Final Fantasy Compendium

In another first for FF, Square Enix pushes the boundaries of imagination in this massive online game. Set in a world typical for FF, FFXI offers huge areas to explore in Vana'Diel. Across the planet, thousands of players attempt to form united forces in order to defeat the evil that is slowly engulfing the world.


*The PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI already had the Rise of the Zilart expansion pak packaged with it.

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Readers are urged to take a look at Allakhazam or FFXIclopedia for more detailed information. FF11 is far bigger than any other game in the series and we unfortunately cannot do it justice.

Game Help:

  • Maps at
  • FF11 FAQ by Ragnarok (254 KB)
  • FF11 Auction House FAQ by Neonoven (197 KB)
  • FF11 Avatar FAQ by Ares Kaminari (26 KB)
  • FF11 Commands FAQ by Nalyr (40 KB)
  • FF11 Fame FAQ by ViolenceJack (18 KB)
  • FF11 Food Effects FAQ by WithSilverWings (24 KB)
  • FF11 Macro FAQ by Nemes1s (30 KB)
  • FF11 Quests FAQ by Nemes1s (73 KB)
  • FF11 Mining FAQ by Azurelite (18 KB)
  • FF11 Stealing FAQ by Dark Holy Nova (21 KB)
  • Character FAQs

  • Bard by Joras (25 KB)
  • Beastmaster by halo00to14 (26 KB)
  • Black Mage by Engrish (29 KB)
  • Dark Knight by NinjaKid69 (25 KB)
  • Tarutaru Dark Knight by Serristaru (46 KB)
  • Dragoon by Dragoonlance (35 KB)
  • Monk by Akumu X (46 KB)
  • Ninja by Huckster (23 KB)
  • Paladin by Shadow Conspiracy (35 KB)
  • Ranger by Kinzerdude7 (50 KB)
  • Red Mage by Adamwsat (10 KB)
  • Samurai by RPGenius (55 KB)
  • Summoner by SKhosla (73 KB)
  • Thief by Jemali (34 KB)
  • Beginning Warrior by JoeyVegitables (38 KB)
  • Warrior by Macstorm (20 KB)
  • White Mage by omlette/Crudmonk (114 KB)
  • FAQs at GameFAQs


    FF XI: Original Soundtrack (2002)

    Final Fantasy XI: Rise Of The Zilart Original Soundtrack (2003)

    Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack (2004)

    Final Fantasy XI: Arranged Version (2005)

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin picture

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin


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