Final Fantasy Compendium


Appearances: FF6, FF8, FF10, FFX-2, FF11
Aliases: Lady Luck, Corsair

These characters and jobs are based on games of chance, such as slots, cards, and dice. They can do great damage, little damage, heal, or even kill everyone in the party, all on a random whim.

Similar Job Classes: Dark Knight

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NAME: Setzer Gabbiani
OVERVIEW: Setzer weapons are only usable by him and consist of Darts, Cards, Dice, etc. The Coin Toss accessory changes the "Slots" command to "GP Rain", a Samurai ability.
WEAPONS: Gambling tools, Knives
  • 7-Flush - Instantly dispatch all enemies
  • Joker Doom - Instantly kills all enemies and allies
  • H-Bomb - Attack enemy party with a bomb from the airship
  • Magicite - Summon a random Esper for no MP cost
  • Chocobop - Herd of chocobos runs over all non-flying enemies
  • Mega Flare - Summons Bahamut to attack
  • Flash - Small amounts of magical damage from crystals
  • Lagomorph - Small HP recovery and remove status ailments
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low evade

    NAME: Cait Sith
    OVERVIEW: Cait Sith only has two limit breaks - Slots and Dice.
    WEAPONS: Megaphone
  • Dice - Roll two dice at enemy and cause damage equal to amount shown x100 (rolling doubles causes double damage)
  • Mog Dance - Mog appears and restores all HP and MP of party
  • Toy Soldier - Six toy soldiers attack all enemies
  • Summon - Summons a random monster from any summon materia in inventory for no MP cost
  • Transformation - Transforms into a giant Cait Sith, bumping other party members from the battle field. His stats are equal to all three party members combined and only Cait Sith gains experience from the battle.
  • Lucky Girl - All physical attacks are critical hits until end of battle
  • Death To All - Instantly kill all party members
  • Instant Victory - Instantly kill all enemies
  • ATTRIBUTES: High HP, low physical defense

    NAME: Selphie Tilmitt
    OVERVIEW: Although her limit break is random, you can keep refreshing the window until the desired command is displayed.
    WEAPONS: Nunchaku
  • Any magic in inventory used a random number of times at no cost to inventory
  • Full Cure - Fully cures all party members and removes status ailments
  • Wall - Cast Protect and Shell on party
  • Rapture - Attempts to removes all enemies from battlefield
  • The End - Instantly dispatches all enemies (even some bosses)
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high magic defense, low HP, low physical defense, high luck

    NAME: Wakka
    OVERVIEW: Wakka has great accuracy and status effects like an Archer, but his Overdrive consists of slots, although he seems to have no other connection to Gambler.
    WEAPONS: Blitzballs
  • Aim - Increase party's accuracy
  • Dark Attack - Cause damage and Blind for one turn
  • Silence Attack - Cause damage and Silence for one turn
  • Sleep Attack - Cause damage and Sleep for one turn
  • Dark Buster - Cause damage and Blind for three turns
  • Silence Buster - Cause damage and Silence for three turns
  • Sleep Buster - Cause damage and Sleep for three turns
  • Osmose - Drain MP from enemy and add to own MP
  • Drain - Drain HP from enemy and add to own HP
  • Triple Foul - Cast Sleep, Silence, and Darkness on enemy for three turns
    Overdrive: Slots
  • Element Reels - Match slots to cast black elemental magic
  • Attack Reels - Match slots to make repeated hits on random enemies
  • Status Reels - Match slots to cause random status ailments to enemies
  • Auroch Reels - Match slots to cast black elemental magic, make repeated hits, and/or cause random status ailments
  • ATTRIBUTES: High HP, high defense, high magic defense, high accuracy, low evasion

    NAME: Lady Luck
    OVERVIEW: Like Cait Sith, their primary abilities deal with slots and dice. To attack, they throw cards at the enemy.
    WEAPONS: Cards
  • Tantalize - Confuse enemy
  • Bribe - Give enemy gil to leave battle
  • Two Dice - Throw two dice and cause damage equal to 4x amount on dice
  • Four Dice - Throw four dice and cause damage equal to 10x amount on dice
  • Attack Reels - Match slots to cause physical attacks
  • Magic Reels - Match slots to cause magical spells
  • Item Reels - Match slots to trigger items
  • Random Reels - Match slots to trigger random effects and abilities
  • Luck - Raise user's luck
  • Felicity - Raise luck of party
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Critical, Double Exp, SOS Spellspring, Gillionaire, Double Items
    ATTRIBUTES: High accuracy, high luck

    NAME: Corsair
    OVERVIEW: Though they resemble a pirate and equip guns, their abilities are rooted in rolling dice for various effects. The rolls in Phantom Roll are named after other jobs, and have an effect related to that job.
    WEAPONS: Hexagun
  • Wild Card - Random effect on all party members within range
  • Phantom Roll - Give random beneficial effect to all party members within range
  • Double-Up - Enhance a Phantom Roll effect
  • Quick Draw - Shoot a bullet with magical energy from a card
  • Random Deal - Attempt to reset recast time of a random ability for all party members within range
  • Aggressor - Increases accuracy, lowers evasion
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Resist Paralyze

    Traits of Gambler in Other Games

    FF7: Tifa's limit is based on a slot system. The number of slots is determined by the number of attacks learned and there are three options - "Great" does double damage, "OK" does normal damage, and "Miss" skips the action.
    FF9: Zidane's Skill "Lucky Seven" does physical damage based on Luck.
    FF9: One of the supported abilities is "Gamble Defense" where, in each attack on the character, the character's defense is calculated to be between 0 and 2x normal defense.
    FFTA: At the beginning of each action, the Gadgeteer has a 50% chance of hitting an enemy or an ally.

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