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FFTA and FFTA2 share about 95% of their jobs and abilities, though some have been renamed and others moved around. Items relevant to FFTA only will be shown in blue while those only related to FFTA2 will be shown in red.

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NAME: Agent (FFTA2 Only)
OVERVIEW: Al-Cid's class, the only hume who can use guns. He has special skills if there are girls in the party! Al-Cid is also the only one who can't change classes, so he's stuck with the abilities he can learn.
  • Escort - Take all damage directed at target female unit until her next turn.
  • Flourish - Deal more damage if female units are in party.
  • Fawn - Add Regen and Astra to target female unit.
  • Enchant - Charm female unit and raise allies' Attack.
  • Interrogate - Reveal loot and items of target, and reveals traps and invisible units.
  • Succor - Restore HP and remove debuffs from self.
  • Impassion - Add Berserk and raise critical hit %.
  • Reckless Abandon - Lower target's speed.
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Alchemist
    OVERVIEW: Although they can use items innately, they have no relation to the Chemist.
    WEAPONS: Mace
  • Astra - Protect target from one status ailment
  • Death - Cause instant death to target, high chance of failure
  • Meteor - Summon a meteor to cause heavy damage
  • Rasp - Drain MP from target
  • Flare - Heavy damage through solar explosion
  • Poison - Cause Poison to target
  • Toad - Cause Toad to target
  • Magic Pow+ - Increase magic power of target
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: Safeguard (Prevent equipment from being stolen or broken); Magic Pow+/Magick Up; Item Lore (increase item effects on user)
    Combo: Gold Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high MP, high magic defense

    NAME: Animist
    OVERVIEW: This class has attacks based on forest animals, similar to the FF5 Archer.
    WEAPONS: Instrument
  • Sheep Count - Put enemies to sleep
  • 100% Wool - Cast Protect and Shell on self
  • Cuisine - Completely recover HP on adjacent target
  • Tail Wag - Charm enemy
  • Chocobo Rush - Call a stampede of chocobos to damage target
  • Frogsong/Toadsong - Inflict Frog on target
  • Friend - Call a random Summon
  • Catnip - Inflict Berserk on target
    Reaction Abilities: Block Arrows/Archer's Bane - Evade bow attacks
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Animal Combo

    NAME: Arcanist (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A nu mou magician job that uses gravity spells and spells that are affected by the target's level.
    WEAPONS: Rod
    Arcane Magick:
  • Gravity - Reduce HP by 25%
  • Lv. 3 Dark - Deal dark damage to units with levels divisible by 3
  • Lv. 5 Haste - Add Haste to units wtih levels divisible by 5
  • Lv. ? Shadowflare - Cast Shadowflare on units who share the first digit of the caster's level
  • Drain - Steal HP
  • Syphon - Steal MP
  • Graviga - Reduce HP by 50%
  • Death - Inflict KO
    Reaction Abilities: MP Shield - Damage goes to MP instead of HP while MP is left
    Support Abilities: Pierce - Spells cast are not affected by Reflect

    NAME: Assassin
    OVERVIEW: Originally an enemy class in Tactics, their abilities focus on stopping enemy actions in one stroke.
    WEAPONS: Katana, Greatbow
  • Shadowbind - Inflict Stop on target
  • Last Breath - Instant K.O. to target, high chance of failure
  • Aphonia - Inflict Silence on target
  • Nightmare - Inflict Sleep and Doom on target
  • Ague - Inflict Slow on target
  • Rockseal - Inflict Stone on target
  • Oblivion - Inflict Forgetfulness on target
  • Ultima Masher - Ultima attack for heavy damage
    Reaction Abilities: Return Fire - Catch arrows and throw back at target
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Killer Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion, high HP, high defense

    NAME: Archer
    OVERVIEW: See Archer.

    NAME: Bard (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Bard.

    NAME: Beastmaster
    OVERVIEW: See Beastmaster.

    NAME: Berserker (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Berserker.

    NAME: Bishop
    OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

    NAME: Black Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.

