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NAME: Bard

NAME: Beastmaster
OVERVIEW: See Beastmaster.

NAME: Black Mage
OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.

NAME: Blue Mage
OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage.

NAME: Corsair
OVERVIEW: See Gambler.

NAME: Dark Knight
OVERVIEW: See Dark Knight.

NAME: Dragoon
OVERVIEW: See Dragoon.

NAME: Monk

NAME: Ninja
OVERVIEW: See Ninja.

NAME: Paladin
OVERVIEW: See Paladin.

NAME: Puppetmaster
OVERVIEW: The Puppetmaster controls an automaton who can be customized and commanded, similar to a Beastmaster.
WEAPONS: Bare hands
  • Overdrive - Increase fighting ability of automaton to maximum level
  • Activate - Call forth the automaton
  • Repair - Gradually restore automaton's HP
  • SUPPORT ABILITIES: Resist Slow, Evasion Bonus, Martial Arts

    NAME: Ranger
    OVERVIEW: See archer.

    NAME: Red Mage
    OVERVIEW: See Red Mage.

    NAME: Samurai
    OVERVIEW: See Samurai.

    NAME: Scholar
    OVERVIEW: See Scholar.

    NAME: Summoner
    OVERVIEW: See Summoner.

    NAME: Thief
    OVERVIEW: See Thief.

    NAME: Warrior
    OVERVIEW: See Knight.

    NAME: White Mage
    OVERVIEW: See White Mage.

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