Final Fantasy Compendium

FF5 Jobs

NAME: Bard

NAME: Berserker
OVERVIEW: See Berserker.

NAME: Black Mage
OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.

NAME: Blue Mage
OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

NAME: Cannoneer
OVERVIEW: FF5 Advance only. A cross between a Gunner and a Chemist. This job uses special ammunition found from a wandering merchant. Can only be found in the "???" underwater cave that opens after returning the magical tablets to the Sealed Castle.
WEAPONS: Knives, Swords
  • !Open Fire - Attack one enemy for random damage, and chance of Poison, Darkness, Sap, or Death (default)
  • Exp Up - Gain 1.5x Experience
  • !Combine - Combine ammunition and items to create different effects on all enemies

    NAME: Chemist
    OVERVIEW: See Chemist.

    NAME: Dancer
    OVERVIEW: See Dancer.

    NAME: Dragoon
    OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.

    NAME: Gladiator
    OVERVIEW: FF5 Advance only. A very physical warrior, a little more than a Knight and less than a Berserker, but their attacks have a high chance of missing. This is the only job that behaves differently for each character - the Finisher move has a chance of adding on an elemental attack, but the element changes depending on the character.
    WEAPONS: Knives, Swords, Great Swords, Spears, Axes, Bows
  • Lure - Increase rate of random enemy encounters
  • !Finisher - Cause physical damage or elemental damage (Bartz - Wind, Faris - Fire, Lenna - Water, Galuf/Krile - Earth). Low success rate. (default)
  • Long Reach - Do the same damage from the back row as from the front row
  • !Bladeblitz - Hit all enemies with equipped weapon
  • ATTRIBUTES: Very high strength, high agility, average stamina, low magic, low accuracy

    NAME: Geomancer
    OVERVIEW: See Geomancer.

    NAME: Hunter
    OVERVIEW: See Archer.

    NAME: Knight
    OVERVIEW: See Knight.

    NAME: Necromancer
    OVERVIEW: FF5 Advance Only. This job is the reward for beating Enuo in the Sealed Temple. These magic-users have power over the undead and dark arts. However, they have a permanent "undead" or "zombie" status effect (cure spells do damage to self). The Dark Arts abilities works similar to Blue Magic, but the Necromancer must kill an an enemy who knows the spell.
    WEAPONS: Staffs
  • !Oath - Summon an undead monster to attack (default)
  • !Dark Arts - Use Dark Arts magic
  • Undead - Have permanent undead status while this ability is equipped and only take damage from healing.
  • ATTRIBUTES: Very high magic, high stamina

    NAME: Oracle
    OVERVIEW: FF5 Advance only. A magic-user whose abilities have a long delay before they activate, with an accompanying countdown.
    WEAPONS: Staffs
  • !Condemn - Cause a countdown on one target to cause physical damange, negative status effects, or healing (default)
  • !Predict - Cause a countdown on random targets to cause physical damange, negative status effects, or healing
  • ABP Up - Gain 1.5x ABP
  • Read Ahead - Decrease rate of random enemy encounters
  • ATTRIBUTES: Very high magic power, low strength, low accuracy

    NAME: Mediator/Trainer
    OVERVIEW: See Beastmaster.

    NAME: Mimic/Mime
    OVERVIEW: See Mime.

    NAME: Monk
    OVERVIEW: See Monk.

    NAME: Ninja
    OVERVIEW: See Ninja.

    NAME: Red Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Red Mage.

    NAME: Samurai
    OVERVIEW: See Samurai.

    NAME: Sorceror
    OVERVIEW: See Magic Knight.

    NAME: Summoner
    OVERVIEW: See Summoner.

    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: See Thief.

    NAME: Time Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Time Mage.

    NAME: White Mage
    OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

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