Final Fantasy Compendium

Unlike most other games, most of the places in FFTA2 have very little bearing on what happens in them. Locations of missions seem to be chosen more or less at random. Unless otherwise indicated, the description of each place is simply that provided by the game. In fact many of the "challenge" type missions take place somewhere but don't even use that location's battle map. Each area has several locations inside it, usually including one named after the area.

The legend of the Thirteen was born long ago on this sweeping plain that time forgot.
  • Aisenfield: This peaceful green field unfolds as far as the eye can see, a sight unchanging through the ages.
  • Nazan Highroad: This road leads northeast to the Nazan Mines. Few pass this way since they closed.
  • Tramdine Trail: This trail leads north to Tramdine Fens. Chocobos that take fright easily make for ill mounts in the bleak swampland ahead.
  • Fluorgis Highroad: This road leads northwest to Fluorgis. Bards can often be heard reciting their latest verses, refining them as they approach the city.
  • Neslowe Highroad: This road leads to the Neslowe Passage. The bridge here spanning the narrow sea is only open by day.
  • Kthili Highroad: This road leads east to Kthili Sands. At this distance the great desert dunes seem only hills.
  • Field of the Fallen: Grass sways in undulating waves across the verdant expanse. The Thirteen are said to have fought a great battle here.
  • The Ligress Headland: Warm winds sweep across this rocky highland. Below, the Mirhelian Sea stretches to the horizon.
  • Gaol's March: This road was built to honor the hero Gaol, one of the Thirteen Knights of Aisen.

Aldanna Range
Rugged highland with row upon row of soaring peaks. Hardy mountain shrubs grow among its crags and clefts.
  • The Aldanna Range: Icy winds and magicked Mist swirl through these mountain peaks. Many fierce beasts make their home among the rocky crags.
  • Zedlei Highroad: This road leads north to Zedlei Forest. Travelers' feet move with hushed whispers through the soft carpet of fallen leaves.
  • Baptiste Highroad: This road leads east to Baptiste Hill. There is little vegetation to break the monotony of the desolate trail.
  • Galerria Highroad: This road leads to the caves of the Galerria Deep. Footing is tracherous on the dark, uneven path.
  • Lezaford's Cottage: This old cottage is nestled deep in the mountains. The trail leading here bears little sign of traffic.
    You can rest here to turn time forward by one or more months. Later you can also reach Zellea from here.
  • Orchise Snowfields: The ground here is dusted white with snow, broken only by the occasional track of some unseen animal.
  • Whitesnow Pass: This frozen pass lies under a perpetual blanket of snow that shines a ghostly silver in the moonlight.
  • Redclay Pass: The smooth clay along this trail can be perilously slipper. Occasionally, a thin Mist hangs in the air.

Baptiste Hill
Green grasses cover the gently sloping hillside. A refreshing wind eases the burdens of passing travelers.
  • Baptiste Hill: Lush grasses carpet the hillside. Caravans mark the progress of their journey as they pass the solitary tree.
  • Aldanna Highroad: This road leads west to the Aldanna Range. The loose soil littering the path slows even the most sure-footed of wayfarers.
  • Bigsa Highroad: This road leads southwest to the Bigsa Greenlands. The way is rough, making progress slow even on foot.
  • Camoa Highroad: This road leads south towards Camoa, gradually widening as it nears the city.
  • Zedlei Highroad: This road follows the coast north to Zedlei Forest. Mounds of green underbrush rise along the verge.
  • Sun-dappled Trail: Sunlight dances through breaks in the canopy covering this woodland trail. Clumps of mushrooms sprout in the shade.
  • The Boulderfall: The many rocks jutting from this low-lying mountain make it a popular proving ground for adventurers with more lofty ambitions.
  • Flutegrass Bluff: A cool breeze blows in from the coast. On clear days it's possible to make out the continent across the narrow sea.