    NAME: Blue Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

    NAME: Cannoneer (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A bangaa that can use long-range special attacks.
    WEAPONS: Hand-cannon
  • Buckshot - Next attack affects a radius
  • Prime - Next attack has higher power
  • Foresight - Next attack fires twice
  • Scope - Next attack has higher accuracy
  • Mortar - Deal heavy damage, but misses next turn
  • Target - Next attack deals heavy damage
  • Potion Shell - Heal target's HP
  • Ether Shell - Heal target's MP
    Reaction Abilities: Blur - Avoid artillery attacks
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Chocobo Knight (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A special moogle class which can capture and ride chocobos, and takes over their abilities. Six different colors of chocobo can be ridden and the abilities change depending on the color.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Sword, Blade, Saber, Knightsword, Rapier, Greatsword, Broadsword, Katana, Spear, Axe, Instrument, Rod, Staff, Mace, Pole, Knuckles, Hammer, Book
  • Choco Cure - Heal HP in area around user
  • Choco Esuna - Heal debuffs in area around user
  • Choco Flame - Fire a ball of flame
  • Choco Meteor - Non-elemental ranged damage
  • Choco Beak - Physical attack
  • Choco Recharge - Restore MP
  • Choco Guard - Add Regen, raise defense and resistance
  • Choco Barrier - Add Protect and Shell in area around user
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Dancer (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Dancer.

    NAME: Defender
    OVERVIEW: See Paladin.

    NAME: Dragoon
    OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.

    NAME: Elementalist
    OVERVIEW: Inflicts many status attacks.
    WEAPONS: Rapier
    Spirit Magic/Elemental Magick:
  • Fire Whip - Inflict Fire-elemental damage and "Don't Act" on target
  • Earth Heal - Earth-elemental HP recovery
  • White Flame - Fire-elemental HP recovery
  • Shining Air - Inflict Air-elemental damage and Blind on target
  • Evil Gaze - Inflict Dark-elemental damage and Confuse on target
  • Heavy Dust - Inflict Earth-elemental damage and "Don't Move" on target
  • Sliprain - Inflict Water-elemental damage and Slow on target
  • Elementalshift - Shift target's elemental affiliation
  • Thunderous Roar - Inflict Thunder-elemental damage and Silence on target
    Reaction Abilities: Absorb MP
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Spirit Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion, high HP, high defense

    NAME: Fencer
    OVERVIEW: A sword-fighting class with a variety of techniques.
    WEAPONS: Rapier
    Lunge Tech/Fencing:
  • Swarmstrike - Summon a swarm of bugs to damage and inflict Poison on target
  • Shadowstick - Lower target's speed
  • Checkmate - Inflict Doom on target
  • Featherblow - Attack with 1/2 damage, but 2x accuracy
  • Swallowtail - Cause damage to all adjacent units
  • Manastrike - Cause MP damage
  • Piercethrough - Attack through two squares
  • Nighthawk - Distance attack
    Reaction Abilities: Reflex - Evade all "Fight" actions
    Support Abilities: Shieldbearer (Equip any shield)
    Combo: Lunge Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion, high HP, high defense

    NAME: Flintlock (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: An advanced gunner class, which can charge up cannons for special effects. Largely a support class, as opposed to Cannonneer.
    WEAPONS: Hand-cannon
  • Prime - Required to use before any other ballistic attack can happen
  • Cure Cannon - Cure HP
  • Protect Cannon - Add Protect and Regen
  • Shell Cannon - Add Shell
  • Ether Boost - High-powered attack
  • Blowback - Sacrifice HP for a strong attack
  • Teleport Cannon - Teleport target to a random location
  • Ether Cannon - Restore MP to target
    Reaction Abilities: Blur - Avoid artillery attacks
    Support Abilities: Charged Attacks - Consume MP to deal additional damage

    NAME: Gadgeteer/Tinker
    OVERVIEW: Flips a coin at the start of each ability to decide whether it will target all allies or all enemies
    WEAPONS: Knuckle
  • Red Spring - Cast Haste on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Blue Screw - Cast Dispel on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Green Gear - Cast Poison on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Silver Disc - Cast Blind on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Gold Battery - Recover HP on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Black Ingot - Cast Doom on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Chroma Gem - Cast Sleep on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
  • Yellow Spring/Gold Moogletron - Cast Barrier on all allies or enemies, depending on coin flip
    Reaction Abilities: Auto-Regen/Regenerate - Cast Regen on self when attacked
    Support Abilities: Damage > MP/MP Shield - When damaged, MP is lost instead of HP
    Combo: Pandora Combo

    NAME: Geomancer (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Geomancer.

