Final Fantasy Compendium

mag·ic / n. 1. Supposed art of influencing or controlling events supernaturally. 2. Conjuring tricks. 3. Enchanting quality or phenomenon. [Gk magicus, rel. to MAGUS]

This is NOT a complete ability list (I invite you to check out the Game Help section for that) but a list of crossover magic and abilities. Most of the spells and many abilities throughout the series are recycled. Although the original names given here are constant, the translated names can differ wildly. Usually, 8 and above used the correct name.

Here are the notations I'll be using throughout the page:

Note that in X-2, the Gun Mage uses Blue Magic. Also, in FF12RW, any job class is always an enemy job class. If an ability is usable by a character or Esper, their names will be provided.

???? (5, 7 BL)
Effect: HP and max HP-related damage.

1000 Needles (7CC/8 in Cactuar summon; 9/X-2 BL; 10 non-usable; 12 AB; 12RW Cactoid)
AKA: Blow Fish (5/6 BL)
Effect: Exactly 1000 HP worth of damage regardless of enemy defenses. In FF8 it multiplies it by a certain amount. FF10 also has 10,000 and 100,000 Needle attacks, though characters can't learn them. In 12RW, it's just a regular attack.

Aero (2 MG; 3 WM; 5/6 BL; 8 MG; 9 non-usable; 12/MQ BM; 12RW Sylph; TA/TA2 Bishop/Sage)
Effect: Air-elemental attack. 12 also has Aeroga.

Alert (8/9 SA)
Caution (5 SA,Tactics-PSX Thief), Pre-emptive (7 SA), Initiative (10 SA, X-2 Thief), Vigilance (Tactics Thief)
Effect: Prevents back attacks or increases Preemptive Strike chances.

Aqua Breath (8/9/10 BL)
AKA: Aqua Rake (5/6 BL), Aqualung (7 BL)
Effect: Water-elemental attack on all enemies.

Arise (5/12/Tactics/TA2 WM)
AKA: Life2 (1/3/4/6 WM; 7 MG), Full-life (8 MG, 10/X-2/TA WM; CC MG), Life (MQ WM), Raise 2 (11/Tactics-PSX)
Effect: Revive ally with full HP

Armor Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, 12j AB, X-2 Warrior, 11 Great Axe, Tactics Knight, TA)
AKA: Expose (12), Rend Armor (12RW Sky Soldier/Sky Pirate, TA2 Master Monk)
Effect: Breaks armor or lowers defense.

Auto-Haste (8/9/10/X-2 SA)
Effect: Haste status is always in effect during battle.

Auto-Potion (8/9/10/Tactics SA)
Effect: Character uses potion when hit.

Auto-Protect (9/10 SA; X-2 Mascot)
Effect: Character always in Protect status.

Auto-Reflect (8/9/10/X-2 SA)
Effect: Reflect status is always in effect during battle.

Auto-Shell (9/10 SA; X-2 Mascot)
Effect: Character always in Shell status.

Bad Breath (7/8/9/10/X-2/TA/TA2 BL, 7CC/12RW/Tactics Malboro)
AKA: Bad Bracelet (Tactics-PSX Malboro),Sour Mouth (6 BL)
Effect: Adds many status ailments to entire enemy party. It exists in 12 but can't be learned byt he party.

Berserk (2 MG; 4/5 WM; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9 WM; X-2 Berserker; 11 Warrior; 12 AM; 12RW Ba'Gamnan; Tactics Beowulf)
AKA: Fervor (Tactics YY), Blind Rage (Tactics-PSX Mystic)
Effect: Causes Berserk status. In X-2 can only be used on self.

Bio (3/4/5/6; 8 MG; 9/11/12 BM; 12RW BM/Kytes; TA/TA2 Sage)
AKA: Virus (4a BM), Bio2/Bio3 (7 MG), Biora (Tactics Reaver)
Effect: Strong attack, adds Poison status

Black Shock
AKA: Flash (5 BL), Dischord (6 BL)
Effect: Lowers enemy's level by half.