Bigsa Greenlands
Thick vegetation grows across this broad plain. Many travelers pass along its extensive network of roads.
  • Camoa Highroad: This road leads east to Camoa. Passing storms often leave the road rutted and cut across with pools of water.
  • Graszton Highroad: This busy road leads south to Graszton. Even late at night the steady stream of travelers does not abate.
  • Galerria Highroad: This road leads west to the caves of the Galerria Deep. Even here, the ground is cold and damp.
  • Baptiste Highroad: This road leads north to Baptiste Hill. The greater part of the travelers here can be seen astride chocobos.
  • The Bigsa Greenlands: Bright, open fields stretch to the horizon. As the sun falls, monsters creep out of the rising gloom.
  • Vieg Northroad: The Vieg Highroad is one of the region's busiest corridors. It is not uncommon to find stalls and tents offering sundry goods to passersby.
  • Caravan Trail: A trail cut into the side of a steep cliff. Travelers on chocoboback carefully pick their way along the incline.
  • Jadewood: Tall trees blot out the light in the deep recesses of this forest. The air is heavy with moisture from hidden pools and lush greenery.

Camoa is a famed gathering spot for adventurers. The countryside surrounding the city is a verdant patchwork of crops and pastureland.
  • Camoa: This ancient city has long been a favorite gathering spot for adventurers. Throngs of people bustle along its streets.
  • Bigsa Highroad: This road leads west to the Bigsa Greenlands. A sea of emerald grass glimmers on either side.
  • Baptiste Highroad: This road climbs gradually north toward Baptiste Hill.
  • Adventurer's Rest: Soft breezes caress this gently rolling grassland. An idyllic resting spot for the footsore adventurer.
  • Shaug Tablelands: This high plateau offers a spendid view of Camoa. Take care should the weather turn foul: the paths here can be treacherous in the rain.
  • Dias Plain: Narrow paths crisscross this airy plain. The sun-weary traveler will find welcome shelter in the cool shade of the trees.
  • Tulque Grove: Faeries are said to gather beneath the trees of this secluded grove. The sound of rustling leaves is borne upon the breeze.
    Not initially available

Quaint shops and age-old houses line the streets of Fluorgis. Beyond the city, ruins of once mighty fortresses stand watch over the wilderness.
  • Fluorgis: Filled with fountains and greenery, the lively city of Fluorgis thrives as a hub of air trade.
  • Sant D'alsa Highroad: This road leads to Sant D'alsa Bluff. Airship after airship pass by overhead, receding noiselessly into the distance.
  • Aisenfield Highroad: This road leads southeast to Aisenfield. Who can count the songs sung of heroes who set out along this very highway?
  • Tramdine Trail: This road leads east into Tramdine Fens. These days its traffic numbers more beasts than men.
  • Fluorgis Aerodrome: Ivalice's first aerodrome, built soon after the invention of the airship. It's a gateway for all manner of goods from throughout Ivalice.
  • Diegnot Fortress: Not far to the north of Fluorgis lies Diegnot Fortress. Her once proud walls have long since crumbled into ruin.
  • Cannol West Barbican: The western gate of Cannol Keep. They said none could breach its massive doors, and indeed, it stood fast even as the keep proper fell.
  • Cannol Keep: Named after the famed gria general, the ruins of this holdfast are the grandest for many leagues.
    Note: The Luck-stick Sellers show up here.

Galerria Deep
Countless tunnels make up this vast underground cavern. It's known in some circles as the Pit of the Larva.
  • The Galerria Deep: Chill wind swirls in the cavern, its howl echoing ceaselessly through the lightless depths.
  • Bigsa Highroad: This road leads east to the Bigsa Greenlands. Snow and mud mix to form a nearly impassable mire.
  • Aldanna Highroad: This road leads northeast to the Aldanna Range. At night the damp ground freezes solid.
  • Rupie Highroad: This road leads north to the Rupie Mountains. Snow falls year-round along this icy trail.
  • Windwrit Tundra: A silence hangs over the frozen ground. Not even the beasts of the wild dare break the stillness here.
  • Larva Den: Something has dug a large, conical pit in the floor of the cave. The earth at the bottom seems to write and shift...
  • Sealed Reach: Water trickles down the rough stone of the cavern walls. The living rock at its base is smooth and slick.