    NAME: Gladiator
    OVERVIEW: See Magic Knight.

    NAME: Green Mage (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A mage who specializes in protective and status spells.
    WEAPONS: Hammer, Mace
    Green Magick:
  • Protect - Raise defense
  • Shell - Raise resistance
  • Blind - Lower accuracy
  • Sleep - Put target to sleep
  • Silence - Stop target from casting spells
  • Tranq - Raise accuracy
  • Oil - Increase susceptibility to fire
  • Leap - Increase Move and Jump stats
    Reaction Abilities: Evade Magick (resist all magical damage-causing attacks), Absorb MP (Gain MP equal to that expended by the attack)
    Support Abilities: Spellbound - Increase duration of statuses inflicted

    NAME: Gunner/Fusilier
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.

    NAME: Heritor (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: Adelle's class; uses a variety of powerful skills.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Sword, Blade, Saber, Knightsword, Greatsword, Broadsword, Katana, Rod, Staff, Pole
  • Wemut - Damage and inflict Slow
  • Nesiaam - Damage and inflict Addle
  • Lennart - Damage in a line from caster
  • Hilo - Damage and inflict Confuse
  • Elpe - Sacrifice user's HP to revive and fully restore all allies
  • Viola - Damage units in small area; higher damage if caster has low HP
  • Ljda - Inflict Charm
  • Adelaide - Add Regen to self
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Hermetic (FFTA Only)
    OVERVIEW: Special character Ezel's job. Hermetic means associated with astrology or alchemy.
    WEAPONS: Mace
  • Azoth - Put all enemies to sleep
  • Astra - Protect target from one status ailment
    Reaction Abilities: Block Arrows - Dodge bow attacks
    Support Abilities: Weapon Atk+

    NAME: Hunter
    OVERVIEW: See Archer.

    NAME: Illusionist
    OVERVIEW: An advanced version of the mage that affects all enemies.
    WEAPONS: Rod
    Phantasm Skill/Illusion:
  • Prominence - Fire damage to all enemies
  • Tempest - Lightning damage to all enemies
  • Freezeblink - Ice damage to all enemies
  • Star Cross - Holy damage to all enemies
  • Stardust - Damage all enemies
  • Deluge - Water damage to all enemies
  • Soil Evidence/Rockfall - Earth damage to all enemies
  • Wild Tornado - Wind damage to all enemies
    Reaction Abilities: Absorb MP
    Support Abilities: Half MP/Halve MP
    Combo: Spell Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, low evasion, low HP

    NAME: Judgemaster (FFTA Only)
    OVERVIEW: Special character Cid's job. His abilities allow you to manipulate many of the laws.
    WEAPONS: Knightsword
    Advanced Law:
  • Abate - Skip Judge's turn once to allow a violation
  • Judge Sword - Damage and steal JP
  • Bind - Immobilize and disable target for arrest
  • JP Gift - Give JP to an ally
  • Yellow Clip - Nullify a yellow card from the record
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Juggler
    OVERVIEW: An unusual class, but with many useful abilities. Evolves from Moogle Thief.
    WEAPONS: Knife
  • Hurl - Throw an item from inventory at enemy
  • Weapon Toss - Throw a weapon from inventory at enemy
  • Ring/Ring Toss - Inflict Stop on target
  • Firebomb/Molotov Cocktail - Cause damage and Berserk
  • Ball/Ball Toss - Inflict Confuse
  • Dagger/Dagger Toss - Cause damage and "Don't Act"
  • Smile/Smile Toss - Smile at ally to give them next turn instantly
  • Gil Toss - Throw 30 gil at enemy to cause exactly 30 points of damage
    Reaction Abilities: Catch/Sticky Fingers (catch and keep thrown items), Return Fire (catch arrows and throw them back)
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Juggle Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High accuracy

