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Miscellaneous Species Q-Z

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Qu (9)
A hilarious-looking tribe which mostly live in moist, swamp-like places. Their most prominent feature is their huge tongue, which is always out. They're food fanatics, and have made a kind of food culture. No one knows what gender any given Qu is, and no one wants to find out. Frogs are their all-time favorite. Quina Quen is a fine specimen of the species.

Ronso (10/X-2)
Big stupid-looking folk with lion faces and a horn in the middle of their forehead. Led by Kelk Ronso. Kimahri Ronso is part of your group, too. They live on Mount Gagazet and are by and large dedicated to Yevon.

Selkies (CC)
The Selkies are the most selfish of the races, and believe that all things in the world were originally theirs. They have a reputation as thieves and are generally rejected in all villages except Clavatian ones. Because of their questionable lifestyle, they are the fastest and most agile of the tribes. They appear similar to the Clavats, but often have hair in a variety of colors and are generally skinnier. The women also appear to be better endowed than their Clavatian counterparts.

Shoopuf (10)
A strange water-bound elephant used for traveling purposes. It apparently doesn't eat, seeming to nourish itself from zooplankton it inhales from its long snout. The Hypello tribe drive shoopuf ferries across the Moonflow.

Shumi (8)
Shumi live only in the underground in the Trabia continent. They have yellow complexions and large oddly-shaped hands, and wear robes. They "evolve" into different forms depending on what's in their hearts. They all call themselves by their jobs (Artisan, Specialist, etc.) and they speak of themselves in third person. The only place they live is in the Shumi Village on Trabia continent. They are peaceful, and only allow merchants into their home. However they made one exception for Laguna, who they nursed back to health after he jumped off the cliff. All the Garden Faculty and NORG are shumis.

Tobli (10/X-2)
This is not the name of the species, but it is the only named character of it. These characters appear in FFX-2 only, not FF10. They are about three feet tall and wear duck-bill goggles with hoods. Some postulate that these are just Al Bhed, but others believe they are their own species. Others show up playing Sphere Break or digging in the desert.

TaruTaru (11)
TaruTaru look very childlike, with brownish button noses and chipmunk-like attributes. They are highly skilled in magic arts, making up for their lack of strength. They are dedicated and hard-working people, heavily responsible for the rebuilding of Windurst, their home, after the Crystal War.

Tarutaru male and female

Tonberry (11)
Tonberries were once an ancient race of (probably) humans who populated Vana'diel, and were changed to their current form through a massive magic explosion during a war. For the most part, they are enemies you will find and fight. However, a lot of tonberries are NPC's as well, involved in multiple quests/missions. (See also Monsters: Tonberry)

Varg (5,6)
Vargs are werewolves, essentially. They have no prominent presence in any game, and they are very easy to overlook. The only two characters who are vargs are the bit parts of Kelga Vlondett from FF5 and Lone Wolf from FF6.

Kelga Vlondett and Lone Wolf

Yukes (CC)
The Yukes are primarily concentrated in Shella. They are the most proficient in magic, and were the only tribe able to resist the Lilties in ages past. They are the tallest, and most strangely clothed of all the tribes. It is guessed that the Yukes perhaps sacrificed their bodies to increase their magical powers. They are often calm and wise. They appear often quite tall, wear ornate helmets, have small wings, and wear bizarre clashing clothes.

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