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Bartz Klauser [HERO]
Hailing from the town of Lix, Bartz is the son of Dorgann and Stella Klauser. Dorgann was a Warrior of the Dawn, and Bartz has been chosen as one of the four Crystal Warriors. He's an easygoing guy with an unfortunate fear of heights, and a propensity to get crushes on any female he meets.

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(Alias: Boco (PSX)) Bartz's cute chocobo from the First World who carries on a romantic relationship with Koko. (See also Character:FF8, Character:FF9, Character:Tactics)

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Cid Previa
A mechanical genius, Cid was the one who built Karnak's Fire Ship. Because the Crystal began to fail, they locked him up. Bartz (who was locked up in an adjacent cell) escaped with his help. Later, Cid and his grandson Mid (who followed in his footsteps) take up residence in a Ranka ruin called the Airship Base; they were the brains who got the Airship up and running.

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Clio, Mr.
A man hidden in an underwater cave who'll give you your stats (battles etc.).

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Dorgann Klauser
(Alias: Drogan (PSX)) Bartz's father was originally one of the Four Warriors of the Dawn. He insisted that they take Exdeath back to the Second World instead of sealing him on the First World, but was overruled. His conscience commanded him to stay in the First World and keep a watch on Exdeath. He married Stella and had a child, Bartz; both he and his wife died of illness within the same year.

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(Alias: Enkidoh (PSX))Gilgamesh's winged helper who doesn't seem to be around whenever he needs him.

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The source of all evil, Enuo was the original creator of the "Void" or "Mu". He appears in person only in the GBA version, at the end of the Sealed Temple bonus dungeon.

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Exdeath [VILLAIN]
(Alias: X-Death (PSX)) Originally a malevolent tree born from the Great Forest of Moore, Exdeath lives to nullify. His ultimate scheme is to suck everything in the world into a power called the "Void" and then disappear himself. Why? Who the hell knows? He makes a cool villain, though. His sidekick (at least until he exiles him) is Gilgamesh.

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Faris Scherwiz [HERO]
The leader of a ragtag band of pirates was originally a princess. Her sister was Lenna and her father was King Tycoon. However, she was lost at sea, and the pirates found her. Her real name is Sarisa (GBA) / Salsa (PSX), but she could only say "Farifa" (or possibly "Farfa") as a baby so the pirates called her Faris. She became close friends with a thunder dragon named Hydra. She met her sister when they were both chosen as Crystal Warriors.

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Galuf Halm Baldesion [HERO]
An old man who arrives in a meteor with total amnesia. As it later turns out, he comes from the Second World and is a king there (although he prefers to dismiss the formalities of the position). His granddaughter is Krile. A determined and brave man, he was originally one of the Four Warriors of Dawn and has been chosen again to be a Crystal Warrior.

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A woolly mammoth who lives in Walse, Garula's really just a child. Exdeath controls him to break the Water Crystal.

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Gilgamesh [VILLAIN]
One of the coolest villains around, Gilgamesh is the only sidekick to have his own sidekick! Enkidu the flying menace helps him out from time to time. He also has his own theme music. He's mostly there for comic relief, but you can steal Genji equipment from him. At one point he tries using a sword he THINKS is Excalibur against you; it's really called Excalipoor and does single-digit damage. He's dressed in a wild-colored red robe thingy; he later morphs into a many-armed Kali-like menace. He's got a good heart, though - after Exdeath exiles him to the Interdimensional Rift, he begins to like Bartz and company. (See also Summon:FF8, Character:FF9)

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(Alias: Gill (PSX)) A great sage from the Second World who happens to be a turtle. He's very knowledgable in many physical and magical things, and he can even hold his own in a short battle against Exdeath. He's over 700 years old.

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Gogo's kind of an intentional enigma. He's a Mimic: he repeats everything others do. He wears flashy clothes and his face is hidden in his robes. Defeating him yields the Mimic job. He lives underwater in the fallen Walse Tower. (See also Characters:FF6)

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Lenna's Wind Drake (Hiryu is Japanese for "Wind Dragon"). Lenna has an amazingly close emotional bond to it. It often displays its unswavering loyalty and sacrifice to Lenna; in the end it makes the ultimate sacrifice by turning itself into the Phoenix.

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See Syldra.

Lenna's and Faris's old nurse, she still watches over them when she can. She was the one who convinced Lenna not to kill the last Dragon to save her mother's life.

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Kelger Vlondett
(Alias: Kelga (PSX)) A werewolf from the Second World, Kelger was one of the Four Warriors of the Dawn. He has a suspicious nature, but he's very powerful and very brave.

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A chocobo from the Second World and Boko's love interest. Identical in looks to Boko.

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Krile Mayer Baldesion [HERO]
Krile's a spunky girl with some nice magic power. Her grandpa is Galuf. She has the unique ability to talk to animals like Moogles and Dragons. After Galuf is killed by Exdeath, she inherits all his power and becomes a Crystal Warrior.

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See Rallybo.

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon [HERO]
(Aliases: Reina (PSX)) The princess of Tycoon has an adventurous spirit, but her kindness and devotion is unsurpassed by any. Her self-sacrifice is literal; she'll even go as far as to hurt herself physically to help others, even animals like the Dragons. Her father is King Tycoon and her sister, she later finds out, is Faris. She has been chosen as one of the Crystal Warriors.

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Lone Wolf
A thief with a wolf's head, he'll do anything he can to mess you up. Never be nice to him because he just can't be nice back. (See also Character:FF6)

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Mid Previa
An energetic young man who follows in the mechanical-engineering footsteps of his grandfather Cid. He helps Cid remember what his purpose is, and he serves as his grandpa's foil. He's almost as smart when it comes to machines, too.

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(Alias: Lalibo (PSX) A dwarf tunneler who's reached the town of Mirage from underground.

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Sarisa Charlotte Tycoon
(Alias: Salsa (PSX)) See Faris Scherwiz.

Dorgann's wife and Bartz's mother, she endured her husband's journeys as much as she could. She fell ill when Bartz was young and died soon after; Dorgann lost the will to live and followed her in the same year.

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(Alias: Hydra (PSX)) A thunder dragon, Syldra's known Faris since childhood. She pulls the pirates' ship when there's no wind, like when the Wind Crystal breaks. She gives her life to Faris during an attack by a sea monster, but later her soul returns as a Summon. (See also Summon:Hydra)

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Tycoon, King Alexander Highwind
The king of Tycoon had to choose between killing the last living Dragon and letting his wife die; he chose the sorry death of his wife, and his daughter Lenna had a very hard time forgiving him. Faris is also his daughter, lost at birth. King Tycoon has a very strange relationship with Bartz and company; it's unclear whether he's originally from the Second World, or just a resident of the First World with great magical power.

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The werewolf who turns up at the Fire Crystal, and who apparently knows Galuf from back in the Second World.
See Exdeath.

Xezat Matias Surgate
(Alias: Zeza (PSX)) One of the four Warriors of Dawn, Xezat is an expert swordsman who bears a slight likeness to Odin. He is a selfless man and dedicated to righting wrongs etc. He dislikes being called "king".

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Zeza Matias Surgate
See Xezat.

An old man who lives in Tule, he was the one who built Torna Canal; he has the key to it. He's known Lenna since she was a child and admonishes Bartz to watch over her.

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