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Miscellaneous Species A-H

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Al Bhed (10)
Although they don't look any different than humans, they're infatuated with machina and enjoy using it, to the horror of the Yevonites. The only thing that discriminates between them and humans are their eyes, which are green and have spiraled pupils. (Yuna, who's half Al Bhed, has one green eye and one blue.) They usually cover their eyes with mechanic's goggles to avoid detection. They speak their own unique dialect that consists of switching one letter of the alphabet for another. ^^; Rikku's dad, Cid, leads the Al Bhed.

Burmecians (9)
These people live in Burmecia and Cleyra. They vaguely resemble rat-people with rabbit ears or Viera. Their society is based on togtherness, family, and close community. They are fairly religious, having priests and rituals involving dancing. Freya Crescent is a Burmecian.

Freya and Fratley from FF9

Cetra (7)
Also known as the Ancients, the only one we see in the game is Ifalna, Aeris's mother. They look similar to humans, but are magical in nature. Full Cetra are extinct; Aeris is a half-Cetra, half-human.

Aeris and Ifalna from FF7

Clavats (CC)
The Clavats are centered in the Fields of Fum, but also lived in Tipa, maybe have lived in Tida, and can be found elsewhere. They are considered to be the glue that binds the four tribes together, as they are said to value unity and friendship above all. They generally appear quite human, and are very similar to Selkies, except they tend to be slightly stockier and have generally hair ranging only from blonde to black. They have higher defense and skill in magic.

Elvaan (11)
Elvaans look similar to the Elves from Lord of the Rings, with long flattened triangular ears that stick out, and typically tall and thin body structures. However, their behavior is unlike their nature-loving lookalikes. This race has a strict code of conduct, and a history of conflict with other races and occupation of lands. They are the founders of the two legendary orders of knights in San d'Oria. Their skill in swords and sword fighting have superseded their place in the world of economics and business, preferring sparse lifestyles. Arrogant in nature, their strength lies in physical combate, not in magic.

Elvaan male and female

Elves (1)
FF1 is a very traditional game, so these guys are just along for variety, I guess. They're very stereotypical, living in a forest and wearing green and all that.

Two views of Elves from 1 (and WSC version).

Espers (6)
Also known as Phantom Beasts. They have their own world and boast of great magical power, but not much is really known about them besides their tendency to go nuts when threatened. A more specific term for the Summons featured in every game in the series. Espers are also featured in FF12, where they have a more full background.

Maduin, an esper from FF6

Galka (11)
The hulking brutes of FF11, they apparently only come in male, and were the first sentient beings to rise to dominance in the land. Their capital city fell 600 years ago by ant monsters, and they've been scattered ever since, sailing to the otherside of the world where their enemies could not follow. A concentration of them eventually settled in Bastok, the capital city of Vana'diel at the time, and assisted with its construction. They tend to have a dislike for members of the Hume race. Due to their physical prowess, their magic abilities can only reach average at best, and they tend to be the race least used in FF11.

Gargant (9)
A huge bug which travels underground upside-down. People can travel using them by luring them with their favorite food (some kind of stalk) and either hanging onto their backs, or using a special carriage rigged up underneath them. Their homes are called "roos".

Genome (9)
These are bodies created by the Terrans (they have tails for some strange reason): with minds, but with no souls. They exist to wait for when Terra takes over Gaia, and then the Terran souls will enter the Genome bodies. Garland, the caretaker of Terra, gave souls to several of them to speed up the takeover process; two of those were Zidane and Kuja.

Zidane and Mikoto, two genomes from FF9

Guado (10/X-2)
Sneaky bastards. They're mostly Yevon's lackeys, although eventually they start to regret their actions. They're fiercely loyal to each other and refuse to air their dirty laundry in public. Such ideas, of course, culminated with Seymour. *shudder*

Gurgan (3)
One-eyed Sages which foretell the future. (I believe there's a Cyclops somewhere in Greek legend which traded one of his eyes for the ability to see the future, which this is probably based on, or it might be a reference to Odin.) They're central characters in the unfolding of the story.

Two views of Gurgans from 3.

Hypello (10/X-2)
A whimsical little alien-looking creature, they mainly serve as ferrymen for the shoopuf travel path along the Moonflow. Although very fast in water, their lackadaisical attitude makes them disinclined to the pressures of playing blitzball. The barkeep on the Celcius in FFX-2 is also a Hypello.

Hume (11/12/TA/TA2)
Humes, the last race of San d'Oria, are essentially humans. They started off as weak and inconsequential among the nations, but formed an alliance with the Galkans, forming the Republic of Bastok, and pushed the powerful Elvaans back before they could mount an offensive. Today, they are the backbone of modern Vana'diel, being balanced and average in most attributes. They are able to take nearly any job, but can never truly exceed in any attribute.
In FF12, "hume" is simply the term for humans.

Hume male and Hume female

ELFHEIM VOL. 1 Full Run 1-4 + Extras (10 Issues) picture

ELFHEIM VOL. 1 Full Run 1-4 + Extras (10 Issues)


Elfheim Volume 4 #3 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Volume 4 #3 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image


Elfheim Dragon's Dreams #1 VF 1993 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Dragon's Dreams #1 VF 1993 Stock Image


*Elfheim #1  (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises) picture

*Elfheim #1 (1991, NIght Wynd Enterprises)


Elfheim # 1 & 2  (Night Wind  1991)  Very Fine picture

Elfheim # 1 & 2 (Night Wind 1991) Very Fine





Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [s% picture

Elfheim: Volume 4 #4 in Fine minus condition. [s%


Elfheim Volume 4 #4 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image picture

Elfheim Volume 4 #4 FN 6.0 1993 Stock Image


Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #3 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


Elfheim (Vol. 2) #1 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping picture

Elfheim (Vol. 2) #1 VF/NM; Night Wynd | we combine shipping


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