Final Fantasy Compendium

The first FF for the PlayStation 2, FFX expanded the boundaries immensely by adding voices for all the characters, real-time expressions, completely 3D environments, and a brand-new leveling up and battle system. You play as Tidus, a young man thrust from his home city of Zanarkand into the unfamiliar land of Spira, where he ends up aiding a summoner named Yuna on her pilgrimage to rid Spira of the malignant presence of the demon Sin. No one is what they seem, however... not Tidus, not Yuna, and certainly not Sin.


FFX International was only released in Japan and Europe. In Japan this had an extra DVD of bonus stuff, including a short chapter called "FFX: Another Story" using the FFX engine and with the FFX characters. There were also changes in the game itself: a number of optional bosses (the Dark Aeons and an even tougher one named Penance), and a new Sphere Grid with several new abilities for weapons and armor. Voices are in English, with subtitles available in English or the language of the country it was released in.

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Game Help:

  • FF10 FAQ (PAL format) Part 1 by SplitInfinity (1024 KB)
  • FF10 FAQ (PAL format) Part 2 by SplitInfinity (944 KB)
  • FF10 Affection Guide by Fabian Chang (66 KB)
  • FF10 Stat Mechanics FAQ by SinirothX (42 KB)
  • FF10 World Map
  • FF10 Sphere Grid
  • Maps by Furry Fire Moomba

  • Cave of the Stolen Fayth
  • Macalania Woods
  • Omega Ruins

    Maps by Ablaster

  • Besaid Temple
  • Kilika Temple
  • Djose Temple
  • Macalania Temple
  • Bevelle Temple
  • Zanarkand Temple
  • Sanubia Desert
  • Inside Sin

    FAQs at GameFAQs

    Game Script:

    FFX Game Script by Shotgunnova


    Final Fantasy X Promo CD (2001)

    Suteki Da Ne? (Isn't It Wonderful?) (2001)

    Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack (2001)

    Final Fantasy X Official Soundtrack: Uematsu's Best Selection (2001)

    feel/Go Dream: Tidus & Yuna (2001)

    Final Fantasy X Vocal Collections (2001)

    Final Fantasy X Piano Collections (2001)

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