    NAME: Lanista (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A seeq physical class with a variety of attack skills.
    WEAPONS: Greatsword
  • Souleater - Sacrifice HP to deal dark damage
  • Block! - Raise defense in area around unit
  • Strike! - Raise critical hit % in area around unit
  • Haunting Vision - Damage and blind target
  • Sword of Light - Steal MP
  • Sword of Darkness - Steal HP
  • Charge! - Deal damage, knock target back, and destroy armor
  • Razzle-dazzle - Steal HP from surrounding units
    Reaction Abilities: Blink Counter (counterattack and knock target back), Dragonheart (Grant Reraise after taking damage)
    Support Abilities: Monkey Grip - Wield two-handed swords with one hand

    NAME: Master Monk (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: Another physical fighting bangaa class, but with some unusual methods of attacking.
    WEAPONS: Pole
    Martial Arts:
  • Dark Fist - Sacrifice HP to attack two squares in front
  • Inner Focus - Restore HP and remove debuffs to self
  • Pummel - Attack twice in a row
  • Cross-Counter - Use target's own Counter reaction to deal damage
  • Rend Armor - Attack and destroy armor
  • Holy Strike - Holy-elemental attack
  • Lifebane - Inflict Doom
  • Withering Strike - Deal damage based on how low user's HP is
    Reaction Abilities: Blink Counter - Counterattack and knock target back.
    Support Abilities: Unscarred - Raise stats when at full HP

    NAME: Mog Knight
    OVERVIEW: See Warrior.

    NAME: Morpher (FFTA Only)
    OVERVIEW: This class morphs into enemies which the Morpher has the souls of. The only way to get souls is to harvest them from monsters captured by a Hunter.
    WEAPONS: Soul
  • Goblin - Morph into a Goblin
  • Flan - Morph into a Flan
  • Bomb - Morph into a Bomb
  • Dragon - Morph into a Dragon
  • Lamia - Morph into a Lamia
  • Bug - Morph into a Bug
  • Panther - Morph into a Panther
  • Malboro - Morph into a Malboro
  • Floateye - Morph into a Floateye
  • Damage > MP - When damaged, MP is lost instead of HP
    Reaction Abilities: None
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Morph Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High magic power, high MP, high magic defense

    NAME: Ninja
    OVERVIEW: See Ninja.

    NAME: Paladin
    OVERVIEW: See Paladin.

    NAME: Parivir (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: An eastern fighter, specializing in elemental attacks. Similar to the Elementalist, but with short-range physical attacks instead of long-range magical ones.
    WEAPONS: Katana
  • Wind Slash - Deal wind damage.
  • Blade Bash - Immobilize enemy.
  • Iai Blow - Non-elemental attack. Low power, inflicts KO.
  • Lifethread Blade - Dark-elemental attack. Inflicts Doom.
  • Skyfury Blade - Lightning-elemental attack. Inflicts Berserk.
  • Hoarfrost Blade - Ice-elemental attack. Inflicts Slow.
  • Shimmering Blade - Fire-elemental attack. Inflicts Confuse.
  • Unburden Soul - Sacrifice self to heal HP and debuffs from allies.
    Reaction Abilities: Strike Back - Avoid basic attack and counterattack.
    Support Abilities: Death Strike - Increase chance for critical hit.

    NAME: Ranger (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A seeq job that specializes in laying traps.
    WEAPONS: Knife, Bow
  • Sten Needle - Lays a trap that damages target
  • Awareness - Reveal locations of traps and invisible units
  • Silence Gas - Lays a trap that silences target
  • Life Bond - Restore target's HP but damage user
  • Leech - Lays a trap that damages MP
  • Mirror Items - Use an item to achieve the opposite effect (e.g. damage using Potions)
  • Camouflage - Become Invisible
  • Love Potion - Lays a trap that charms target
    Reaction Abilities: Critical:Vanish - Become invisible when in critical status
    Support Abilities: Item Lore (Items have double power); Avoid Traps

    NAME: Raptor (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Soldier.