Blind (1 BM; 2 MG; 3 BM; 8 MG; 9 WM; 11 BM; 12 GM; Tactics-PSX YY;TA/TA2 Sage/GM)
AKA: Blindga (12RW BM)
AKA: Umbra (Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Causes Blind status

Blink (2 MG; 4/5 WM)
AKA: Invis (1n WM), Invis1 (1 WM), Invisible (11 WM)
Effect: Raise evade % of target, or cause attacks to completely miss.

Blizzaga (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA/TA2 BM; 12RW Kytes; CC MG; Tactics BM)
AKA: Ice3 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Blizzard III (11 BM)
Effect: Strong ice-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Frozen status.

Blizzara (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA BM; TA2 BM/Seer; CC MG; Tactics BM)
AKA: Ice2 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Blizzard II (11 BM)
Effect: Medium ice-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Frozen status.

Blizzard (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/11/12/MQ; TA/TA2 BM/RM; 12RW BM/TM/Shivan/Shivar; CC MG; Tactics BM)
AKA: Ice (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG)
Effect: Weak ice-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Frozen status.

Break (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; X-2 Dark Knight; 12 TM; Tactics Beowulf; TA/TA2 Bishop)
AKA: Stone (4/11 BM), Induration (Tactics YY), Petrify (Tactics-PSX Mystic)
Effect: Causes Petrify or Stone status. In 7 this also deals Earth damage. In 11, does not petrify, only deals Earth damage.

Chakra (5 Monk; 9 Amarant; 11/Tactics/TA Monk; 12RW Monk/Champion)
AKA: Mantra (6 Sabin)
Effect: Recovers HP and possibly MP or status for a character.

Cherry Blossom (9 Freya; Tactics Cloud)
Effect: Strong physical attack on all enemies.

Climhazzard (7 Cloud; 9 Steiner; Tactics Cloud)
Effect: Physical damage against one enemy.

Comet (4 Twin; 5 DM; 7 MG; 9 BM; 12RW TM/Ashe)
Effect: Non-elemental attack. See "Meteor".

Confuse (1n BM; 3 WM; 7/8 MG; 9 WM; X-2 Dark Knight; 12 AM; Tactics Beowulf)
AKA: Charm (4 WM, 12 AB), Muddle (1 BM, 2 MG, 5 WM, 6 DM), Confusiong Song (Tactics-PSX Mystic), Delirium (Tactics YY), Confusega (12RW BM)
Effect: Cause Confusion status

Counter (5/11 Monk; 8/9/Tactics/TA/TA2 SA)
AKA: Counter Attack (7 SA), Counterattack (10 SA; X-2 Berserker)
Effect: Character physically attacks whenever damaged.

Cover (4 Cecil; 5 Knight; 7/8/9/TA SA; 11/TA2 Paladin; 12RW Basch)
AKA: Sentinel (10 Auron, X-2 Warrior)
Effect: Character takes damage instead of an ally. The True Knight relic has this effect in 6.

Cure (1 WM; 2 MG; 3/5/6 WM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/11/12/MQ WM; TA/TA2 BM/RM; 12RW White Hare/Carbuncle; CC MG)
AKA: Cure1 (4 WM)
Effect: Small HP gain

Cura (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA/Tactics WM, TA Bishop; TA2 Bishop/Seer; CC MG)
AKA: Cure2 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX WM; 7 MG), Cure II (11 WM)
Effect: Medium HP gain

Curaga (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA/TA2/Tactics WM; 12RW WM/Penelo; CC MG)
AKA: Cure3 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX WM; 7 MG), Cure III (11 WM)
Effect: Large HP gain

Curaja (12/Tactics WM)
AKA: Cure 4 (Tactics-PSX WM), Cure IV (11 WM)
Effect: Huge HP gain

Darkside (8 AB; 9 Steiner)
Dark Wave (4 Cecil), Darkness (7CC AB, X-2 Dark Knight), Souleater (12 AB)
Effect: Damages enemy at HP cost to self.

Death (2 MG; 3/4 BM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/Tactics BM; X-2 Dark Knight; 12 AM; TA Alchemist; TA2 Arcanist)
AKA: XXXX (1n BM), Fatal (4a BM), Doom (1/5/6 BM)
Effect: Instantly kills enemy, heals undead fully

Death Sentence (7 BL,Tactics-PSX)
AKA: Condemn (5/6 BL, Tactics Orator), Doom (8/9/10 BL; X-2 Dark Knight), Countdown (9 Amarant; 12 TM)
Effect: Counter appears above target's head; when counter is at 0, target dies.

