Final Fantasy Compendium

The Great Capital City of the region holds all sorts of races and different shops, owned by Gi Lubeh and Jona Esla, who has a troubled son - Leon Esla - who assumes his Father was killed by the Black Knight.

Conall Curach
A historical place for the Selkies, who once marched through this swamp searching for a home. At the end they slayed a dragon and found the ocean. Now they live on a desert island, but a Dragon Zombie now lives in the Conall Curach, and he guards the Myrrh Tree.

Daemons Court
A home for Lizardmen. There is a small river here that trails all the way down to the Conall Curach. One can use the catapults in this circus-like area to find the two keys to the only room in the area. This room brings you the Myrrh Tree but also the Lizardman King, who likes to use big weapons and traps.

Fields of Fum
Mainly a Clavat town. A farmer's village radiating a peaceful atmosphere. An old man named Morris sells cows here and you can also bet on cow races. Other than that, Fum is known for its great food. Go to Nina for some provisions. You can also occasionally find Gi Lubeh from Alfitaria here.

Goblin Wall
A newly built fort for Goblins, built around the Myrrh Tree so it is in the Goblin King's main room.

Jegon River
The great river separating most of the East from the West, Tristan the ferryman will gladly allow you to cross it on his boat for a small price.

Leuda, the city of Selkies, found on the Lynari Island. Don't let its bad reputation put you off as you will visit this place many times. Karl Linay and Beh Aou both have shops here. The chief of the Selkie tribe is in fact not a Selkie herself, but a survivor from Tida.

Lynari Desert
The great Lynari Desert contains many monsters such as the cactuar and antlion. A preacher gives you a riddle based on this area and there is said to be a great treasure hidden somewhere. Maybe it's just the Myrrh Tree?

Mag Mell
The legendary village of the Carbuncles. When you arrive in Mag Mell you will not see very much activity because the Carbuncles are sleeping, as they have been for several thousands of years.

Marrs Pass
An aging crystal village that used to be the Lilties' pride. Known for its blacksmiths, Nat Dennim and his rival, Arneaux.

Mines of Cathuriges
Old Mines that the Lilties of Marrs Pass would work in, but now they are inhabited by monsters, mainly Orcs and their King, who guards the Myrrh Tree.

Moschet Manor
Jack Moschet, lord of the Gigas, and his wife Maggie live together here with a great army of Tonberry Chefs. There are many rare books and documents in their library and a Myrrh Tree is hidden in there somewhere.

Mount Kilinda
A small island with a monstorous active volcano. Habited by only monsters adapted to the blazing enviroment. Near the top of the volcano you will most likely find Iron Giant, whose difficulty depends on whether his Goblin slaves successfully delivered him all of his greatswords. At the top is yet another Myrrh Tree.

Mount Vellenge
The great mountain to the very north of the world. This area is where it all started: where the meteor parasite landed and covered the world in Miasma, where the Doors of Recollection can be found, and where Raem along with Mio await.

Mushroom Forest
A forest made out of giant mushrooms. The only tree here is a Myrrh Tree guarded by the Malboro.

Port Tipa
A waterfront satellite of the village of Tipa. Tristan the Ferryman often has his boat there that can be used to travel across the Jegon River or to Lynari Island and Mount Kilanda for a small price.

Rebena Te Ra
Very old ancient ruins. Now it is only home to monsters who have created many puzzles to slow you down in your search for the Myrrh Tree. If you do find the tree then you also find the Lich, a great spirit who draws immortality from orbs.

River Belle Path
An old road that no-one dares walk these days or they will promptly be eaten by a monster. Only caravaners walk the old road now to obtain a drop of Myrrh from the Myrrh Tree, guarded by the Giant Crab.

Selepation Cave
Rumor has it this cave is where wind itself comes from. Using the crystals to create sequences trigger certain effects and the built-in lifts. Caravaners navigate through this mysterious cave to the end where the Cave Worm awaits, protecting the Myrrh Tree.

Hidden Village of the Yuke. To enter the mysterious town you must bring a mark of shella, found in the Sluice. This is the only place in all the world where you can find an accessory blacksmith - Spiran.

A Crystal Village, until one day the Crystal Caravan of Tida left for Myrrh and never returned. The village and its inhabitants slowly withered away and died or became monsters. A Myrrh Tree is found here, past Armstrong. What used to be the great house of the Armstrong family has now mutated into a monster.

A small village with a crystal, not unlike Tida, to the south of the world. Inhabited by Moogles, Clavats, Yukes and Selkies. No matter how many years pass, the mayor will always be Roland.

Veo Lu Sluice
A small Area that uses Pumpflowers to pump water from the Jegon River into the pools and geysers here. In one year the Jegon River dries up. The Veo Lu Sluice dries up with it and the Pumpflower must be brought back to life.

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim (Vol. 4) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 4) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim #4 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim #4 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim Comic 1 Cover A First Print 1991 Barry Blair Jim Cooper Copper Age picture

Elfheim Comic 1 Cover A First Print 1991 Barry Blair Jim Cooper Copper Age


Elfheim #1 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.0 FN/VF  picture

Elfheim #1 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.0 FN/VF


Elfheim #2 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.5 VF-  picture

Elfheim #2 (1991, Night Wynd) 7.5 VF-


*Elfheim #1  (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises) picture

*Elfheim #1 (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises)


Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [z: picture

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [z:


Stan Rimbas Elfheim - FeFolk in Alphabet (Hardback) picture

Stan Rimbas Elfheim - FeFolk in Alphabet (Hardback)


Elfheim #1-4 VF/NM complete series - barry blair - night wynd comics set 2 3 lot picture

Elfheim #1-4 VF/NM complete series - barry blair - night wynd comics set 2 3 lot


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