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The Chimera is based on a Greek myth, as a multi-headed (and bodied) creature, and has appeared in almost every FF game. The number and type of heads vary from game to game, although it typically boasts that of a lion, a goat, and an dragon. Like its form, it uses a variety of attacks, including water attacks like the Blue Magic "Aqua Breath".

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FF1 NES in-game FF1 PSX in-game FF1
-Mage Chimera (Dawn of Souls)
-Jimera (NA NES) / Rhyos (NA PSX) / Gorgimera (JP)
FF2 NES in-game FF2 PSX in-game FF2
-Maximus (NA) / Sphinx Chimera (JP)
-Rhyos (NA) / Gorgimera (JP)
FF3 in-game FF3
-Mage Chimera
FF4 in-game FF4
-Chimera Brain
FF5 in-game FF5
Kima Brain (NA) / Chimera Brain (JP)
-Kimaira (NA) / Chimera (JP)
-Maximus (NA) / Gorgimera (JP)
-Quadra Happy (NA) / Drum Chimera (JP)
FF6 in-game FF6
-Rhyos (NA) / Gorgimera (JP)
-Vectagoyle (NA) / Vecta Chimera (JP)
FF7 in-game FF7
-Harpy (NA) / Chimera (JP)
-Maximum Chimera
FF8 in-game FF8
Chimera (NA) / Chimera Brain (JP)
FF9 in-game FF9
FF10 in-game FF10 in-game FF10
-Chimera Brain
Chimera Geist
-Proto Chimera
-Rhyos (NA) / Gorgimera (JP)
-Chimera (?)
-Lesser Chimera
-Chimera Brain

The Chimera shares the same type as the cockatrice in this game.

CP: In times now ancient, mages worked magicks upon captured cockatrices to effect the eldritch creation of these twisted beings. They are possessed of a singularly wicked intellect, which they use to its full extent for the infliction of pain upon their enemies. Their wings shine as the rainbow, each bearing a blazing red eye marking that shifts from side to side as they move, these being used to discourage foes larger than they, and for purposes of attracting a mate during the mating season.
MQ in-game Mystic Quest
-Chimera (NA) / Trinity (JP)
-Gidrah (NA) / Chimera (JP)
CC in-game Crystal Chronicles

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