Final Fantasy Compendium

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Final Fantasy I

01. Welcome To Final Fantasy World -Arranged-
02. Prelude (13K)
03. Opening Theme (7K)
04. Cornelia Castle (2K) [Paul Edward Jensen]
05. Main Theme (5K) [Kevin Fishburne]
06. Chaos' Castle (6K)
07. Matoya's Cave (12K)
08. City Theme (4K) [Alcan, Andrew Thompson]
09. Shop Theme (6K) [Zhentil, Jimmy Ellinger]
10. Sailing Ship (13K)
11. Underwater Palace (5K)
12. Dungeon (11K)
13. Menu Screen (3K)
14. Airship (11K) [Alcan, Andrew Thompson]
15. Mount Gulg (9K)
16. The Floating Castle (7K)
17. Battle Scene (46K) [Alcan, Andrew Thompson]
18. Victory Fanfare (16K)
19. Ending Theme (16K)
20. Dead Music (4K) [Andrew Thompson]
21. Save Music

Final Fantasy II

22. The Prelude
23. Battle 1 (11K)
24. Revification
25. We Meet Again
26. The Rebel Army (6K) [ButZ]
27. Town Theme (4K) [ButZ]
28. Main Theme (4K) [ButZ]
29. Castle Pandemonium (2K) [Amber Ritchie]
30. The Empire's Army (7K)
31. Chocobo!
32. Magician's Tower (2K) [§ilence]
33. Flee!
34. The Old Castle (12K) [Andrew Thompson, Jimmy Ellinger]
35. Dungeon (9K)
36. The Revived Emperor
37. Battle 2 (8K)
38. Victory Fanfare
39. Finale (43K)
40. Waltz
41. The Queen's Temptation
42. Dead Music (2K)
43. Fanfare
44. Welcome To Our Group

Unreleased and Arranged Tracks from Final Fantasy II

45. Shop
46. The Airship (23K)
47. Battle 3
48. Dungeon
49. Farewell! Final Fantasy World -Arranged-

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The names listed inside the [brackets] are the sequencers of the adjacent MIDI.
Any MIDI not credited was sequenced by an unknown artist.

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