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A strategy RPG with many FF trademarks. Made by the people behind Ogre Battle, you control up to five characters duking it out with a host of enemies as you traverse an extremely complicated storyline. Battle is in 4-D (3 dimensions plus time, since you can see when any action would take place in regard to everything else). 19 job classes and over 400 abilities make the game infinitely changing and challenging.


The Japanese version had several mini-games which were inexplicably taken out of the English version.

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Game Help:

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  • FF Tactics Battle Mechanics FAQ by Aerostar (778 KB)
  • FF Tactics Calculator FAQ by Dingo Jellybean & Dallas (9 KB)
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    Game Script:

    FFT Game Script by TBaatar


    Final Fantasy Tactics: Original Sound Version (1997)


    Thought I'd include them, since there are a hell of a lot of them! Thanks to Fritz Faundorf, writer of the FFT FAQ, for many of them (he was wrong about a few, though).

    Translated NameReal Name
    "Bracelet" (Attacks)"Breath" (Bad Breath, Fire Breath, etc.)
    Cockatoris (Enemy)Cockatrice
    Explosive (Enemy)Balloon
    Despair (Spell)Dispel
    Gulg Volcano (Proposition)Mount Gulg
    Gust (Enemy)Ghost
    Lune Knight (Job)Rune Knight
    Midgar Swarm (Attack by Elidibs)Midgar Zolom
    Mindflare (Enemy)MindFlayer
    Moldball Virus (Attack by Morbol)Molbol/Morbol Virus
    Mogri Moogle
    Ramia Harp (Weapon)Lamia Harp
    Rich (Summon)Lich
    Trent (Enemy)Treant
    Ultimus Bow (Weapon)Artemis Bow
    Ulmaguest (Attack)Almagest (from Neo-Exdeath in FF5)
    Anyone have any more? *^_^*

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