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Appearances: FF3, FF5, FF6, FFT, FFTA2
Aliases: None

Geomancers use attack magic primarily, but instead of having a set list of spells, their magic is determined by the setting they are fighting in, and don't use MP. For example, if fighting in a desert or mountains, Geomancers might cast Earth magic. They wear funny little stocking hats that look like they're ready for bed and equip bells.

Similar Job Classes: Dancer

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NAME: Geomancer
OVERVIEW: The Backfire spell can fire at any time, regardless of Terrain.
WEAPONS: Giyaman Bell, Rune Bell
  • Fight - Attack with equipped weapon
  • Terrain - Cast Terrain magic (Air Blade (Forest/Dungeon), Backfire, (Random), Earthquake (Plains), Quicksand (Desert), Rapids (River), Sinkhole (Swamp), Tornado (Sky), Waterspout (Sea))
  • Defend - Increase defense for one turn
  • Item - Use an item from inventory
  • ATTRIBUTES: High agility, high magic


    NAME: Geomancer
    OVERVIEW: These Geomancers have additional abilities including Gaia.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Bells
  • !Gaia - Attack the enemy with a spell based on the battle environment (default)
  • Pitfalls - Allow party to spot pitfalls and holes
  • DmgFloor - Allows party to walk across damage-causing floors without receiving damage
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic

    NAME: Mog
    OVERVIEW: Official job class is Dancer. For every different type of terrain that Mog fights in, he can learn a dance category. If he selects that category, he will do one of four dances at random, and cannot be controlled again until the end of battle. The Moogle Charm, which can only be worn by Mog, prevents enemy encounters.
    WEAPONS: Spears, Knives
  • Wind Song - Wind Slash, Sun Bath, Plasma, Cockatrice
  • Forest Suite - Rage, Harvester, Elf Fire, Wombat
  • Desert Aria - Sand Storm, Wind Slash, Antlion, Kitty
  • Love Sonata - Elf Fire, Snare, Specter, Tapir
  • Earth Blues - Land Slide, Sun Bath, Sonic Boom, Whump
  • Water Rondo - El Nino, Specter, Plasma, Wild Bear
  • Dusk Requiem - Cave In, Elf Fire, Snare, Poison Frog
  • Snowman Jazz - Snowball, Snare, Surge, Ice Rabbit
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic, high defense, low strength, low speed

    FF: Tactics
    NAME: Geomancer
    OVERVIEW: Geomancer's attacks are based on the terrain of the square they are standing on.
    WEAPONS: Sword, axe
    Geomancy/Elemental (PSX):
  • Sinkhole/Pitfall (PSX) - Warp in space/time damages enemy (natural surface, wasteland, road)
  • Torrent/Water Ball (PSX) - Water damage (waterway, river, lake, sea, waterfall)
  • Tanglevine/Hell Ivy (PSX)- Plant causes damage (grassland, thicket, water plant, ivy)
  • Contortion/Carve Model (PSX) - Earth damage (gravel, stone floor, stone wall, mud wall, tombstone)
  • Tremor/Local Quake (PSX) - Rocks that cause damage (rocky cliff, lava rocks)
  • Wind Slash/Kamaitachi (PSX) - Atmospheric damage (book, tree, brick, bridge, furniture, iron plate, moss, coffin)
  • Will-o'-the-Wisp/Demon Fire (PSX) - Mysterious powers (wooden floor, rug, box, stairs, deck)
  • Quicksand - Water damage (swamp, marsh, poisoned marsh)
  • Sand Storm - Dust damage (sand area, stalactite, salt)
  • Snowstorm/Blizzard (PSX)- Ice damage (snow, ice)
  • Wind Blast/Gusty Wind (PSX) - Wind damage (roof, sky, chimney)
  • Magma Surge/Lava Ball (PSX) - Atmospheric damage (lava, machine)
    Reaction Ability: Nature's Wrath/Counter Flood (PSX) - Counter with Geomancy
    Support Abilities: Attack Boost/Attack Up (PSX)
    Move Abilities: Ignore Terrain/Any Ground (PSX) - walk over waterlands; Lavawalking/Move on Lava (PSX)

    FF: Tactics A2
    NAME: Geomancer
    OVERVIEW: This Gria-only class deals elemental damage plus status effects, but only if on the right terrain and/or in the right weather.
    WEAPONS: Poles
  • Venom Squall - Water damage + poison, only during rain
  • Life's Embrance - Damage + immobilize, only on grass
  • Artifice's Embrace - Damage + slow, only on artificial terrain
  • Mist Storm - Damage + drain MP, only when Mist is in the air
  • Earth's Embrace - Damage + disable, only when on barren ground
  • Avalanche - Ice damage + sleep, only while snowing
    Reaction Abilities: Critical:Evasion (raise evasion), Magick Counter
    Support Abilities: Avoid Traps, Resistance Up
  • Traits of Geomancer in Other Games

    FFTA: The Elementalist performs magic spells based on weather and terrain, but are not randomly chosen or based on current conditions of the battlefield.
    FFTA: The Black Mage has a support ability called "Geomancy" that lowers resistance to elemental attacks.

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