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NAME: Auron
OVERVIEW: Auron wears an outfit similar to a Samurai. He has some abilities in common with a Paladin and Soldier. His Overdrive is based on controller button combinations like the Monks Sabin and Zell, and he is also a monk in the storyline.
  • Guard - Take physical damage for ally
  • Sentinel - Take physical damage for ally, reduced by 50%
  • Entrust - Transfer amount of overdrive gauge to ally
  • Power Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's attack power
  • Magic Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's magic power
  • Armor Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's physical defense
  • Mental Break - Inflict damage and reduce enemy's magic defense
  • Threaten - Delay enemy's next turn
  • Zombie Attack - Inflict damage and "Zombie" status
    Overdrive: Bushido
  • Dragon Fang - Attack all enemies and delay their turns
  • Shooting Star - Massive physical damage and attempt to eject single enemy from battle
  • Banishing Blade - Inflict Power Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, and Armor Break
  • Tornado - Severe physical damage on all enemies
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high HP, low speed, low magic power, low magic defense

    NAME: Kimahri
    OVERVIEW: See Blue Mage and Dragoon.

    NAME: Lulu
    OVERVIEW: See Black Mage.

    NAME: Rikku
    OVERVIEW: See Chemist and Thief.

    NAME: Tidus
    OVERVIEW: Although nominally a Warrior, Tidus also shares many abilites with the Time Mage job class
    WEAPONS: Sword
  • Cheer - Raise party's strength
  • Flee - Escape from battle with high success rate
  • Haste - Increase ally's speed
  • Provoke - Force enemy to attack only the caster
  • Delay Attack - Attack and delay enemy's next turn
  • Slow - Decrease enemy's speed
  • Slowga - Decrease all enemies' speed
  • Delay Buster - Attack and greatly delay enemy's next turn
  • Hastega - Increase all allies' speed
  • Quick Hit - Damage enemy and decrease wait time between turns
    Overdrive: Swordplay
  • Spiral Cut - Slice one enemy for moderate damage
  • Slice & Dice - Attack six times, causing damage to all enemies (targeted randomly)
  • Energy Rain - Unleash a rain of energy on all enemies
  • Blitz Ace - Inflict eight attacks on all enemies, finishing off with a power blitzball kick to targeted enemy
  • ATTRIBUTES: High strength, high speed, low MP, low magic power, low magic defense

    NAME: Wakka
    OVERVIEW: See Gambler.

    NAME: Yuna
    OVERVIEW: See Summoner and White Mage.

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