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Appearances: FF1, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF9, FF10, FFX-2, FF11, FF12RW, FFT, FFTA, FFTA2
Aliases: None

The defining characteristics of the thief are its green rag-tag clothing and the ability to steal items from the enemy, which usually has a useless success rate. However, there is typically an item in the game, usually called the "Thief Glove" to change some ability related to the Thief. Steal also usually gives way to "Mug" later in the game, where the job can both attack and steal at the same time. They typically equip knives or short swords and thrive on living in the shadows. Their agility/speed allows them to escape from battles easier.

Similar Job Classes: Ninja

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NAME: Thief
OVERVIEW: Thief does not have the ability to steal in this game, but is very good at running away from battles. Thief evolves into Ninja
WEAPONS: Coral Sword, Dragon Sword, Falchion, Masamune, Rapier, Rune Sword, Scimitar, Large Dagger, Silver Knife, Small Dagger,
ATTRIBUTES: Average strength, high agility, high luck, low magic

NAME: Thief
OVERVIEW: This is the first character who has the ability to steal.
WEAPONS: Knife, Dagger, Mithril Knife, Orialcon, Air Knife, Main Gauche, Boomerang
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Steal - Take an item from an enemy
  • Run - Run away from battle
  • Item - Use an item from inventory
  • ATTRIBUTES: High agility, low magic power, low magic defense


    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: The Thief Glove accessory increases the success rate of stealing.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Full Moon, Rising Sun, Double Lance
  • Find Passages - Detect "hidden" rooms and passages
  • !Flee - Escape from battle quickly, does not work on bosses
  • Dash - Hold down B button to double walking speed on world map
  • !Steal - Steal treasure from an enemy (default)
  • Caution - Prevent back attack
  • !Mug - Attack and steal treasure
  • Agility - Have same speed as thief despite job class
  • ATTRIBUTES: High speed, low magic

    NAME: Locke Cole
    OVERVIEW: Official job class is Adventurer. The Thief Glove accessory turns Steal into Capture, which does damage and steals at the same time.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Swords, Throwable weapons
  • Steal - Steal treasure from enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High speed, low magic evade

    NAME: Zidane Tribal
    OVERVIEW: Zidane's Trance changes Skill to Dyne. The Master Thief ability increases the steal rate of rare items. Mug automatically inflicts damage while stealing. The Thief Glove accessory increases the success rate of stealing.
    WEAPONS: Daggers, Swallowtail
  • Steal - Steal treasure from an enemy
  • Flee - Escape from battle
  • Detect - See enemy's items
  • Soul Blade - Inflict the status attributed to sword on enemy
  • What's That?! - Turn enemies around to create Back Attack scenario
  • Annoy - Inflict Trouble on target
  • Sacrifice - Remove self from battle to restore HP and MP to allies
  • Lucky Seven - Inflict 7, 77, 777, or 7777 points of damage to target when Zidane's HP ends in 7
  • Thievery - Deal damage to target proportional to number of successful steals
    Dyne: Free Energy, Tidal Flame, Scoop Art, Shift Break, Stellar Circle 5, Meo Twister, Solution 9, Grand Lethal
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES (character specific): Steal Gil, Master Thief, Mug, Bandit, Protect Girls, Flee-Gil
    ATTRIBUTES: High speed, high magic defense

    NAME: Rikku
    OVERVIEW: Rikku is also a Chemist. Like FF5 Chemist, there are certain items only she can use, like Tonics, and offensive items like grenades and elemental gems.
    WEAPONS: Claws
  • Steal - Steal treasure from enemy
  • Use - Use special attack, recovery, and support items
  • Luck - Raise party's Luck (accuracy, evasion, & critical hit rate)
  • Jinx - Lower enemy party's Luck (accuracy, evasion, & critical hit rate)
  • Bribe - Give money to an enemy to leave battle
  • Spare Change - Attempt to pay enemies to leave battle and receive items in exchange (success rate depends on amount given)
  • Copycat - Repeat the last action of an ally (except Overdrive, Summons, or equipment change)
  • Mug - Damage and steal treasure from enemy
  • Mix - Combine two items into a different item
  • ATTRIBUTES: High speed, low strength

