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Cloud, a confused mercenary, and a cast of colorful characters fight against a super-cool supervillain named Sephiroth in this more sci-fi-oriented FF game, the first to utilize full-motion video and polygonal characters. The new Materia system ensures full customizability of characters, and the Limits assure for furious gameplay.


The American version had two extra bosses - the Emerald and Ruby Weapons, an extra scene involving Cloud and Zack, plus an extra option of pressing Select to pop up icons to help with navigation. After the North American release, the game was re-released in Japan as FF7 International, with the extra stuff intact, plus an extra fourth CD with info and interviews, etc.

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Game Help:

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  • FF7 FAQ by Chris McDonald (892 KB)
  • FF7 Automatic AP FAQ by deaDpixeL (3 KB)
  • FF7 Chocobo Raising Guide by Ninja (22 KB)
  • FF7 Enemy Skill Materia FAQ by Apathetic Aardvark (56 KB)
  • FF7 Materia Setups and Combos FAQ by SBishop (15 KB)
  • FF7 Dating Mechanics FAQ by Terence Fergusson (19 KB)
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    Game Script:

    FFVII Game Script by Asch the Hated


    Final Fantasy VII: Original Sound Version (1997)

    Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks (1997)

    Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections (2003)

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