Dispel (4/5 WM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2 WM; 11 RM; 12 WM; TA/TA2 Bishop)
AKA: DeSpell (7 MG), Dispelga (12RW WM/Fran); Dispel Magic (Tactics-PSX Mystic), Harmony (Tactics YY), Despair (Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Erases all magical effects from target

Drain (2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 8 MG; 7CC/9/10/11 BM; X-2 Dark Knight; 12 AM; 12RW Ba'Gamnan/Atomos; Tactics Beowulf; TA Sage; TA2 Arcanist)
AKA: Life Drain (Tactics YY)
Effect: Drain HP from target to caster

Esuna (2 MG; 4 WM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/10/12/X-2/TA WM; TA2 WM/Seer)
AKA: Heal (3/4a/5/MQ WM; Tactics-PSX Squire), Remedy (6 WM), Esunaga (12RW WM/Penelo), Clear/Clearaga (CC MG), Salve (Tactics Squire)
Effect: Cure all status ailments

Final Heaven (6j Sabin; 7 Tifa; 8 Zell)
Effect: Strongest physical attack.

Fira (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/12/X-2/TA BM; TA2 BM/Seer; CC MG; Tactics BM)
AKA: Fire2 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Fire II (11 BM)
Effect: Medium fire-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Burn status effect.

Firaga (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/12/X-2/TA/TA2 BM, 12RW BM/TM/Kytes; CC MG; Tactics BM)
AKA: Fire3 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSCX BM; 7 MG), Fire III (11 BM)
Effect: Strong fire-elemental attack. In CC,can cause Burn status effect.

Fire (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/10/12/X-2/11/MQ/Tactics BM; TA/TA2 BM/RM; 12RW BM/TM/Lamia; CC MG)
AKA: Fire1 (4 BM)
Effect: Weak fire-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Burn status effect.

Fire Breath (8/10/X-2 BL; TA Dragoon)
AKA: Emission (5 BL), Flame Thrower (7 BL)
Effect: Fire attack on one enemy.

Flametongue (X-2 Warrior)
AKA: Emission (5 BL), Flame Thrower (7 BL), Fire Sword (12RW Warmage), Fire Blade (7CC)
Effect: Sword attack with fire element.

Flare (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6 BM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/10 BM; X-2 GG; 12 BM; 12RW BM/Kytes/Chaos; MQ Wizard; Tactics BM; TA/TA2 Alchemist)
AKA: Nuke (1n/4a BM)
Effect: Ultimate fire-elemental attack (in 8, it's fire/ice/bolt-elemental and in 10 it's non-elemental).

Flee (9 Zidane, 10 Tidus, X-2/11 Thief; TA2 Sky Pirate)
Effect: Instantly allows all characters to run away from battle. In TA2 it raises Move and Jump stats.

Float (4 WM; 5/6 DM; 8 MG; 9 WM; 12 TM)
Effect: Causes target to Float.
AKA Levitate (Tactics TM)

Focus (9/10/X-2 BM)
Effect: Raises magic power.

Frog Song (5, 7 BL)
AKA Toadsong (TA2 Animist)
Effect: Turns target into a sleeping Frog.

Full Cure (7 MG; 7CC BM; Selphie's Limit Break in 8; 10/X-2 WM)
AKA: Renew (12 WM)
Effect: Cures all HP for one target or a very large amount of HP for multiple targets; in 12 cures all HP for all targets.

Gil Toss (5 Samurai, 12 AB, 7CC AB; TA/TA2 Juggler)
AKA: Coin Toss (6 Setzer), Coin (7 AB), Spare Change (9 Amarant; 10 Rikku; X-2 Samurai; 12j AB)
Effect: Cause damage to the enemy by throwing money.

Gillionaire (10 SA; X-2 Lady Luck)
AKA: Millionaire (9 Quina), Gilfinder (11 Thief)
Effect: Get more Gil after battle.

Goblin Punch (5/7/9 BL; 7CC AB; 12/Tactics enemy spell; 12RW Goblin; TA BL)
Effect: Physical attack which costs no MP; if enemy is on same level as caster, effect is greater.

