Final Fantasy Compendium

Please see below for a list of sequencers who created these MIDIs. Any MIDI not credited below was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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1. Ahead on Our Way MIDI (19K) SPC
2. A Presentiment MIDI (96K) SPC
3. Four Valiant Hearts [Main Theme] MIDI (19K) SPC
4. Hurry! Hurry! MIDI (17K) SPC
5. Reina's Theme MIDI (2K) SPC
6. Fate in Haze MIDI (17K) SPC
7. The Battle MIDI (15K) SPC
8. Victory's Fanfare MIDI (11K) SPC
9. Requiem [Dead Music] MIDI (2K) SPC
10. Pirates Ahoy! MIDI (29K) SPC
11. Tenderness in the Air MIDI (8K) SPC
12. Good Night! MIDI (1K) SPC
13. Sealed Away MIDI (15K) SPC
14. Cursed Earths MIDI (14K) SPC
15. Deception MIDI (3K) SPC
16. Harvest MIDI (14K) MIDI 2 (16K) SPC
17. Walking the Snowy Mountains MIDI (18K) SPC
18. Danger! MIDI (14K) SPC
19. The Fierce Battle MIDI (22K) SPC
20. The Dragon Spreads Its Wings MIDI (18K) SPC
21. Royal Palace MIDI (9K) SPC
22. The Thermo Powered Ship MIDI (8K) SPC
23. Run! MIDI (15K) SPC
24. Nostalgia MIDI (13K) SPC
25. Ahead on Our Way
26. The Library of Ancients MIDI (23K) SPC
27. Reminiscence MIDI (3K) SPC
28. Musica Machina MIDI (6K) SPC
29. The Day Will Come MIDI (13K) SPC
30. What? MIDI (43K) SPC
31. Mambo De Chocobo! MIDI (13K) SPC
32. My Home, Sweet Home MIDI (7K) SPC
33. Music Box MIDI (5K) SPC
34. The Airship MIDI (24K) SPC
34. The Evil Lord X-death MIDI (12K) SPC


35. X-death's Castle MIDI (8K) SPC
36. The Four Warriors of Dawn MIDI (8K) SPC
37. Battle With Gilgamesh MIDI (47K) SPC
38. Unknown Lands MIDI (12K) SPC
39. Critter Tripper Fritter!? MIDI (33K) SPC
40. The Castle of Dawn SPC
41. Beyond the Deep Blue Sea MIDI (48K) SPC
42. As I Feel, You Feel MIDI (3K) SPC
43. Waltz Clavier MIDI (9K) SPC
44. Go Go Boko! MIDI (15K) SPC
45. The Land Unknown MIDI (23K) SPC
46. The Book of Sealings MIDI (6K) SPC
47. Intention of the Earth MIDI (16K) SPC
48. The Prelude of the Empty Skies MIDI (58K) SPC
49. Searching the Light MIDI (17K) SPC
50. The Decisive Battle MIDI (33K) SPC
51. The Last Battle MIDI (27K) SPC
52. The Silent Beyond SPC
53. Dear Friends MIDI (11K) SPC
54. Final Fantasy MIDI (42K) SPC
55. A New Origin MIDI (80K) SPC
56. The Prelude MIDI (10K) SPC
57. Fanfare 1 MIDI (2K) SPC
58. Fanfare 2 MIDI (3K) SPC
59. I'm a Dancer MIDI (4K) SPC
60. Piano Lesson 1 MIDI (1K) SPC
61. Piano Lesson 2 MIDI (1K) SPC
62. Piano Lesson 3 MIDI (1K) SPC
63. Piano Lesson 4 MIDI (2K) SPC
64. Piano Lesson 5 MIDI (1K) SPC
65. Piano Lesson 6 MIDI (1K) SPC
66. Piano Lesson 7 MIDI (2K) SPC
67. Piano Lesson 8 MIDI (1K) SPC

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MIDI Credits

Andrew Thompson: A Presentiment, Reina's Theme, Fate In Haze, The Dragon Spreads Its Wings, Nostalgia, Reminiscence, The Day Will Come, The Evil Lord X-Death, Unknown Lands, The Land Unknown, The Book of Sealings, The Prelude
Little Chiba: Four Valiant Hearts, Dear Friends
Joshua Kaufmann: The Battle
FRANKY CHAN (Ling To): Victory's Fanfare, Sealed Away, Cursed Earths, The Decisive Battle
Michal Huang: Requiem, Deception
Martin Skog: Pirates Ahoy!
Jeff Benson: Tenderness In The Air
Yakra: Good Night!, Music Box
Peter Shultz: Harvest
Dermot Mac Flannchaidh: Harvest (2)
Diosden Rodriguez (Digo Raccoon): The Fierce Battle
P. Soo Hoo: Royal Palace
Jay Payne: What?
Will T. Sirota: My Home, Sweet Home
Princess Toadstool: Exdeath's Castle
S-Mangin: The Four Warriors Of Dawn
Andrew Thompson, TSSF: Battle With Gilgamesh
Cheez Wizz: Critter Tripper Fritter?! Paul: Beyond The Deep Blue Sea
Nick Tsilakis: Intention Of The Earth
ArseniK/DARKSTAR: Piano Lessons 1-5

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