Final Fantasy Compendium

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0. One-Winged Angel (orchestral version) - hidden track; rewind from the first track for 4:20 to hear. Some CD players may not be able to do this.
1. Opening ~ Bombing Mission (56K)
Valley of the Fallen Star (18K)
3. Still More Fighting (47K)
4. Farm Boy (18K)
5. Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony (18K)
6. Electric de Chocobo (70K)
7. Honeybee Inn (13K)
8. Cid's Theme (7K)
9. Forested Temple (6K)
10. Fighting (19K)
11. Ahead On Our Way (9K)
12. Golden Saucer (63K)
13. Crazy Motorcycle (66K)
14. Cait Sith's Theme (10K)
15. Descendant of Shinobi (8K)
16. J-E-N-O-V-A (23K)
17. Main theme (orchestrated version)
18. One-Winged Angel (orchestrated version)
19. Aeris' Theme (orchestrated version)

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