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This has been both a strong monster boss and a strong summoned monster. Its physical characteristics consist of little else but a large gaping mouth or portal which sucks the enemy in and does gravity-based damage (based on the enemy's HP).

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FF1 Dawn of Souls in-game FF1 (Dawn of Souls) (ENEMY)
ATK: Worm Hole
FF5 in-game FF5
-Atomos (ENEMY)
ATK: Worm Hole
FF9 in-game FF9 in-game FF9 cut-scene FF9 (SUMMON)
ATK: G-Force 199
-Atomos (mark)

Although it doesn't look anything like the previous versions, there is a mark called Atomos.

CP: Being a mutant Slaven, its body encrusted with all Manner of precious Crystals. With the passing of Months and Years, the Impurities in these Crystals are gradually absorbed by the Creature, purpling their natural Ochre Hue to beautiful Effect. These Crystals are traded for a high Price, making their Bearers the Target of much Over-hunting by Soldiers tasked with acquiring Funds for Archadia's War Effort. So have these Slaven learned to fear and attack Men, and for this Reason was a Bill for this Mark posted.
FF12 - Transportation
In FF12, there's also a ship model called the Atomos; Balthier gets the party out of the Leviathan on one.
ATK: Uppercut, Drain
FFU Unlimited (SUMMON)
  • SOIL: Storm Blue + Acid Gray + Silent Black

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