This island rising from the Mirhelian Sea is home to the moogle city of Goug.
  • Goug: This moogle city is the birthplace of tecknologies found throughout Ivalice. Odd machineries perch on every shelf and peer out from every corner.
  • Kthili Highroad: This road leads north to Kthili Sands. A great iron drawbridge connects the island with the mainland.
  • Neslowe Highroad: This majestic bridge leads west to the Neslowe Passage. Its solid construction shrugs off storm and tide with ease.
  • Goug Mines: No ordinary mine, this network of tunnels holds machineries found nowhere else. Expeditions are often made in search of these ancient relics.
  • Corpolk Field: Few plants grow in the barren soil here. A mountain belches black smoke in the distance.
  • Firewyrm Mount: Gouts of flame erupt from the living volcano. They say beasts who breathe flame and scorch the ground they walk live among the char.
    Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.

This narrow stretch of land overlooks the Sea of Ewohl. People and goods stream through the busy port city of Graszton.
  • Graszton: Awash with merchants and sailors, this lively port town is an important center for trade and commerce in the region.
  • Bigsa Highroad: This road leads north to the Bigsa Greenlands. A group of volunteer watchmen patrols the highway.
  • Vieg Southroad: Where there are travelers, there are highwaymen. This road sees its fair share of both.
  • Baybold Lowlands: The sound of distant waves can just be heard above the hard wind. Few plants find purchase in the barren soil.
  • Shadeholme: This dark, unsettling forest is rumored to serve as a hideout for brigands and thieves.
    Not initially available
  • Melby Point: Fairies are said to gather in this secluded spot, where white flower petals dance on the wind.
    This is where the Brightmoon Tor first appears. Not initially available.

The general area of Ivalice that FFTA2 takes place in. The continents of Jylland include Ordalia, Loar, and Jagd Zellea.

Kthili Sands
Waves of sand rise and fall in this barren waste. The scorching sun burns bright in the sky.
  • Kthili Sands: By day the sun beats down without mercy. By night freezing winds bite into sun-seared flesh.
  • Aisenfield Highroad: This road leads west to Aisenfield. The going is slow, with the fine sand swallowing foot and wheel alike.
  • Goug Highroad: This bridge leads south to the city of Goug. Before its construction, boats ferried travelers across the narrow channel.
  • The Ochre Wasteland: Images shimmer and blur above these scorching sands, while bone-thin beasts prowl in search of prey.
  • Simoon Dunes: ???
    Note: This is where the Wizard D'Tidle can remove your clan title.
  • Sea of Boiling Flame: Lava flows glowing hot from the volcano's maw, and the air is thick with sulfur. The hellish landscape stretches unbroken into the distance.
    Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.

The main continent of FFTA2. Areas in Ordalia include: Aldanna Range, Baptiste Hill, Bigsa Greenlands, Camoa, Galerria Deep, Graszton, Moorabella, Ruins of Delgantua, Rupie Mountains, Targ Wood, and Zedlei Forest.

The magick city of Moorabella and its aerodrome sit atop this high, forest-covered plateau.
  • Moorabella: The magick arts are studied and refined here in this quaint town of neatly rowed houses and snow-covered lanes.
  • Zedlei Highroad: This road leads east to Zedlei Forest. Wisps of magickal light glow in the night air.
  • Rupie Highroad: This road leads southwest to the Rupie Mountains. The bitter cold saps the strength of travelers as they make their ascent.
  • Delgantua Highroad: This road leads west into the ruins of Delgantua. Once a major thoroughfare, it's now all but deserted.
  • Moorabella Aerodrome: Situated on the outskirts of Moorabella, this airship terminal offers skyferry service to Fluorgis.
  • Sage's Grove: Sages often gather to talk alongside the small river that runs through this peaceful wood.
  • Dyme Plateau: The sky shines bright blue above this high plain. Snow falls here not by any work of nature, but by the hand of magick.
  • Reighlard Forest: The private grounds of the grand duke of Moorabella. The forest has remained largely undisturbed by man.
  • The Snowdust: Snow soft and white as cotton falls in this lonely field. A wandering minstrel once called it the Snowdust - now none call it anything else.

