Final Fantasy Compendium

(Tracks from FF5)

1. FFV Opening Theme MIDI (19K) SPC
2. The Dungeon
3. We're Pirates! MIDI (29K) SPC
4. City Theme [Tenderness In The Air] MIDI (5K) SPC
5. Parting Sorrow
6. Mambo de Chocobo MIDI (13K) SPC
7. Distant Homeland MIDI (7K) SPC
8. Music Box Memories MIDI (5K) SPC
9. To My Beloved Friend MIDI (11K) SPC

(Tracks from FF6)

10. The Phantom Forest MIDI (14K) SPC
11. Phantom Train MIDI (9K) SPC
12. Wild West MIDI (26K) SPC
13. Kids Run Through The City MIDI (11K) SPC
14. Terra MIDI (35K) SPC
15. Slam Shuffle MIDI (9K) SPC
16. Spinach Rag MIDI (10K) SPC
17. Johnny C. Bad MIDI (36K) SPC
18. Mog MIDI (9K) SPC
19. Dark World MIDI (5K) SPC
20. Epitaph MIDI (5K) SPC
21. The Magic House MIDI (19K) SPC
22. The Prelude MIDI (23K) SPC

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