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Blue Mage

Appearances: FF5, FF6, FF8, FF9, FF10, FFX-2, FF11, FFTA, FFTA2
Aliases: Gun Mage

This class may have evolved from Scholar, but with extremely increased usefulness. It is the first job class of its kind to be able to cast spells and abilities of other monsters. These spells range from very weak to very powerful, but they are difficult and time-consuming to obtain. In most cases, the Blue Mage has to be attacked with the spell in order to learn it, which becomes a problem with powerful spells and spells meant for healing. With random enemy encounters, this class can be one of the most challenging, but most fun.

Similar Job Classes: Scholar, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Beastmaster

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NAME: Blue Mage
OVERVIEW: Blue Mages must have the spell targeted to them in order to learn the spell, but once one character learns it, all the characters can use it. If a character has the "Learning" command equipped, it can learn Blue Magic spells, even if it is not currently a Blue Mage.
WEAPONS: Knives, Swords, Rods
  • !Check - Display HP and weaknesses of enemy
  • Learning - Learn Blue Magic spells from enemies
  • !Blue - Cast Blue Magic (default)
  • !Analyze - Display HP, weaknesses, level, and status of enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic, low strength

    NAME: Strago Magus
    OVERVIEW: Strago can learn spells even if he is not the target, they only have to be performed.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Rods
  • Lore - Cast Blue Magic
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low speed, low attack power

    NAME: Gau
    OVERVIEW: Official job class is Wild Boy. While learning the abilities of the monsters, Gau does not need to have an attack done to him to learn it. However, by selecting the name of a monster, he goes into a berserk mode and uses that monster's attacks at random. Gau fights bare-handed like a Monk.
    WEAPONS: None
  • Leap - Gau attacks the monster, removing it and himself from battle for the time. After a few more battles (if you are still on the Veldt), Gau will return to the party, and have access to the monster's attacks.
  • Rage - Act like a monster previously leapt on in the Veldt
  • ATTRIBUTES: High attack power, high speed, high evade, high magic defense

    NAME: Quistis Trepe
    OVERVIEW: Quistis learns Blue Magic through dropped or manufactured items. Using the item from the menu will teach Quistis the spell.
    WEAPONS: Chain whip
    Blue Magic:
  • Laser Eye - Shoot a laser to damage one enemy
  • Ultra Waves - Emit sound waves for earth-damage
  • Electrocute - Lightning damage
  • LV? Death - Cast death on all enemies whose EXP levels are a multiple of a random number between 2 and 5
  • Degenerator - Dispatch enemies instantly through a black hole
  • Aqua Breath - Water damage on one enemy
  • Micro Missile - Gravity damage on one enemy
  • Acid - Heavy damage with chance of Poison
  • Gatling Gun - Bombardment of bullets on all enemies
  • Fire Breath - Fire damage on one enemy
  • Bad Breath - Inflict all negative status ailments on all enemies
  • White Wind - Restore HP to allies
  • Homing Laser - Shoot a laser at all enemies
  • Mighty Guard - Cast Shell
  • Shockwave Pulsar - Excessive damage on all enemies
  • Ray-Bomb - Damage on all enemies
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low magic power, low speed

    NAME: Quina Quen
    OVERVIEW: Quina must weaken an enemy to Eat it, which eliminates it from battle, and allows him/her to learn its Blue Magic if it has any.
    WEAPONS: Forks
  • Blue Magic - Cast Blue Magic
  • Eat - Consume enemies in critical status. If they have a special Blue Magic attack, Quina will learn it and be able to use it.
  • Cook - Consume enemies with less than 50% HP or certain bosses in critical status. If they have a special Blue Magic attack, Quina will learn it and be able to use it.
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES (character specific): Millionaire
    ATTRIBUTES: Low speed, low magic defense

