Final Fantasy Compendium

The pioneer of the series. Join the LIGHT WARRIORS as they restore the four ORBS and talk to other people who SPEAK IN CAPITALS! Fun just for its camp factor and quite a classic. It's first release for the NES is virtually unplayable now, but its subsequent re-releases enhance this origin of the series, enhancing the graphics, the sound, and much of the gameplay, though none of the story.


  • Differences between versions

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    Game Help:

  • Final Fantasy 1 Shrine
  • FF1 Algorithms FAQ by BSiron (62 KB)
  • FF1 One Fighter Guide by Edman (51 KB)
  • FF1 One White Mage Guide by Edman (24 KB)
  • FF1 World Map

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    Game Script:

    FFI Game Script (Japanese version) by x_loto

    If you have an english version of this game script please contact us!


    Final Fantasy I+II, All Sounds Of (1988)

    Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite (1989)

    Final Fantasy I+II Orignal Soundtrack (2002)

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