Final Fantasy Compendium

An exceptionally well-told story of the half-human girl Terra, confronted with her past and future, an evil emperor, and an insane and powerful maniac named Kefka. She's helped by 13 friends through the destruction of the world and beyond.


There are minor differences between the Japanese and American releases. The Japanese release was a bit more difficult, had two extra screens (to rename Cyan's swordskills, and to re-assign keys); the main menu listed character classes; and two of the summons involving humanoid females, as well as a few bosses like Chadarnook and the Goddess, were covered up a bit less.

The PSX version adds the ability to run by holding X.

The Advance version comes with a completely new translation, two new bonus dungeons, four bonus Espers, and a whack of new items. It also reinstates character classes.

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Game Help:

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  • FF6 FAQ by Mynock (267 KB)
  • FF6 Guide (PDF) by xandermac05
  • FF6 FAQ by Tom Hayes (404 KB)
  • FF6 FAQ by Dingo Jellybean (738 KB)
  • FF6 Algorithms FAQ by Terii Senshi (100 KB)
  • FF6 Rages and Lores FAQ by Jack Johnson (32 KB)
  • FF6 Lores FAQ by Skoobuoy (22 KB)
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  • FF6 White Wind FAQ by Master Zed (13 KB)
  • FF6 World of Balance Map (Hi-Res)
  • FF6 World of Ruin Map (Hi-Res)

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    Game Script:

    FFVI Game Script by Karpah


    Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version (1992)

    Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale (1994)

    Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections (1994)

    Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks (1994)

    Final Fantasy VI Stars: Vol. 1 (1994)

    Final Fantasy VI Stars: Vol. 2 (1994)

    Final Fantasy Anthology CD (1999)

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