Nazan Mines
This magicite mine has lain dormant for long years. Only creatures of the dark now crawl its passages.
  • Nazan Mines: This mine once yielded all manner of magicite, but was abandoned when the Gorday vein was struck.
  • Tramdine Trail: This trail leads west to Tramdine Fens. Smugglers once used it to traffic magicite from the mines.
  • Aisenfield Highroad: Laid in the days of the great magicite rush, this road leads southwest to Aisenfield.
  • Gorday Mine: This magicite mine has been closed for decades. Scores of men once labored to excavate the precious stones.
  • Gorday Citadel: Built to protect the miners from the beasts of the wild, this fortress was no longer needed once the mines were closed.
  • The Skystone Lode: This shaft yielded vast quantities of skystone, much of which found its way to Goug.
  • The Spellstone Lode: This shaft yielded spellstone of all varieties. Though closed for many years, the mine still sees occasional visits from Akademy scholars.

Neslowe Passage
A cave passing beneath the narrow sea once connected this volvanic island with the mainland.
  • The Neslowe Passage: This network of caves passes under the Mirhelian Sea. It was once possible to reach the mainland, but these passages have collapsed.
    Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.
  • Aisenfield Highroad: This bridge leads north to Aisenfield. Water covers the bridge at night, making passage impossible.
  • Goug Highroad: This majestic bridge leads east to Goug. Ash gathers like snow in drifts along its span.
  • Lava Run: Countless lava flows have formed a natural path sloping away from the volcano. With each passing day it grows a little wider.
  • Neslowe Peak: This volcano has smoldered for many hundred years. They say it once lay deep on the ocean floor.
  • Shifting Caverns: A long forgotten cavern that extends beneath the Mirhelian Sea. It is impossible to tell whether its passages were wrought by man.
    Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.
  • Ordalia
    The second continent of Jylland. Areas on Ordalia include Aisenfield, Fluorgis, Goug, Kthili Sands, Nazan Mines, Neslowe Passage, Sant D'alsa Bluff, and Tramdine Fens.

    Ruins of Delgantua
    This sprawling ruin is thought to date back to the Galtean era. The lost arts of that time are evident throughout.
    • The Ruins of Delgantua: The ruins of a great castle built during the Galtean era. Its once mighty ramparts are now cracked and tumbled.
    • Moorabella Highroad: This road leads east to Moorabella. The way is broken and overgrown from disuse.
    • Hall of Blessings: Divine light washes over this wide chamber, illuminating prayers painstakingly carved into the flagstones.
    • Gateway to the Past: This wide passage encloses a broken courtyard. Fragments of elegant ornamentation give silent testimony to the ruin's former glory.
    • Hall of Kings: This grand throne room was once the seat of power. Even its emptiness is imposing.
    • Way of Judgment: The wall at the end of this long, straight passage is inscribed with images of fantastickal creatures.
      Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.

    Rupie Mountains
    Said to have been raised in the age of myth, these mountains have a stark, captivating beauty.
    • The Rupie Mountains: These mountains stand with a quiet dignity, offering a breathtaking view on clear days.
    • Galerria Highroad: This road leads south to the Galerria Deep. Snow blows without relent along the rocky path.
    • Moorabella Highroad: This road leads north to Moorabella. Hollows to the side of the road offer shelter agains the biting blizzard winds.
    • Fields of Dancing Snow: Deep drifts of snow deter all but the most determined travelers. The creatures living here are of an ancient breed.
    • Watch of the Mountain Gods: Cold winds rush up from the depths, shaking the timeword bridges that span the chasm.
    • Whitehearth: A blanket of snow rests on the ground, dotted by the tracks of creatures who make this their mountainous home.