Graviga/Gravija (7CC BM; 8/10 non-usable, 12 AM; 12RW Zodiark; CC MG;Tactics TM; TA2 Arcanist)
AKA: Demi3 (7 MG), Demi2 (5 BM; Tactics-PSX TM), Quarter (6 BM, TA TM), Gravira (CC MG)
Effect: Target(s) lose(s) a high % of HP

Gravity (7CC BM; 11 RM; 12 AM; 12RW Diabolos; CC MG;Tactics TM; TA2 Arcanist)
AKA: Demi (5 DM; 6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 BM; X-2 Dark Knight; Tactics-PSX/TA TM)
Effect: Target loses a certain % of HP. In CC, target is also brought to the ground.

Haste (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4 WM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/11 WM; 12/Tactics TM TA/TA2 TM/Templar)
AKA: Fast (1n BM; 4a WM)
Effect: Raise target's speed

Hastega (10/11 WM; 12/Tactics TM; 12RW TM/Ashe; X-2 GG; CC MG; TA2 TM)
AKA: Haste2 (5, 6 DM)
Effect: Raises targets' speed

Holy (2 MG; 3/4/5 WM; 8 MG; 9/10/11/12/Tactics WM; X-2 GG; 12RW WM/Penelo/Zarela; TA/TA2 Bishop; CC MG)
AKA: Pearl (6 BM), White (4a WM; MQ Wizard)
Effect: Strong Holy-elemental attack. Part of the storyline in 7. In CC, makes undead creatures take physical form (and therefore vunerable to physical attacks).

Holyra (CC MG)
AKA: Holy II (11 WM)
Effect: Next-level Holy-elemental attack. In CC, hits all targets and makes undead creatures take physical form (and therefore vunerable to physical attacks).

HP Stroll (10 SA; X-2 Trainer)
AKA: Move-HP Up (8 SA,Tactics-PSX Monk)
AKA Lifefont (Tactics Monk)
Effect: HP is recovered as you walk around.

Ice Brand (X-2 Warrior)
AKA: Blizzard Sword (5/9 SM), Frostbite/Freezebite (11 Greatsword), Icestrike (CC MG), Blizzard Sword (12RW Warmage), Blizzard Blade (7CC)
Sword attack with ice element

Level 3 Flare (5 BL)
AKA: Level 4 Flare (6 BL), LV? S-Flare (TA BL)
Effect: All enemies at a level divisible by 3 (or 4) are hit with a Flare spell.

Level 5 Death (6/7/9 BL)
AKA: Level 5 Doom (5 BL), Level?Death (8 BL)
Effect: All enemies at a level divisible by 5 are instantly killed. In 8 it depends on Quistis's HP. All the "level X" skills are also done (with FAR more variety) by the Arithmetician in Tactics.

Libra (3 WM; 7CC/12 SA; X-2 Floral Fallal)
AKA: Rabur (4 WM), Peep (4a WM), Scan (4 WM, 5 WM and Blue Mage ability; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10 WM; X-2 Gun Mage), Analyze (5 BL); Study (TA2 Scholar)
Effect: Sees enemy HP/MP, sometimes also weaknesses and other info

Liquid Steel (X-2 Warrior)
AKA: Water Sword (5/9 SM)
Effect: Sword attack with water element.

Magic Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, X-2 Warrior, 12j AB, Tactics Knight, TA Warrior/Soldier)
AKA: Skullbreaker (11 Club), Shear (12 AB), Rend Magick (12RW Sky Soldier/Sky Pirate; TA2 Warrior/Soldier)
Effect: Lowers enemy's magic power.

Magic Hammer (5/7/9/TA BL); Magick Hammer (TA2 BL)
AKA: Fear (12 enemy spell)
Effect: Spell lowers target MP (in 7 the caster gains MP as well).

Manipulate (7 AB)
AKA: Control (5 Mediator, 6 Relm, TA/TA2 Beastmaster), Charm (11 Beastmaster)
Effect: Controls an enemy's actions.

Mental Break (9/10/X-2/12j AB)
AKA: Addle (12 AB), Rend Mind (12RW Sky Soldier/Sky Pirate)
Effect: Lowers enemy's magic defense.

