Final Fantasy Compendium

The very first direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series, FFX-2 follows the adventures of Yuna and Rikku, and their new companion Paine, two years after the defeat of Sin. Yuna's quest is driven by her search for a particular young man, whom may or may not be featured in a sphere found in the mountains. All the old faces from FFX and some new ones make appearances in this lighthearted game.


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Game Help:

  • FFX-2 FAQ by Split Infinity (1635 KB)
  • FFX-2 Crimson Sphere FAQ by Kouli (2 KB)
  • FFX-2 100% Completion FAQ by Kouli (22 KB)
  • FFX-2 Automatic AP Maxing FAQ by Collecting My Lesson (45 KB)
  • FFX-2 Chocobo Ranch Dungeon
  • FFX-2 Thunder Plains Cave
  • Final Fantasy X-2 FAQs at GameFAQs

    Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission FAQs at GameFAQs

    Game Script:

    FFX-2 Game Script by Asch the Hated


    KUON ~ Memory of Lightwaves: Music from FFX-2 (2003)

    real Emotion (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2: Original Soundtrack (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections: Yuna (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections: Rikku (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections: Paine (2003)

    Come With Me (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission Original Soundtrack (2003)

    Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collections (2003)

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