Final Fantasy Compendium

I would be completely remiss if I neglected to mention the amazing following garnered by the music throughout the FF series. Composed mainly by Nobuo Uematsu, who has almost achieved cult status in some circles, even the very earliest FF themes can evoke stirring emotions in its listeners. Square has released several stand-alone audio CDs based on FF music. So I present to you a complete listing of every Final Fantasy-based audio CD ever released!


Much thanks goes to Daryl's Library, where most of this information came from. Her site has much more info on the separate CDs, including different (and incredibly obscure) versions, cover scans, and liner notes, as well as links on where to buy them. I also used info from RPGamer, The (now-defunct) GIA, SoundtrackCentral, and Lord Skylark's page in this section. See the Credits section for info on which sites provided the MIDIs.

The lyrics and translations to some songs are generously provided by the Impresaria of the Opera House.

I would like to make one thing clear: None of the MIDIs on the site were sequenced by me, nor do I have express permission by the sequencer to use them on the site. I am, however, assuming that the sequencer doesn't mind.

The MIDI zip files on the soundtrack pages are for personal use only. You may NOT upload them to your own site.

Music Database Usage

Click on a soundtrack name to see a track listing. If a track is highlighted, you can listen to a MIDI file for that track. (Generally only original soundtracks have MIDIs.) You can also download ZIP files of many soundtracks. The "Winamp Version" MIDI zips are set up to show the complete track number and name when played in Winamp. You can easily sort the MIDIs by name to get them to play in the correct order. To take full advantage of this, set the general options to "Read Titles on Load" (as opposed to Display or Play).

For the SNES original soundtracks, you may also view SPCs for them, or NSFs for NES games (these are music tracks ripped directly from the game). The Winamp plugin for SPCs can be found here (look for SPCAMP under the Files section), and the Winamp plugin for NSFs can be found here. (The NSF files have all the music from that game.) You can view all SPCs and NSFs directly in the SPC/NSF Archive.

PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games also have music files available (in PSF and PSF2 formats). You can get the plugin and the sound files at Neil Corlett's PSF page.

Original Soundtracks
Mixes and Singles

Music Evolution
SPC/NSF Archive

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