    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: Includes a few odd abilities like causing Stop and casting Berserk.
    WEAPONS: Twin daggers
  • Steal - Steal treasure from enemy
  • Flee - Escape from battle with high success rate
  • Pilfer Gil - Steal gil from enemy
  • Borrowed Time - Cast Stop on enemy
  • Pilfer HP - Steal HP from enemy
  • Pilfer MP - Steal MP from enemy
  • Sticky Fingers - Steal with 100% success rate
  • Master Thief - Steal rare item from enemy
  • Soul Swipe - Cast Berserk on enemy
  • Steal Will - Cause target to flee from battle
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Item Hunter (increase odds of item drops), First Strike (act first in battle), Initiative (increases chance of pre-emptive strike), Slowproof, Stopproof
    ATTRIBUTES: High speed, high evasion, high luck

    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: Relies on sneak attacks and evasion.
    WEAPONS: Uses daggers best
  • Perfect Dodge - Evade all physical attacks
  • Steal - Steal items from enemy
  • Sneak Attack - Deal critical damage when striking from behind
  • Flee - Increase speed
  • Trick Attack - Deal extra damage when striking from behind a party member
  • Mug - Steal gil from enemy
  • Hide - Become invisible
  • SUPPORTED ABILITIES: Gilfinder, Evasion Bonus, Resist Gravity, Treasure Hunter, Triple Attack, Assassin
    ATTRIBUTES: High speed, low attack power

    NAME: Vaan
    OVERVIEW: Although Vaan can't steal items from enemies, he can steal everything else!
    WEAPONS: Swords
  • Dual Attack (Slash twice)
  • Sprint (Increase movement speed)
  • Steal Speed
  • Steal Endurance
  • Steal Power
  • Timeslip (Inflict Stop on enemy)
  • Dervish (Increase attack speed)

  • FF: Tactics
    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: This thief can also steal equipped items, gil, and experience.
    WEAPONS: Knife
  • Steal/Gil Taking (PSX)- Steal gil
  • Steal Heart - Charm an enemy of the opposite sex
  • Steal Helmet - Steal equipped helmets
  • Steal Armor - Steal equipped armor
  • Steal Shield - Steal equipped shield
  • Steal Weapon - Steal equipped weapon
  • Steal Accessory - Steal equipped accessory
  • Steal Exp - Steal EXP
    Reaction Ability: Vigilance/Caution (PSX) - take defensive position; Gil Snapper/Gilgame Heart (PSX) - Receive gil proportional to amount of damage caused; Sticky Fingers/Catch (PSX) - catch and keep thrown item
    Support Abilities: Poack/Secret Hunt - Take a monster to the fur shop after being beaten
    Move Abilities: Move +2, Jump +2
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion, high speed, low MP, low magic power

    FF: Tactics Advance
    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: This Thief can also steal abilities. Shares Counter with Monk.
    WEAPONS: Knife
  • Steal: Armor - Steal enemy armor
  • Steal: Shield - Steal enemy shield
  • Steal: Access - Steal enemy accessory
  • Steal: Helm - Steal enemy helm
  • Steal: Weapon - Steal enemy weapon
  • Steal: Gil - Steal enemy gil
  • Steal: Exp - Steal enemy experience
  • Steal: JP - Steal enemy judge point
  • Steal: Ability - Steal enemy ability
    Reaction Abilities: Counter - Counter physical attack
    Support Abilities: Maintenance - Equipped weapons cannot be stolen
    Combo: Thief Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion, low MP

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: Although the Thief can no longer steal most equipment or abilities, they do steal loot.
    WEAPONS: Knife
  • Loot Lv. 1 - Steal LV1 Loot
  • Loot Lv. 2 - Steal LV2 Loot
  • Loot Lv. 3 - Steal LV3 Loot
  • Loot Lv. 4 - Steal LV4 Loot
  • Steal Gil - Steal enemy gil
  • Steal Items - Steal usable items
  • Steal Limelight - Steal Smash Gauge points
  • Steal Accessory - Steal enemy accessory
    Reaction Abilities: Counter - Counter physical attack
    Support Abilities: Safeguard - Equipped weapons cannot be stolen/broken
  • Traits of Thief in Other Games

    FF4: Edge also has the ability to steal from enemies and to Flee without losing GP.
    FF7: There is a Steal materia which allows the user to Steal, and later, Mug.
    FF8: Diablos and Bahamut teaches the Mug ability.
    FF10: The ability Flee is learned by Tidus primarily.
    FFTA: The Soldier has the ability to Mug.

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