Meteor (3/4 BM; 5 DM; 6 BM; 8 MG; 9 BM; 10/X-2 non-usable; MQ Wizard; Tactics TM, TA Alchemist)
AKA: Comet2 (7 MG), Protometeor (TA2 Alchemist)
Effect: Multi-hit non-elemental attack on all enemies. See "Comet".

Mighty Guard (8/9/10/X-2/TA/TA2 BL; 12RW Tiamat/Warmage)
AKA: Guardian (5 BL), Big Guard (6/7 BL), Perfect Guard (12 enemy spell), Might Guard (12RW Tiamat), Aegis (Tactics Princess)
Effect: Casts Protect, Shell, and sometimes Haste on the entire party. In Tactics it's just on one person.

Mime (5 Mime; 6 Gogo; 7 AB; Tactics Mime)
AKA: Copycat (10 Rikku)
Effect: Mimics the last action done by an ally.

Mini (2 MG; 3/4/5 WM; 7 MG; 9 WM)
AKA: Size (4a WM)
Effect: Turn target to/from Midget status

Missile (5 BL)
AKA: Laser (7 BL)
Effect: Halves target HP.

Mug (5 Thief; 7/8/9 SA; 7CC AB; 10 Rikku; X-2 GG; 11 Thief; TA Soldier; TA2 Trickster)
AKA: Capture (6 Locke)
Effect: Steal and attack simultaneously. In 11, allows thief to steal gil.

No Encounters (10 SA; X-2 SA)
AKA: Enc-None (8 SA)
Effect: Allows you to walk around without running into random battles.

Osmose (2 MG; 6 DM; 7CC/9/10 BM; X-2 GG)
AKA: Psych (4a BM), Asper (5 BM), Aspir (4/11 BM), Empowerment (Tactics YY), Syphon (12 AM; TA2 Arcanist), MP Absorb (X-2 BM), Spell Absorb (Tactics-PSX YY);Syphon (Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Drains MP from target to caster

Poison (5/6 BM; 8 MG; 7CC/9/11 BM; 12 GM; Tactics BM, TA Alchemist/Red Mage; TA2 Alchemist)
AKA: Venom (3/4 BM), Bio (7 MG; 10 BM; X-2 Dark Knight)
Effect: Poisons enemy plus (usually) loss of HP

Poisona (7 MG; 11/12 WM)
AKA: Esuna (1 WM), Pure (1n/3 WM), Antidote (5/6 WM), Panacea (9 WM)
Effect: Cures Poison (and Venom).

Power Break (9 Steiner, 10 Auron, 12j AB, X-2 Warrior, Tactics Knight, TA Soldier/Warrior)
AKA: Wither (12 AB), Rend Power (12RW Sky Soldier/Sky Pirate; TA2 Soldier/Warrior)
Effect: Lowers enemy's attack power.

Protect (8 MG; 9/10/X-2/11 WM; 12 GM; Tactics/TA WM; TA2 GM/RM)
AKA: Shield (2 MG), Safe (3 WM; 6 DM), Armor (4 WM) Protes (5 WM), Barrier (7 MG, 7CC WM), Protectga (12RW WM/Basch)
Effect: Raises physical defense

Pray (4 Rosa, X-2 White Mage)
AKA: Health (6 Banon)
Effect: Heals a small amount of HP to the whole party.

Quake (1/3/4/6/7CC BM; 7/8 MG; MQ BM; Tactics non-usable; TA2 BL)
AKA: Earth Shake (9 BL), Earthquake (10 non-usable), Tremor (12 non-usable)
Effect: Strong earth-elemental attack on all enemies

Quick (5/6 DM; Tactics TM)
AKA: Quicken (TA TM)
Effect: Allow for multiple actions for a short amount of time. Tidus's Quick Hit in 10 has a similar ability.

