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These plant men consist of a large body with a gaping mouth, and two tentacles rising upwards. They tend to use sleep and/or pollen attacks, and seem to be increasingly powerful in later games. In Tactics, Ochu was just a palette swap of Molbol (Malboro).

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FF1 NES in-game FF1 PSX in-game FF1 art FF1 art FF1
-Earth Plant (Dawn of Souls)
-Naocho (NA NES) / Neochu (NA PSX) / Neo-Otyugh (JP)
-Ocho (NA NES) / Ochu (NA PSX) / Otyugh (JP)
FF3 in-game FF3
FF7 in-game FF7
-Ho-Chu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
FF8 in-game FF8
-Ochu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
FF9 in-game FF9
-Ochu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
FF10 in-game FF10 FF10
-Lord Ochu (NA) / Lost Otyugh (JP)
-Ochu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
-Ochu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
-Drowsy Ochu (NA) / Sleepy Otyugh (JP)
-Flailing Ochu (NA) / Raging Otyugh (JP)
FF11 in-game FF11
-Ochu (Morbol)
Tactics in-game Tactics face Tactics
-Ochu (NA) / Otyugh (JP)
CC in-game Crystal Chronicles

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