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NAME: Vaan
OVERVIEW: See Thief.
NAME: Penelo
OVERVIEW: A mixture of White Mage and Dancer.
  • Cure (Heal one ally)
  • Revitalize (Restore HP and status)
  • Curaga (Restore HP to allies in range)
  • Mystic Dance (Give Faith to allies in range)
  • Esunaga (Heal status ailments)
  • War Dance (Give Bravery to allies in range)
  • Raise (Revive ally from KO)
  • Hypnotic Dance (Disable enemies in range)
  • Holy (Holy damage to enemy)
  • NAME: Kytes
    OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.
    NAME: Filo
    OVERVIEW: Filo flies on her skybandit and uses various attacks and traps against enemies.
    WEAPONS: Skybandit
  • Sonic Wave (Deal group damage)
  • Defense Snare (Trap to lower Stamina/Mind)
  • Glide (Increase movement speed)
  • Speed Snare (Trap to lower Speed/movement speed)
  • Decoy Bit (Deflect damage to decoy)
  • Power Snare (Trap to lower Strength/Magick)
  • Overdrive (Increase all attributes temporarily, then decrease them)
  • NAME: Llyud
    OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.
    NAME: Ba'Gamnan
    OVERVIEW: Uses enemies' advantages against them.
    WEAPONS: Some strange sort of serrated disc.
  • Wild Swing (Deal group damage)
  • Drain (Transfer HP from enemy to caster)
  • Berserk (Inflict berserk)
  • Bad Breath (Cause various status ailments)
  • Souleater (Consume HP to deal damage)
  • Ba'Syphon (Transfer Magick and Mind from enemy to caster)
  • Dark Arua (Deal ranged group damage)
  • NAME: Balthier
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.
    NAME: Fran
    OVERVIEW: See Archer.
    NAME: Ashe
    OVERVIEW: See Time Mage.
    NAME: Basch
    OVERVIEW: See Paladin.

    Enemy Classes

    NAME: Archer/Ballista
    OVERVIEW: See Archer.
    NAME: Berserker
    OVERVIEW: See Fighter.
    NAME: Black Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.
    NAME: Dragon Knight/Dragoon
    OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.
    NAME: Fusilier
    OVERVIEW: See Gunner.
    NAME: Gladiator
    OVERVIEW: See Fighter.
    NAME: Monk/Champion
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.
    NAME: Ninja/Assassin
    OVERVIEW: See Ninja.
    NAME: Seeq / War-chief
    OVERVIEW: Deals both melee and ranged damage.
  • Axes (Deal ranged damage)
  • Tomohawk (Deal damage in a line)
  • Boomerang (Deal damage in a line)
  • Heave-ho (Knock enemy back)
  • Rampage (Inflict berserk)
  • Potion (Restore HP - Seeq only)
  • Elixir (Restore all HP/status - War-chief only)
  • NAME: Sky Pirate
    OVERVIEW: See Soldier.
    NAME: Sky Samurai
    OVERVIEW: Uses swords to inflict status ailments.
  • Shadowstrike (Inflict Blind)
  • Smotherstrike (Inflict Silence)
  • Chaostrike (Inflict Confuse)
  • Stunstrike (Inflict Slow)
  • Purge (Remove positive ailments)
  • NAME: Sky Soldier
    OVERVIEW: See Soldier.
    NAME: Sky Warrior
    OVERVIEW: See Fighter.
    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Time Mage.
    NAME: Warmage
    OVERVIEW: See Magic Knight.
    NAME: Warrior
    OVERVIEW: See Fighter.
    NAME: White Mage
    OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

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