Final Fantasy Compendium

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Here we go. I am not an ungrateful man; more or less every single picture or music file I grabbed off of the Internet is credited here. Just a few quick notes first, though: The gallery/archive hub pages were created by my server maintainer, Black Ninja. Most of the good title pics for the high-res site were created by Patrick Putthavong.

Audio Credits

All MIDIs are copyright their respective sequencers.

Unless otherwise specified, the MIDIs on this site came from the RPGClassics FF Databases or from Videogame Music Archive.

Thanks to Joseph Witham for a whole bunch of hard-to-find MIDIs.

Rikku's World for sending in about 30 FF10 MIDIs.

The Final Fantasy IX Universe (Former Link) for about 40 FF9 MIDIs.

Musical World of Final Fantasy (Former Link) - for the following themes: Elia, Rydia, Lenna, Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Cid, Yuffie, and Sephiroth; also contributed the Shinra, Prelude and Final Fantasy themes, and the three Scenes from FF Symphonic Suite.

The FF Collection (Former Link) for most of the FF8 MIDIs, and some from FF3, 5, and 7.

The Opera House for Edward's Theme and all the lyrics. - for several of the FF Tactics MIDIs.

Northern Crater (Former Link) for 17 various MIDIs.

AKAM's FF7 page (Former Link) - for the following themes: Rosa, Red XIII, Cait Sith; also contributed the Turks theme and the FF7 Prelude MIDI.

Fantasy World - for the Princess Ovelia theme.

Unfortunately I can no longer find the information on the people who created the remaining FF6 MIDIs or the Chocobo sound effect WAV which appear on this site. If you know who created them, please let me know.

Now for the picture credits. Thanks a million, all of you!

Shinryuu's Lair for all art from 1 straight through 5, nearly all anime screenshots, and all the FF5 item pictures. Thanks!

Nabiki's Home Page for the cover scans in the high-res site.

The Gaming Intelligence Agency (now defunct) for a large amount of pics from FF9 and 10.

RPGamer for the FF: Spirits Within toy-model production composites, and for nearly all of the Kingdom Hearts pics.

Princess Artemis supplied the FF7 hacked character/monster pictures (black background) you might see around.

The vast majority of the FF9 character and eidolon pictures came from one of the following places: GameSpot, The GIA, IGN, or RPGFan. Most of the FF9 art pics came from RPGFan via Rirse. He also alerted me to FF4 art pics of Lugae and the Magus Sisters.

Squaresoft's PlayOnline for the monster pictures from FF9.

The FFIII/VI Domain (Former Link) for FF6 art, the Celes CG, and help on my original title pic.

Terra's FF8 page (Former Link) for FF8 CGs, art, and FMV shots.

Dark Bob's FF7 Image Archive for FF7 CGs, FMVs, and character art.

Princess Artemis (Former Link) for the FF7 character and monster hacks.

Lady Paladin's FF4 Shrine for Amano artwork of the FF4 heroes.

GameSpot for any pictures (mostly FF4-6, some 8) with a "V" symbol in the bottom right. They also provided the Tobal 2 Chocobo pic.

Thaelen's FFT Underground (Former Link) for Tactics character, monster, Job, and Summon art.

RPGamer for several FF6 art pics, Zodiac Stone scans, Aeris battle pic, Squall CG, Alexander (6) FMV, Gariland flag, and MQ art pics.

Caves Of Narshe for FF6 FMV shots.

Realm Of Final Fantasy Tactics (Former Link) for Tactics character art and several Job pics.

Chrono's Final Fantasy Page for FF5 FMV shots.

FF Online for the following FMVs: Celes, Wedge and Biggs (6), Exdeath (5), and all FF4 FMVs besides Rosa (which was from

A site without a name for FF9 airship scans.

Wiegraf's FFT Domain for the Larg and Goltanna art.

Brian's FF8 Page (Former Link) for FF8 Summon pics, and Fujin and Raijin.

Final Fantasy World for the Ragnarok (8) pic and most Summon (8) face pics.

Game Gurus (Former Link) for the Tonberry (8) pic.

The Avalanche Hideout (Former Link) for the Highwind FMV, Ramuh CG, and FF7 "overworld" pic (used in the Game Innovations section).

Carlo's Realm (Former Link) for Brothers, Carbuncle, and Diablos pics from 8.

Final Fantasy Dream (Former Link) for several excellent Summon pics from 8.

Dreydan's Final Fantasy VII Home Page for the art pics of Cid, Cait Sith, and Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy Underground for the FF7 face pics.

Jared Johnson for the pic from Super Mario RPG.

DJ Moore for information on the characters of Crystal Chronicles.

Sean for information and pictures from FFXI.

Matt for information from FFXI.

Creative Uncut for artwork of Crystal Chronicles.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited for artwork of Final Fantasy: Unlimited

X-men The Hellfire Club #1 Adam Kubert Cover Vf/nm See Pics picture
X-men The Hellfire Club #1 Adam Kubert Cover Vf/nm See Pics

Uncanny X-men #132 (vf) 1st Full App: Hellfire Club, Harry Leland, Donald Pierce picture
Uncanny X-men #132 (vf) 1st Full App: Hellfire Club, Harry Leland, Donald Pierce

Dragon Figurine Unleashed 9.5
Dragon Figurine Unleashed 9.5" Tom Woods Fantasy Art "hellfire" Very Rare

Dragon Figurine Black Rogue 9.5
Dragon Figurine Black Rogue 9.5" Tom Woods Fantasy Art "hellfire" Rare

Lady Death Chaos Rules #1 Hellfire Virgin Jesse Wichmann Ltd To 150 Coffin  picture
Lady Death Chaos Rules #1 Hellfire Virgin Jesse Wichmann Ltd To 150 Coffin

Final Fantasy, all games and animation bearing the Final Fantasy name, and all characters in said games or animation are copyright their respective creators, including but not limited to Squaresoft, Square Enix, Square EA, Tokyo TV, and ADV Films.