    Sant D'alsa Bluff
    This high bluff looks down on the sea crashing against the rocks far below. The region is geologically active and warm the year round.
    • Fluorgis Highroad: This road leads east to the city of Fluorgis. A strong, steady breeze blows in from the city.
    • The Zegrots Stones: The word "zegrots", meaning "that which belongs to a giant man", seems particularly appropriate for these massive stones.
    • Seagull Rise: Seabirds light upon the grassy hillside to rest their wings as waves crash against the cliffs far below.
    • Mount Llavina: Several years past, this volcano stirred to life once again. The strong coastal winds carry ash from the eruptions high into the air.
      Note: This is where The Final Quest (after finishing all 300) takes place.

    Targ Wood
    Birdson fills this peaceful forest. A small village stands among the watchful trees.
    • Targ Wood: Many animals dwell among the towering trees of this quiet wood.
      Note: This is where Luso first appears in Ivalice.
    • Wood Village: A small village where time seems to stand still. The fresh mushroom stew is not to be missed.
      Note: This is the only city without an auction house.
    • Camoa Highroad: This road leads north to Camoa. Delicate flowers dot its embankments.
    • Muskmallow Field: Chocobos lazily graze among the field's gently swaying grasses.
    • Traveler's Way: A meandering road leading to Targ Wood. Travelers come and go along the throughfare.
    • Ophy Point: Faeries are said to gather in this secluded spot. The wind carries a faint, sweet scent.
      Not initially available

    Tramdine Fens
    The sun shines wanly over this desolate swampland. A pervasive gloom falls on all who enter.
    • Tramdine Fens: The spirits of the dead are said to wander this dready fen. Even at midday the sky is dark and unsettling.
    • Fluorgis Trail: This trail leads west to the city of Fluorgis. None are fool enough to walk it once the sun has set.
    • Aisenfield Trail: This trail is mired in muck and mud for many leagues on its southward march to Aisenfield.
    • Catsbreath Field: The dying wind blows lazily, barely stirring the grass. Rough sstones lie strewn across the ground.
    • Protectors' Walk: This broad bog teems with life. A small shrine built by the local villagers stands on one of the higher patches of ground.
      Note: We later learn this shrine was built for Elpe, one of the Gifted, who sacrificed herself to save nearby villagers from monsters.
    • Waterside Hut: It is difficult to say when this small workshop was built, or by whom, but all are free to use it.
      Note: This is where the Witch of the Fens lives. You can also rest here and move time forward by one or more months.
    • Demonroot Bog: Moss and water plants grow thick in this remote place. Many of the stagnant pools dotting the bog are deep beyond measure.
      Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.
    • Nazan Trail: More animal trail than footpath, this track rises steep and narrow, leading east to the Nazan Mines.

    Zedlei Forest
    Warm light plays through the canopy of this beautiful forest. The Silenia river runs through the heart of the wood on its eastward journey to the sea.
    • Zedlei Forest: Magnificent trees reach skyward in this lush forest. Some of the greater trees are said to harbor powerful magick.
    • Baptiste Highroad: This road leads southeast to Baptiste Hill. The warm rays of the sun bathe the path in golden light.
    • Aldanna Highroad: This road clibms southwest to the foothills of the Aldanna Range. The quiet murmur of running water delights the senses.
    • Moorabella Highroad: This road leads west to the city of Moorabella. Arbors line the road, offering welcome shelter to the tired traveler.
    • Formo Brook: A frigid stream of snowmelt from the mountains enters the forest here. Many woodland animals can be seen drinking along its banks.
    • The Greenhall: The trees of this forest provide the highest quality timber. Once felled, the trunks are taken to the lumbermills on giant sleds.
    • Overlook Rise: This small hill peeks out above the forest. The lord of the wood is said to dwell at its rocky summit.
      Note: This is not immediately accessible; it becomes so after a mission.

    Zellea, the Forbidden Land
    The Mist runs thick in these forbidden reaches. A treasure of immense power is said to lie here.
    This can only be reached through Lezaford's Cottage by the end of the game, and is the place where the final battle takes place.
    • Dance of the Candleflies: Softly glowing crystals mark the entryway to the Forbidden Land.
    • Footfalls of Despair: The ground here resonates with strong magicks, as though it bears the memory of some terrible battle.
    • To Touch the Heavens: No in-game description. This is the final battleground.

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