    NAME: Ravager (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A gria class with powerful physical attacks.
    WEAPONS: Greatsword
  • En Garde - Unit will counter attacks until next turn.
  • Battle Cry - Raise attack but lower defense
  • Sweeping Spin - Damage surrounding units
  • Sneak Attack - Deal more damage to units facing away
  • Tenacity - Deal more damage when target has debuffs
  • Overpower - Attack and bypass reaction ability
  • Full Assault - Powerful attack that leaves the attacker in Sleep status
  • Blast Wave - Damage in a line from attacker
    Reaction Abilities: Bonecrusher - Attack with greater damage than dealt; Strike Back (Avoid basic attack and counterattack)
    Support Abilities: Defense Up; Unscarred (raise stats at full HP); Tank (equip heavy armor)

    NAME: Red Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Red Mage.

    NAME: Runeseeker (FFTA Only)
    OVERVIEW: Special character Babus' job. Has some gravity based attacks
    WEAPONS: Mace
  • Explode - Deal enormous explosive damage
  • Stillness - Freeze time and stop all units in an area
  • Quarter - Take off 1/4 of enemy's HP
  • Demi - Take off 1/2 of enemy's HP
    Reaction Abilities: Counter
    Support Abilities: None

    NAME: Sage
    OVERVIEW: An evolution from the White Mage and Beastmaster, though it seems to have no commonality to its abilities besides Black Magic.
    WEAPONS: Mace
    Sagacity Skill/Sagacity:
  • Drain - Absorb HP from target
  • Blind - Inflict Blind on enemy
  • Water - Water-elemental damage
  • Aero - Wind-elemental damage
  • Raise - Heal ally or revive K.O.'d ally with 50% of his/her max HP
  • Giga Flare/Gigaflare - Damage enemies with explosion
  • Bio - Damage and Poison enemy
  • Esunaga - heal status effects from an area
  • Scathe - High non-elemental damage in a straight line from caster
  • Ultima Blow - Deal heavy magic damage
    Reaction Abilities: Reflex - Evade all "Fight" actions
    Support Abilities: Shieldbearer (Equip any shield), Weapon Def+
    Combo: Wise Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High evasion

    NAME: Scholar (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: See Scholar.

    NAME: Seer (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: The hume version of the Red Mage, with some extra flair. Their Magick Frenzy, used with the proper combination of abilities, can be devastating.
    WEAPONS: Books
    High Magick:
  • Cura - Moderate HP restoration
  • Esuna - Restore debuffs from one target
  • Raise - Restore ally from KO
  • Fira - Moderate fire damage
  • Blizzara - Moderate ice damage
  • Thundara - Moderate thunder damage
  • Recharge - Restore MP
  • Magick Frenzy - Attack with magick followed by a physical attack.
    Reaction Abilities: Replenish MP - Gain MP equal to damage taken.
    Support Abilities: Pierce - Spells cast are unaffected by Reflect.

    NAME: Sky Pirate (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: Vaan's job. Concentrates on fast attacks and stealing things.
    WEAPONS: Sword, Blade, Saber
  • Shadow Stalk - Attack and bypass reaction ability
  • Salvage - Disarm trap and get loot
  • Steal - Steal item, loot or gil
  • Razor's Edge - Raise Evasion
  • Life of Crime - Deal more damage the more times you have Stolen
  • Flee - Raise Move and Jump
  • Trophy Hunt - Weak attack which yields the best loot if it kills the enemy
  • Swipe - Steal a large amount of gil
    Reaction Abilities: Sticky Fingers - Catch items thrown at unit
    Support Abilities: Vigilance - Attacks from back and sides deal normal damage

