Final Fantasy Compendium

Here's where I gather all sorts of info about the series that didn't fit anywhere else. Note that I'm not an expert on Japanese language and culture, and I'm sure I got some things wrong, so please feel free to e-mail me about those.

Series Production
Names and Language
FF Game Relationship

Series Production

FFU was, I'm sure, originally meant to have a full 26 episodes and probably more than one season as well. However, the production was cut short due to lack of interest in Japan. I believe they even squeezed the last two episodes into one (which is why episode 25 doesn't have a title sequence; there's regular action and the credits are superimposed on it). Unfortunately it leaves us with a whole bunch of unanswered questions and spaces in the story.

Apparently TV Tokyo, which produced the series, has plans to continue the story in something called "FFU: After", some sort of book. Unfortunately since I can't fully read Japanese I can't give you any details whatsoever about it. There's also plans for a FFU video game, but I'm not even sure what system it's for, let alone be able to tell you anything about it.

There are no plans to make further episodes of FFU. However, I've been told that ADV has bought the English rights to the episodes, so hold your horses till it's out. 8-) When it is, I suppose I'll have to go around changing all the names again...

Names and Language

Here's some notes on the names used in the series. I generally use the Soldats translation for them, but there are some interesting points that should be raised about them all.

Just a note about honorifics. These are the little things tacked on to the end of spoken names indicating extra information about them. Certain characters show their stations and ideas more clearly by what they call others. For example, Herba speaks about very nearly everybody by using "-chan", which is, I think, the most familiar of the honorifics and generally used for females. She only calls Earl Tyrant by "-sama", indicating deep respect or love (generally used for people older than you). Earl Tyrant generally doesn't use an honorific for anyone at all, indicating he's above everyone. Lou calls Kaze "-sama" as well (since she's head over heels for him). Finally, Oscar calls basically everyone "-sama" (he's extremely polite and genuflective) except, oddly, for Shroi Kumo, whom he calls "-dono" (a rare suffix which basically means Lord).

Also, Michael Robinson was kind enough to give us the FFU name changes for the official version:


The story leaves all sorts of questions when we're finished with it (as said earlier, we finished before we expected to). Here's a list of them off the top of my head.

And of course there's the generic stuff like why the heck all this Inner World thing exists in the first place, but we can't ask questions like that or we'd never get anywhere. 8p

FF Game Relationship

Obviously there's no actual "FF world" but rather a series of interconnected ones. However, FFU definitely falls very close to that series. The Summons, for one thing (not to mention Shroi Kumo's Mist Dragon, used in FF4, and Lisa's very Leviathan-like kigenjuu). And there's Moogles, Chocobos, and Cactuars, too. Music themes include the Chocobo theme and a variation on the Victory Theme, and a truncated Prelude starts each episode.

Other more obscure references are indicated on the main FFU page, including Molbols, Pupu from FF8, and Dead Peppers from FF9. Earl Tyrant also makes a mention of Gysahl and Sylkis Greens in one of the early episodes (although I recall the reference was missed by Soldats). 8-)

Chaos may possibly have been a reference to the final boss from FF1, but that's doubtful; that boss had his name spelled phonetically "ke-i-o-su" whereas the Chaos in FFU is a Japanese word (konto).

However, the coolest reference may be completely missed by most people due to the translation of Magan as "Demon Gun" rather than "Magical Gun". In FF Tactics, you could collect special (but useless) Treasures as a result of errands. One of them was known as the "Enchanted Pistol" which shot magic bullets - and the game mentions that eventually Summons were put into it as well! The gun looks nothing like Kaze's Magan, but still... 8-)

Final Fantasy 6 VI Moogles MOG Figure Ballchain FF Swing Bandai SQUARE picture

Final Fantasy 6 VI Moogles MOG Figure Ballchain FF Swing Bandai SQUARE


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Final Fantasy Chocobo's Dungeon Moogles Figure Key Chain Banpresto JAPAN


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