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The rather spooky Tonberry is one of the most recognizable FF mainstays. The effect of its signature attack tends to vary, but it always wears brown cloth robes, carries a lantern, and uses a "chef's knife". It tends to have a lot of HP and gradually creeps toward the characters until it's close enough to instantly kill one or all of them. In FF6 and FF9 they appear in triplets and use Pearl/Holy a lot. FF6 and FF7 have a Master Tonberry who has a star over its head and twice the difficulty! It usually gives great items as a reward, though. In FF8, if you collect twenty Chef's Knives and defeat the King Tonberry which appears in the Centra Ruins, you can call Tonberry in battle as a GF! FF10 and FFX-2 boast even larger and far nastier versions, such as the Don Tonberry. In FF11, Tonberries were actually once subjects of an ancient kingdom. In a vast war, culminating in a magic explosion, they were slowly turned into Tonberry form.

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FF5 in-game FF5
-Dingleberry (NA) / Tonberry (JP)
FF6 Tonberry in-game FF6 Master Tonberry in-game FF6
-Master Pug (NA) / Master Tonberry (JP)
-Pug (NA) / Tonberry (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
-Master Tonberry
-Master Tonberry
-Tonberry Guard
-Tonberry King
-Holy Tonberry
ATK: Murderous Thrust
The various enemy Tonberries use their signature Chef's Knife, Karma, and Everyone's Grudge, and include giant versions a la FFX-2's Mega Tonberry. They can also be summoned via DMW, where a Tonberry trips over a rock while attacking Zack, and his knife slams into the enemy.
FF8 in-game FF8 Tonberry King in-game FF8 Tonberry King face pic FF8 (SUMMON)
-Tonberry King
ATK: Chef's Knife
FF9 in-game FF9 art FF9
FF10 in-game FF10
-Don Tonberry
-Master Tonberry
-Mega Tonberry
FF11 in-game FF11 in-game FF11
Tonberry is the code name of the Remora airship which fights with Reks and Basch in the introduction.
FF12RW art FF12RW
-Tonberry (Esper)
ATK: Karma
TA in-game TA face Tactics Advance
TA2 in-game Tactics A2
-Tonberry King
CC Tonberry in-game CC Tonberry Chef in-game Crystal Chronicles
-Tonberry Chef
FFU Unlimited (SUMMON)
-Meteor Master
SOIL: Horizon Gold + Aero Black + Auto Silver

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