    NAME: Kimahri Ronso
    OVERVIEW: Kimahri is also a Dragoon. To learn Blue Magic, Kimahri must perform Lancet on the enemy. Because he starts in the middle of the sphere grid, he has the same chance to learn the abilities of any other party members, depending on which direction the player goes.
    WEAPONS: Spears
  • Lancet - Absorb HP/MP from the enemy, and learn Blue Magic spell (if available)
    Overdrive: Ronso Rage
  • Jump - Leap into air and drive weapon into enemy (already learned)
  • Fire Breath - Fire damage on all enemies
  • Self-Destruct - Sacrifice self to cause heavy physical damage
  • Thrust Kick - Single kick for powerful damage
  • Stone Breath - Attempt to cause Stone to all enemies
  • Aqua Breath - Water damage to all enemies
  • Doom - Cast Doom on an enemy
  • White Wind - Recover HP for all party
  • Bad Breath - Inflict multiple status effects on all enemies
  • Mighty Guard - Cast Protect, Shell, and Nul spells on entire party
  • Nova - Inflict nuclear damage on all enemies
  • ATTRIBUTES: Average in all stats

    NAME: Gun Mage
    OVERVIEW: Gun Mages must be the target of the attack, and survive the attack, in order to learn it.
    WEAPONS: Magic Gun
  • Scan - View info about enemy
    Fiend Hunter:
  • Shell Cracker - Inflict 4x damage to Helms
  • Anti-Aircraft - Inflict 4x damage to Birds and Wasps
  • Silver Bullet - Inflict 4x damage to Lupines
  • Flan Eater - Inflict 4x damage to Flans
  • Elementillery - Inflict 4x damage to Elements
  • Killasaurus - Inflict 4x damage to Reptiles
  • Drake Slayer - Inflict 4x damage to Drakes
  • Dismantler - Inflict 4x damage to Machina
  • Mech Destroyer - Inflict 4x damage to Mechs
  • Demon Muzzle - Inflict 4x damage to Imps and Ahrimans
    Blue Bullet: Fire Breath, Seed Cannon, Stone Breath, Absorb, White Wind, Bad Breath, Mighty Guard, Supernova, Cry in the Night, Drill Shot, Mortar, Annihilator, Heaven's Cataract, 1000 Needles, Storm Cannon, Blaster
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Fiend Hunter Lv.2 (decrease wait time for spell by 40%), Scan Lv.2, Scan Lv.3
    ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high accuracy

    NAME: Blue Mage
    OVERVIEW: A monster must use an Blue Magic skill in battle in order to use it. In addition, the character must not be outside the radius in which a monster can grant experience, and the Blue Magic Skill must be at a high enough level to learn the spell.
    WEAPONS: Uses scimitars (curved blades) best
  • Azure Lore - Enhance effect of Blue Magic spells
  • Burst Affinity - Make the next magical Blue Magic spell able to be used in a Magic Burst
  • Chain Affinity - Make the next physical Blue Magic spell able to be used in a skillchain
  • Blue Magic - Cast Blue Magic
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Differs depending on customization

    FF: Tactics Advance
    NAME: Blue Mage
    OVERVIEW: To learn Blue Magic, the user must be hit by the spell.
    WEAPONS: Saber
    Blue Magic: Goblin Punch, Magic Hammer, Acid, Blowup, Mighty Guard, Guard-Off, Dragon Force, Night, Twister, Lv3 Def-less, Poison Claw, Hastebreak, Bad Breath, Stare, Roulette, Matra Magic, Drain Touch, Lv ? S-Flare, White Wind, Angel Whisper
    Reaction Abilities: Damage > MP - Convert HP damage to MP damage
    Support Abilities: Immunity (resistance to status effects), Learning (learn Blue Magic)
    Combo: Blue Combo
    ATTRIBUTES: High magic defense

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Blue Mage
    OVERVIEW: Identical to FFTA Blue Mages.
    WEAPONS: Saber
    Blue Magick: Bad Breath, Dragon Force, Eerie Sound Wave, Expose Weakness, Healing Wind, Magick Hammer, Mighty Guard, Night, Quake, Roar, Sandstorm, Screech, Self-Destruct, Unction, War Dance, White Wind
    Reaction Abilities: MP Shield - convert HP to MP damage
    Support Abilities: Immunity (neither good nor bad status effects can take place)

    Traits of Blue Mage in Other Games

    FF6: Relm can sketch an enemy, creating a clone, essentially, and have access to the monster's attacks.
    FF7: The Enemy Skill materia allows the user to learn up to 20 monster attacks (that are Blue Magic) as long as the spell is successfully done to the user.

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