Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. Liberi Fatali (63K); Lyrics and translation
2. Balamb Garden (15K)
3. Blue Fields [Overworld Theme] (53K)
4. Don't Be Afraid [Battle Theme] (38K)
5. The Winner [Victory Fanfare] (13K)
6. Find Your Way (87K)
7. SeeD (12K)
8. The Landing (42K)
    The Landing (184K)
9. Starting Up (13K)
10. Force Your Way [Boss Theme] (81K)
11. The Loser [Game Over] (8K)
12. Never Look Back (41K)
13. Dead End (29K)
14. Breezy (8K)
15. Shuffle or Boogie [Triple Triad] (121K)
16. Waltz for the Moon (10K)
17. Tell Me (15K)
18. Fear (7K)
19. The Man With the Machine Gun [Laguna Battle] (38K)
20. Julia (4K)
    Julia (Arranged (6K)
21. Wine and Roses (9K)
22. Junction (3K)
23. Timber Owls (10K)


1/24. My Mind (10K)
2/25. The Misson (42K)
3/26. Martial Law (36K)
4/27. Cactus Jack (8K)
5/28. Only A Plank Between One And Perdition (52K)
6/29. Succession Of Witches (10K)
7/30. Galbadia Garden (13K)
8/31. Unrest (6K)
9/32. Under Her Control (24K)
10/33. The Stage Is Set (51K)
11/34. A Sacrifice (16K)
12/35. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (45K)
13/36. Intruders (22K)
14/37. Premonition (65K)
15/38. Wounded (16K)
16/39. Fragments Of Memories (10K)
17/40. Jailed (10K)
18/41. Rivals (2K)
19/42. Ami (10K)


1/43. The Spy (69K)
2/44. Retaliation (12K)
3/45. Movin' (44K)
4/46. The Blue Sky (14K)
5/47. Drifting (4K)
6/48. Heresy (9K)
7/49. Fishermans Horizon (32K)
8/50. ODEKA de Chocobo (4K)
9/51. Where I Belong (16K)
10/52. The Oath (9K)
11/53. Slide Show - Part 1 (24K - both parts)
12/54. Slide Show - Part 2 (48K)
13/55. Love Grows (37K)
14/56. The Salt Flats (16K)
15/57. Trust Me (10K)
16/58. Silence And Motion (48K)
17/59. Dance With The Balamb-Fish [Dollet Theme] (28K)
18/60. Tears Of The Moon (7K)
19/61. Residents [Lunar Colony] (15K)
20/62. Eyes On Me (48K); Lyrics


1/63. Modes de Chocobo (38K)
2/64. Ride On (48K)
3/65. Truth
4/66. Lunatic Pandora (30K)
5/67. The Compression Of Time (20K)
6/68. The Castle (22K)
7/69. The Legendary Beast (96K)
8/70. Maybe I'm A Lion (52K)
9/71. The Extreme (77K)
10/72. The Successor (6K)
11/73. Ending Theme (296K)
12/74. Overture (25K)

Unknown Tracks:
Track 1 (101K) - the Irish jig from the concert and (later) Shumi Village. Second MIDI of the same track.

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Winamp-friendly Version (472K)

MIDI Credits

Matt Furda, Arnold Morrison: Irish Jig (2)
QMA: Blue Fields, SeeD, Shuffle Or Boogie (1), Junction, My Mind, Cactus Jack, Under Her Control, Trust Me, Maybe I'm A Lion, The Extreme
Chiba: Find Your Way, Slide Show Part 2
þËaut;S: The Winner, The Landing (1), A Sacrifice, Premonition, Love Grows, Ride On
Matthew Valente (TSSF): Starting Up, The Loser
SinclairC: Force Your Way
Jeffrey Kerr (Milgren): Breezy, Jailed
Rob Diaz-Marino: Shuffle Or Boogie (2), Modes de Chocobo
Matthew Valente (TSSF), Amber Ritchie: Waltz For The Moon, Julia
DoctorJ: Wine And Roses Hisame Ukyo: Timber Owls, Only A Plank Between One And Perdition, Fishermans Horizon, Slide Show (1&2)
Hisashi ODA: The Stage Is Set
Joshua Kaufmann: ODEKA de Chocobo
Doctor-T: The Oath
Odun: Eyes On Me
Saffith: Lunatic Pandora
Gareth Green: Overture
N-D: Retaliation

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