Final Fantasy Compendium

Wind Drake (A.K.A. Hiryuu, Dragon)

Like in any fantasy epic, dragons appear in a wide variety of types. Hiryuus (winged dragons) pop up occasionally througout the series, and are primarily used for travel. (NOTE: this list does not include monster dragons)

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1: Like Elves, Dragons are very stereotypical but apparently tame. (Not so in the rest of the games!) Bahamut is their king. They live in the Dragon's Cave.
2: Wind Drakes are closely associated with the Dragoon class.
5: Wind Drakes can be ridden at various points in the game. However, they are almost extinct and very weak in this story. Only the Dragon Plant (which is poisonous to humans) can heal them from their wounds. Lenna has a strangely close connection to them - she forced herself to save the last one from extinction, even though using its tongue could have saved her mother from death. They harbor a great secret - by heroically sacrificing themselves, they can transform into a Phoenix. In the PSX version, Wind Drakes were called "Dragons".
Anime: There is only one Hiryuu (Wind Drake) left in the anime's world (which has green skin, big eyes, and white hair). It has the ability to switch between cute-baby and huge-dragon forms, and can even travel through outer space.

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