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Gilgamesh looks like an Arabian or Greek warrior wearing a red hood and cloak, often with multiple arms.

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FF1 Dawn of Souls in-game FF1 PSP in-game FF1
-Gilgamesh (Dawn of Souls, PSP)

Gilgamesh appears as a boss in one of the secret dungeons in the game.
FF5 Gilgamesh in-game FF5 Gilgamesh (Morphed) in-game FF5 Gilgamesh (Necrophobia) in-game FF5 (CHARACTER & ENEMY)

This is where Gilgamesh first appears. One of the coolest villains around, Gilgamesh is the only sidekick to have his own sidekick! Enkidu the flying menace helps him out from time to time. He also has his own theme music. 8-) He's mostly there for comic relief, but you can steal Genji equipment from him. At one point he tries using a sword he THINKS is Excalibur against you; it's really called Excalipur and does single-digit damage. 8-) He's dressed in a wild-colored red robe thingy; he later morphs into a many-armed Kali-like menace. He's got a good heart, though - after Exdeath exiles him to the Rift, he begins to like Bartz and company.
FF6 Advance in-game FF6 Advance (SUMMON)
ATK: Zantetsuken, Masamune, Excalibur, Excalipoor

Gilgamesh returns in FF6 Advance as one of four new Espers added in the re-release.
FF8 in-game FF8 in-game FF8 in-game FF8 (SUMMON)
ATK: Zantetsuken, Masamune, Excalibur, Excalipoor

Gilgamesh here looks like a hybrid of his two forms from FF5. He has four arms with four different swords for four different attacks - Zantetsuken works the same as Odin's attack, Excalibur does medium damage to enemies, Masamune does high damage to enemies, and Excalipoor does 1 HP of damage. Unlike other GF's, Gilgamesh's appearances can't be controlled; he appears randomly at the beginning of battles (including boss fights!) and uses one of the four attacks. He replaces Odin at the end of Disc 3 after Seifer slices him in half.
-Alleyway Jack/Gilgamesh

Here, Gilgamesh goes under the pseudonym of Alleyway Jack for most of the game, and only reveals his real name if you talk to him in Daguerreo with a Treasure Hunter rank of S. He plays a minor role in a few Active Time Events.
FF6 Advance in-game FF11 (CHARACTER)

The character of Gilgamesh in FF11, a pirate king, appears to have no ties to its previous incarnations.
FF6 Advance in-game FF6 Advance in-game FF12 (ENEMY)

Gilgamesh returns as a "Man of Mystery" in a special hunt offered by Montblanc. The Hunt is titled "Battle on the Big Bridge" (the same as the title of his theme track in FF5) and in fact does take place on a bridge in the Lhusu Mines, and he again has his sidekick Enkidu (with a vastly different appearance). He even has his theme music back! After beating him once, he runs away, leaving a replica of the Wyrmhero Blade behind, which he quickly yanks back when your party leader's back is turned. He shows up once more during a fishing sidequest, where he gives you a fishing rod called the "Matamune". He has an obsession with weapons, and is apparently searching for one more ultimate weapon - most probably the Masamune, the best katana, which you actually get as a reward from Montblanc for beating him. As a series first, Gilgamesh has a voice: John DiMaggio, better known as Wakka and Kimahri from FFX, and Migelo from FF12.

CP: An ancient Man of Mystery, traveling the Dimensions with his lone Companion, Enkidu, in search of a legendary Sword. It is said he confronts all Adventurers he meets and challenges them for their Weapons. Each of his six Arms bears a Weapon of great Fame, yet there is no Evidence that any are the genuine Article. Petitioned as a Mark by a Swordsman bereft of his beloved Blade.

Gilgamesh ends up lost in the Gates of Shattered Time, where he meets Vaan and challenges him to a duel, backed up by a neverending stream of Enkidus. When you beat him, you get to use him as an Esper. He comes equipped with a triple slash and the Masamune.

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