Final Fantasy Compendium

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1. The Prelude (19K)
2. The Promised Land [Main Theme - FF2] Lyrics
3. Mon P'tit Chat (My Little Cat) [Music Box - FF5] Lyrics
4. Wanderer Of Time [Terra's Theme - FF6] Lyrics
5. Into The Light [Theme Of Love - FF4] Lyrics
6. Esperanta do Amor (Love's Hope) [Dear Friends - FF5] Lyrics
7. Voyage [Eternal Wind - FF3] Lyrics
8. Au Palais de Verre (In The Crystal Palace) [Matoya's Theme - FF1] Lyrics
9. Once You Meet Her [Elia, Maiden Of Water - FF3] Lyrics
10. Pray ["Final Fantasy"] Lyrics
11. Don't Cry, Little Girl [Kids Run Through The City Corner - FF6] Lyrics

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