Final Fantasy Compendium

This album is a compilation of music from various FF soundtracks, despite it being labeled an "original soundtrack". This album contains music that was played at the "Dear Friends" orchestral concerts, but all the versions on this album are lifted directly from their respective soundtracks. This album contains no recordings or arrangements from any of the "Dear Friends" concerts.

1. Liberi Fatali (FF8)
2. Zanarkand (FF10)
3. Terra's Theme (FF6)
4. Theme of Love (FF4)
5. Dear Friends (FF5)
6. Vamo'alla Flamenco (FF9)
7. Love Grows (FF8)
8. Aerith's Theme (FF7)
9. Not Alone (FF9)
10. Ronfaure (FF11)
~ Final Fantasy I - III Medley ~
11. Prelude (FF1)
12. Main Theme (FF1)
13. Matoya's Cave (FF1)
14. Elia, the Maiden of Water (FF3)
15. Chocobo Theme (FF2)
16. The Rebel Army (FF2)
17. Final Fantasy (FF1)
18. Dear Friends - Arranged Version (FF5) (BONUS TRACK) (This is taken directly from the Potion album)

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