Raise (5/11/12/Tactics WM; TA2 WM/Seer; 12RW Penelo)
AKA: Life (1n WM; 2 MG; 3/6 WM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/X-2/TA WM; CC MG), Life1 (1/4 WM)
Effect: Revive ally with minimal HP

Reflect (5 WM; 6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9/10/X-2 WM; 12/Tactics/TA/TA2 TM)
AKA: Wall (1n/3/4 WM), NulAll (1)
Effect: Causes spells to bounce back from target

Regen (5 DM; 6 WM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/11/12/Tactics WM)
AKA: Regenga (12RW TM/Ashe)
Effect: Causes HP to slowly regenerate

Reraise (11/Tactics/TA/TA2 WM)
AKA: Life 3 (6 WM), Auto-Life (9 BL; 10 WM), Raise (7CC WM)
Effect: Character comes back to life when killed.

Return Magic (9/10/Tactics/TA/TA2 SA)
Effect: When hit with magic, character casts same magic on opponent.

Revive (5 Chemist ability; 8 AB; 9 Amarant; Tactics Monk; TA2 White Monk)
AKA: Raise (TA Sage)
Effect: Revive from KO with about half (or more) HP.

Roulette (5/6/7/9/TA BL; TA2 non-usable)
Effect: Randomly kills one fighter from either side

Sacrifice (9 Zidane)
AKA: Pep Up (5/6 BL), Revive (12 AB)
Effect: Completely removes caster from battle and completely heals one ally.

Shell (2 MG; 4/5 WM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 9/10/X-2/11 WM; 12 GM; Tactics/TA WM; TA2 GM/RM)
AKA: MBarrier (7 MG, 7CC WM), Shellga (12RW WM/Basch)
Effect: Raises magic defense

Shock (6 Leo; 9 Steiner; 12 BM; Tactics Beowulf)
AKA: Shockwave (11 Greatsword)
Effect: Strong physical attack against all enemies.

Sight (3/4 WM)
Effect: See more of the world map

Silence (1 WM; 2 MG; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9 BM; 11 WM; 12 GM; Tactics Beowulf; TA TM/Templar; TA2 GM/RM/Templar)
AKA: Mute (1n WM; 3/4/5 WM; 6 DM), Quiescence (Tactics YY), Silencega (12RW BM), Silence Song (Tactics-PSX Mystic)
Effect: Stops target from casting spells

Sleep (1n BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5 BM; 6 DM; 8 MG; 9 BM; 11 BM; 12 GM; Tactics-PSX Mystic; TA Red Mage; TA2 GM)
AKA: Sleep1 (1 BM), Sleepel (7 MG), Sleepga (12RW BM), Repose (Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Puts target to sleep

Slot (6 Setzer, 7 Cait Sith, 8 Selphie; X-2 Lady Luck)
Effect: Random effects, including heavy damage, curing the party, and ending battle immediately. Wakka's Overdrive (in 10) also uses slots, as does all of the Gadgeteer's abilities in TA.

Slow (2 MG; 4 WM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 9 BM; 10/11 WM; 12/Tactics/TA/TA2 TM; CC MG)
Effect: Lowers enemy's speed

Slowga (10/11 WM; 12/Tactics TM; 12RW TM/Ashe; CC MG)
AKA: Slow2 (5/6 DM)
Effect: Lowers enemies' speed

Steal (3/5/10/X-2/11 Thief; 4 Edge; 6 Locke; 7/7CC AB; 9 Zidane; Tactics/TA Thief; TA2 Sky Pirate)
Effect: Steal an item from an enemy.

Steal Gil (9 Zidane(SA); Tactics/TA Thief)
AKA: Pilfer Gil (10/X-2 Thief), Mug (11 Thief)
Effect: Steal Gil from an enemy.

Stona (1/9/11/12 WM)
AKA: Soft (1n/3 WM)
Effect: Heals Stone status

Stop (2 MG; 4 BM; 5/6 DM; 7/8 MG; 7CC/9 BM; 12/TA/TA2 TM; CC MG)
AKA: Paralyze (11 WM), Timeslip (12RW Vaan), Stopga (12RW TM), Hesistation (Tactics TM)
Effect: Paralyzes target

Suicide (used by Bomb throughout the series)
AKA: Exploder (5, 6 BL), Self-Destruct (10 BL, 12RW Bomb, TA2 BL), Charon (X-2 Dark Knight), Blowup (TA BL)
Effect: Kills caster in exchange for a strong fire or non-elemental attack on one enemy.

