Final Fantasy Compendium

Flash / v. 1. (Cause to) emit a brief or sudden light; (cause to) gleam. 2. Burst suddenly into view or perception. 3. Move swiftly. 4. Signal (to a person) with lights. 5. Colloq. Show ostentatiosouly. n. 6. Sudden bright light or flame, e.g., of lightning. 7. An instant. 8. Sudden brief feeling, display of wit, etc. [ME, prob. imit.]

Chocobo Robo Voice

I just couldn't resist this one. 8-) I found this Flash movie by the extremely talented Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog), using an Overclocked remix of the Chocobo theme. There are almost 60 FF characters in there, and a nod to 8-Bit Theatre, and it's hilarious. 8-)

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And here's another one; this one's by Alkaiser. It's kind of a fast-forward FF1 fan flash, and highly enjoyable. (Don't get worried when it starts to slow down, it's supposed to do that.)

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Final Fantasy A+

This one is really amazing! An extremely ingenious take on the FF series, complete with authentic Japanese voices (with subtitles, worry not). Very nicely done; kudos to Mousekliks for the effort!

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Attack of the Black Mages 5

This long, slapstick montage was made by Matt Roszak, and features several FF1 characters beating the hell out of each other. The art is nice and clean, and it's good for a few laughs. You can also see Attack of the Black Mages 1 through 4 on his DeviantArt site.

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FF Battle

Another animation by Matt Roszak, in a similar style as the above. A two-character party faces off against a series of bosses, culminating in a special guest from Dragon Ball Z!

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Dead Fantasy

Okay, this one is different... I can't host these movies because they're absolutely enormous, but if you have the bandwidth you NEED to watch them! This is a series created by Monty Oum. They're fully rendered CG movies in the vein of FF7 Advent Children, and similarly to FF7AC, they consist of one giant fight scene. In this case, it's several Final Fantasy girls having it out with fighters from the Dead or Alive franchise. They completely blew me away when I saw them, so I have to share the love!

Dead Fantasy (High-definition)
Dead Fantasy 2 (High-definition)

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin picture

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin


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