Final Fantasy Compendium

Ancient heroes defeated a dragon here. Marche goes searching for diamond rain, but finds monsters.

A summer resort for the royalty. This is where the final battles take place, when Marche finally meets up with Mewt and Remedi.

Baguba Port
A mainly moogle town, which boasts a large airship port. It's where Marche meets up with Nono.

Bervenia Palace
The seat of Prince Mewt's power and the capital of Ivalice. It's also where the clan tournaments are held.

A mainly nu mou town. Ezel Berbier has his secret Antilaw card shop here. It's also where Marche first meets him and saves him from the judges.

A mainly human town, which also houses the monster bank. It's where Marche first met Montblanc and where he arrived in Ivalice.

Delia Dunes
The seam for Mateus's Crystal is here. Before he can reach it, Marche is attacked by Llednar, but saved by Cid.

Deti Plains
Marche meets up with Cid here, after fighting off a horde of monsters.

Eluut Sands
The Crystals affect monsters' minds here, causing them to attack passerby. Marche subdues them.

Giza Plains
Marche's first mission takes him to find a herb called muscmaloi that grows here.

Gotor Sands
Marche is betrayed here by his brother Doned and attacked by a clan out for the bounty on his head.

The fantasy country that FFTA takes place in.

Jagd Ahli
Some truly scary bad guys lurk here if Marche dares to enter.

Jagd Dorsa
One of the places where the Law has no power, but characters can be killed here! Marche chases some no-good airship thieves here and recovers Nono's merchandise.

Jagd Helje
Beyond Tubola Cave lies this lawless area, which is the hideout of a fearsome assassin as well as a Devil Marlboro.

Jeraw Sands
Marche and Clan Ritz gang up on a bunch of clock forgers here.

A magical wood. Marche steps in to stop people from cutting down all the trees.

Kudik Peaks
A hunter named Cheney needs help in dealing with the tigers and panthers who live here, and Marche steps in.

The place to go for materite, a great gift for princes. However, Doned betrays Marche to a viera clan, who attack him.

A mainly viera town, located in the treetops. Marche is cornered by the judges here and captured.

Nargai Cave
This ghostly cave hides the seam to Adrammelech's Crystal.

Marche teams up with Clan Ritz to defeat a renegade clan called the Cheetahs here.

Representatives of several clans who feel Marche is getting too big for his britches attack him here.

Roda Volcano
A newly active volcano hides the seam to the Crystal of Ultima.

Lured here by the rumor of the Emerald of Salika Keep, Marche instead finds Babus, who attacks him.

Siena Gorge
The best place to find amber, a necessary ingredient for an antilaw Cid and Ezel are making. However, it's guarded by Clan Ritz!

A mainly bangaa town, and home to the prison. The basement has the seam to Exodus's Crystal.

St. Ivalice
The snowy city in the real world which gets turned into the country of Ivalice.

Tubola Cave
The best place to get Mythril. Marche lures Doned here to convince him to go back to the real world.

Uladon Bog
Marche is lured here by a rival clan seeking to claim the bounty on his head.

Ulei River
This river hides a seam leading to Famfrit's Crystal.

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