    NAME: Sniper
    OVERVIEW: An class with a combination of Assassin and Archer characteristics. It's status attacks are based on the range of the weapon.
    WEAPONS: Greatbow
  • Doubleshot - Attack twice with weaker, inaccurate shots
  • Beso Toxico - Damage and inflict Poison on target
  • Death Sickle - Cause Doom on target
  • Conceal/Vanish - Turn invisible to ambush the enemy
  • Doom Archer/Marksman's Spite - Inflict damage equal to lost HP + lost MP
  • Aim: Armor/Armor Shot - Destroy target's armor
  • Aim: Weapon/Weapon Shot - Destroy target's weapon
  • Aim: Wallet/Wallet Shot - Steal gil from enemy
    Reaction Abilities: Auto-Regen/Regenerate - Inflict Regen on self when attacked
    Support Abilities: None
    Combo: Sniper Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: High attack power

    NAME: Soldier
    OVERVIEW: See Soldier.

    NAME: Spellblade (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A viera physical class that causes status effects.
    WEAPONS: Sword
    Blade Arts:
  • Stun Blade - Damage and inflict Immobilize
  • Poison Blade - Damage and inflict Poison
  • Sleep Blade - Damage and inflict Sleep
  • Oil Blade - Damage and inflict Oil
  • Slow Blade - Damage and inflict Slow
  • Confuse Blade - Damage and inflict Confuse
  • Maim Blade - Damage and inflict Disable
  • Doom Blade - Damage and inflict Doom
    Reaction Abilities: Critical:Evasion: Increase Evasion when in critical status
    Support Abilities: Blood Price - Spells cost HP instead of MP.

    NAME: Summoner
    OVERVIEW: See Summoner.

    NAME: Templar
    OVERVIEW: Specialty is stopping mages from using their powers, and improving Bangaa disadvantages.
    WEAPONS: Knightsword, spear
    Sacred Tech/Sacred Blade:
  • Astra - Protect target from one status ailment
  • War Cry/Piercing Cry - Lower speed of adjacent units
  • Rasp - Draing MP from target
  • Cheer/Discipline - Increase attack power of self
  • Silence - Cause Silence on target
  • Soul Sphere - Inflict MP damage on target
  • Haste - Increase speed of target
  • Lifebreak - Damage target equal to damage sustained
    Reaction Abilities: Bonecrusher - Counter with 150% more attack power
    Support Abilities: Weapon Atk+/Attack Up
    Combo: Sacred Combo
  • ATTRIBUTES: Low speed

    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: See Thief.

    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Time Mage.

    NAME: Trickster (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A fast bangaa job that inflicts long-range status effects.
    WEAPONS: Cards
    Sleight of Hand:
  • Hypochondria - Inflict Poison
  • Snigger - Inflict Berserk
  • Shadow of Doubt - Inflict Immobilize
  • Mug - Attack and steal loot
  • Traumatize - Attack and deal higher damage to units with debuffs
  • Agitate - Deal damage equal to user's lost HP
  • Charisma - Inflict Charm
  • Suggestion - Inflict Toad
    Reaction Abilities: Absorb Damage - Gain HP equal to 10% of damage sustained
    Support Abilities: Ribbon-bearer - Equip ribbons

    NAME: Viking (FFTA2 Only)
    OVERVIEW: A strong seeq class that also deals thunder damage.
    WEAPONS: Axe, Hammer
  • Thunder - Light thunder damage
  • Thundara - Moderate thunder damage
  • Thundaga - Heavy thunder damage
  • Pickpocket - Steal gil
  • Strong-arm - Damage and steal item
  • War Cry - Raise resilience of surrounding units
  • Tsunami - Deal water damage and MP damage; only usable when caster is in water
  • Pillage - Damage and steal armor
    Reaction Abilities: Absorb Damage (gain 10% of damage dealt); Gil Snapper (obtain gil after receiving a critical hit)
    Support Abilities: Safeguard (prevents weapon from being stolen/destroyed), Doublehand (hold one-handed weapon with two hands)

    NAME: White Mage
    OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

    NAME: White Monk
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.

    NAME: Warrior
    OVERVIEW: See Soldier.

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