Teleport (11 WM)
AKA: Exit (1n WM; 2 MG; 3/4 WM), Warp2 (1 WM), Telepo (5 DM), Warp (6 DM; 11 WM)
Effect: Warps party out of a dungeon.

Throw (5/Tactics/TA Ninja; 6 Shadow; 7 AB; 9 Amarant)
AKA: Use (10 Rikku), Hurl (TA Juggler), Hurl Weapon (TA2 juggler)
Effect: Allows a character to throw shurikens or other weapons in battle; some games also allow special Elemental balls or scrolls.

Thundaga (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA/Tactics BM; TA2 BM/Viking; 12RW Kytes; CC MG)
AKA: Lit3 (1n/4a BM), Bolt3 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Thinder III (11 BM)
Effect: Strong lightning-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Paralyzed status.

Thundara (8 GM; 7CC/9/10/X-2/12/TA/Tactics BM; TA2 BM/Viking/Seer; CC MG)
AKA: Lit2 (1n/4a BM), Bolt2 (1/3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Thunder II (11 BM)
Effect: Medium lightning-elemental attack. In CC, can cause Paralyzed status.

Thunder (8 MG; 7CC/9/10/X-2/11/12/TA/Tactics BM; TA2 BM/RM/Viking; 12RW BM/TM/Quetzalcoatl; MQ Wizard; CC MG)
AKA: Lit (1n BM), Bolt (1 BM; 2 MG; 3/4/5/6/Tactics-PSX BM; 7 MG), Lit1 (4a BM)
Effect: Weak lightning-elemental attack. In CC can cause Paralyzed status.

Thunder Blade (X-2 Warrior, 7CC AB)
AKA: Thunder Sword (5/9 SM, 12RW Warmage), Thunderstrike (CC MG)
Effect: Sword attack with thunder element.

Toad (2 MG; 3 WM; 4/5 BM; 7 MG; TA/TA2 Alchemist;Tactics BM)
AKA: Frog 9(Tactics-PSX BM)
Effect: Turn target to/from Frog status

Tornado (4 BM; 7/8 MG)
AKA: WWind (3 WM; 6 BM), Weak (4a BM), Twister (9/TA BL)
Effect: Air-elemental attack which leaves targets with single-digit HPs

Ultima (2 MG; 6 BM; 7/8 MG; 9 enemy spell; 7CC/10 BM; X-2 GG; Tactics Squire[Ramza]; Tactics Assassin)
Effect: Ultimate non-elemental attack on all enemies. In TA/TA2 each species had one Ultima attack. Humans/Gria: Ultima Shot (Hunter); Bangaa: Ultima Sword (Gladiator); Nu Mou: Ultima Blow (Sage); Viera: Ultima Masher (Assassin); Moogle: Ultima Charge (Mog Knight). Seeq in TA2 don't have one.

Vanish (6 DM; 9 BL; 12 AM; TA2 Sniper)
AKA: Hide (11 Thief), Conceal (TA Sniper)
Effect: Makes a character disappear. 12 also has Vanishga, which affects the whole party.

Wall (7 MG; 7CC WM; Selphie's Limit in 8; Tactics WM)
AKA: Barrier (TA Bishop)
Effect: Raises physical and magical defense

Warp (1n BM; 2 MG; 3/4 BM; 12 TM), Warp1 (1 BM)
Effect: Warps one or more floors towards the exit of a dungeon. In 12 this warps the *enemies* out of the battle, similar to 7's Remove spell.
An interesting point: In Tactics, when Loffrey opens the magical door to Murond Death City, the final word in the chant is "Dejeon"; the Japanese name for this magic is "Dejon", which might really mean "De-zone".

Water (10/12 BM; TA/TA2 Bishop/Sage)
Effect: Weak/medium water attack.

White Wind (5/7/8/9/10 BL; 12 enemy spell; X-2/TA/TA2 BL)
AKA: Pearl Wind (6 BL)
Effect: Heals entire party of HP based on caster's current or maximum HP. In 12 it stops status effects from affecting an enemy.

X-Zone (5/6 BM)
Effect: Instantly kills one or more enemies

Zombie (6 DM; 8 MG; Tactics YY; Tactics Beowulf)
Effect: Causes target to become Undead

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