: Place (FF6)
Trident: Weapon
Tristam: Character (FFMQ)
Tritoch: Summon
Troia Town/Castle: Place (FF4)
Tropical Island, BMask Cave: Place (FF2)
Tswarra, Isle of the Lost: Place (FF12)
Tu'Lia: Place (FF11)
Tule: Place (FF5)
Turtle Shell: Item
Twist Headband, Twisted Headband, Mantra Band, Headband: Armor/Accessory
Tycoon Castle: Place (FF5)
Tycoon Meteor: Place (FF5)
Typhon: Summon
Typhon/Chupon: Monster
Tzen: Place (FF6)
Ultima: Character (FFTA)
Ultima (2): Zodiac Beast
Ultima (3): Spell/Ability
Ultima (4): Summon
Ultima Weapon: Weapon
Ultimecia Castle: Place (FF8)
Underfane of Huin Qul: Place (FF12)
Underfane of Yaxin Qul: Place (FF12)
Underwater Reactor: Place (FF7)
Underworld: Term
Unicorn: Summon
Unsent: Term
Vaan: Character (FF12)
Val Castle: Place (FF5)
Valefor: Summon
Valendia: Place (FF12)
Valkas: Character (FF: LotC)
Valley of Dragons: Place (FF5)
Vanish: Spell/Ability
Varg: Species
Vayne Solidor, Lord: Character (FF12)
Vector: Place (FF6)
Veldt: Place (FF6)
Veldt Cave: Place (FF6)
Velis: Character (FF12)
Venat: Character (FF12)
Veo Lu Sluice: Place (FFCC)
Via Infinito: Place (FF10)
Via Purifico: Place (FF10)
Viera: Species
Viking: Job Class
Void: Term
Volcano: Place (FFMQ)
Vossler Azelas: Character (FF12)
WRO Headquarters: Place (FF7)
Wall: Spell/Ability
Walse Castle/Town: Place (FF5)
Walse Meteor: Place (FF5)
Walse Tower: Place (FF5)
Warlock/Magus: Job Class
Warmage: Job Class
Warp, Warp1: Spell/Ability
Warrior: Job Class
Warrior/Berserker: Job Class
Warship: Place (FF2)
Water: Spell/Ability
Water Shrine: Place (FF9)
Waterfall Cavern, Waterfall: Place (FF1)
Waterways of Baron: Place (FF4)
Waystone: Term
Weapon: Term
Weapon Maker's Hut: Place (FF7)
Well of Whispered Oaths: Place (FF12)
Western Keep, Northwest Castle: Place (FF1)
Whips: Weapon Type
Whirlwind: Place (FF2)
Whirlwind Maze: Place (FF7)
White Mage: Job Class
White Mage/Priest: Job Class
White Monk: Job Class
White Robe, White Robes: Armor/Accessory
White SeeD Ship: Place (FF8)
White Wind: Spell/Ability
White Wizard: Job Class
Wind Drakes: Species
Wind Shrine: Place (FF5)
Wind Shrine (2): Place (FF9)
Wind Spear: Weapon
Windhole Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Windia: Place (FFMQ)
Windurst: Place (FF11)
Winhill: Place (FF8)
Wintry Cave: Place (FFMQ)
Wintry Temple: Place (FFMQ)
Wizard Rod, Magus Rod, Staff of the Magi, Wizard's Rod: Weapon
World of Darkness: Place (FF3)
Worm: Monster
Wutai: Place (FF7)
X-Potion: Item
X-Zone: Spell/Ability
X-death's Castle: Place (FF5)
Xarcabard: Place (FF11)
Yagudo: Character (FF11)
Yapih Caverns: Place (FF12)
Yarhi: Term
Ymir Qul Range, The: Place (FF12)
Ymir Qul Underground: Place (FF12)
Yoichi Bow, Yoichinoyumi, Samurai Bow: Weapon
Yojimbo: Summon
Yukes: Species
Zalera: Zodiac Beast
Zalera (2): Summon
Zanarkand: Place (FF10)
Zanarkand Abes/Zanarkand Duggles: Character (FF10)
Zantetsuken: Weapon
Zargabaath, Judge: Character (FF12)
Zecht, Judge: Character (FF12)
Zephyr, the Windward Isles: Place (FF12)
Zeromus: Zodiac Beast
Zeromus (2): Summon
Zertinan Caverns: Place (FF12)
Zeus Mace, Mace of Zeus: Weapon
Zeus' Wrath: Item
Zilart: Character (FF11)
Zodiac Stone: Term
Zodiac/Zodiark: Summon
Zodiark: Zodiac Beast
Zombie: Spell/Ability
Zone Eater: Place (FF6)
ZoneSeek: Summon
Zorlin Shape, Zwill Straightblade: Weapon
Zozo: Place (FF6)
Zuu: Monster
Zwaua Rainwood: Place (FF12)

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW


Tyrande Whisperwind Windseeker Studios Statue 1/4 (Opened/Inspected, Read Desc) picture

Tyrande Whisperwind Windseeker Studios Statue 1/4 (Opened/Inspected, Read Desc)


2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy #94 Tyrande Whisperwind World of Warcraft picture

2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy #94 Tyrande Whisperwind World of Warcraft


🎯🔥2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection TYRANDE WHISPERWIND #94 Warcraft picture

🎯🔥2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection TYRANDE WHISPERWIND #94 Warcraft


2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection - 121 - Tyrande Whisperwind picture

2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection - 121 - Tyrande Whisperwind


2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection Silver Spectrum Tyrande Whisperwind #94 0cq4 picture

2023 Blizzard Legacy Collection Silver Spectrum Tyrande Whisperwind #94 0cq4


2023 upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind #94 picture

2023 upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind #94


Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind (121) SILVER Parallel picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind (121) SILVER Parallel


Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW picture

Blizzard Legacy Collection Tyrande Whisperwind Molten Core Parallel #94 WoW


Tyrande Whisperwind Resin Figure / Statue various sizes picture

Tyrande Whisperwind Resin Figure / Statue various sizes


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