Final Fantasy Compendium

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The FF series has its share of confusion regarding the releases of the individual games. Most confusing of this is the existence of the Game Boy FF's, which are NOT Final Fantasy games at all, but actually members of other, almost-as-popular series, SaGa and Seiken Densetsu (a.k.a. Secret of Mana). I've included them in this page for the sake of completeness of information, but they will not be mentioned throughout the site. The reason they were given the FF name was, frankly, FF was Square's flagship series in the US, and they were leery of giving any game any name that didn't have FF in it. Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2 was the first game which broke the barrier, and many others (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, etc.) followed.

Bahamut Lagoon was released 02/08/1996 on SNES in Japan only. It is not in this list because other than the name, and a couple of sprites used by lazy programmers, it has nothing to do with Final Fantasy.

These entries are organized by the earliest release date, regardless of region. The tables can be sorted, so you can see what games were released in a region and when.

Initial Releases

NESFinal Fantasy1987-12-181990-07-12--Cartridge (250K)
MSX2Final Fantasy1989-12-XX----Disk (1.44 MB)
NESFinal Fantasy II1988-12-17----Cartridge (250K)
NESFinal Fantasy III1990-04-27----Cartridge (512K)
SNESFinal Fantasy IV1991-07-19----Cartridge (1 MB)
SNESFinal Fantasy IV Easytype1991-10-291991-10-19 (as Final Fantasy II)--Cartridge (1 MB)
SNESFinal Fantasy Mystic Quest1993-09-10 (as Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest1992-10-051993-XX-XX (as Mystic Quest Legend)Cartridge (512K)
SNESFinal Fantasy V1992-12-06----Cartridge (2.5 MB)
SNESFinal Fantasy VI1994-04-021994-10-20 (as Final Fantasy III)--Cartridge (3 MB)
PSXFinal Fantasy VII1997-01-31----3 CDs
PSXFinal Fantasy IV1997-03-21----1 CD
PSXFinal Fantasy Tactics1997-06-201998-01-28--1 CD
PSXFinal Fantasy VII1997-10-02 (as Final Fantasy VII International)1997-08-311997-11-143 CDs
PCFinal Fantasy VII--1998-05-311999 (8)3 CDs
PSXFinal Fantasy VIII1999-02-111999-08-311999-10-274 CDs
PCFinal Fantasy VIII--1999-12-312000 (8)4 CDs
PSXFinal Fantasy IX2000-07-072000-11-132001-02-164 CDs
WSCFinal Fantasy2000-12-19----Cartridge (4 MB)
WSCFinal Fantasy II2001-05-03----Cartridge (4 MB)
PS2Final Fantasy X2001-07-192001-12-17--1 DVD
PS2Final Fantasy X2002-01-31 (as Final Fantasy X International)--2002-05-241 DVD
PSXFinal Fantasy VI----2002-03-011 CD
WSCFinal Fantasy IV2002-03-27----Cartridge (4 MB)
PS2Final Fantasy XI2002-05-162004-03-23--1 DVD
PCFinal Fantasy XI2002-11-XX2003-10-282004-09-171 DVD
GBAFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance2003-02-142003-09-082003-10-24Cartridge (16 MB)
PS2Final Fantasy X-22003-03-132003-11-182004-02-201 DVD
PS2Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart2003-04-17--2004-09-171 DVD
GCFinal Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles2003-08-082004-02-092004-03-121 Mini-DVD
PS2Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission2004-02-19----1 DVD
MobileFinal Fantasy i (9)2004-02-29----Cell Phone
PCFinal Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart (7)--2004-03-23--1 DVD
MobileFinal Fantasy EZ (9)2004-08-19----Cell Phone
PS2Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia (7)2004-09-162004-09-21--1 DVD
PCFinal Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia (7)2004-09-162004-09-21--1 DVD
MobileBefore Crisis - Final Fantasy VII2004-09-24----Cell Phone
GBAFinal Fantasy IV Advance2004-12-152005-12-122006-02-06Cartridge (8 MB)
MobileFinal Fantasy VII Snowboarding2005-04-08----Cell Phone
PS2Final Fantasy XII2006-03-162006-10-312007-02-231 DVD
PCFinal Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan (7)2006-04-182006-04-20---1 DVD
PS2Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan (7)2006-04-202006-04-18---1 DVD
PS2Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII2006-01-262006-08-152006-11-171 DVD
XBOX360Final Fantasy XI2006-04-202006-04-202006-04-201 DVD
NDSFinal Fantasy III2006-08-242006-11-142007-05-04Cartridge
GBAFinal Fantasy V Advance2006-10-122006-11-082007-04-13Cartridge (8 MB)
GBAFinal Fantasy VI Advance2006-11-302007-02-052007-06-07Cartridge (8 MB)
PSPFinal Fantasy Anniversary Edition2007-04-192007-06-26--1 UMD
NDSFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings2007-04-262007-11-20---Cartridge
PSPFinal Fantasy II Anniversary Edition2007-06-072007-07-24---1 UMD
NDSFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates2007-08-232008-03-112008-03-21Cartridge
PSPFinal Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions2007-05-102007-10-092007-10-051 UMD
PSPCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII2007-09-132008-03-242008-06-201 UMD
NDSFinal Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift2007-10-072008-06-242008-06-27Cartridge
NDSFinal Fantasy IV2007-12-202008-07-21---Cartridge


NESFinal Fantasy I & II (1)1994-02-27----Cartridge (512K)
PSXFinal Fantasy Collection (FF4, FF5, FF6) (3)1999-03-11----1 CD
PSXFinal Fantasy Anthology--1999-09-30 (FF5 & FF6) (3)2002-05-17 (FF4 & FF5, see N3)1 CD
PSXFinal Fantasy Chronicles--2001-06-29 (FF4 and Chrono Trigger) (N3)--1 CD
PSXFinal Fantasy 1+2 (2)2002-10-312003-04-08 (as Final Fantasy Origins)2003-03-14 (as Final Fantasy Origins)1 CD
GBAFinal Fantasy I & II Advance2004-07-292004-11-29 (as Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls)2004-12-03 (as Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls)Cartridge (16 MB)
PCFinal Fantasy XI: The Vana'diel Collection--2005-08-16--1 DVD + 1 CD

Related Game Releases

PSXChocobo no Fushigi Dungeon1997-12-23----1 CD
PSXEhrgeiz1998-12-171999-04-302000-02-091 CD
PSXChocobo no Fushigi Dungeon 21998-12-231999-11-30 (as Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2)--1 CD
PSXChocobo Racing1999-03-181999-07-31--1 CD
PSXChocobo Stallion1999-12-22----1 CD
PSXChocobo Collection1999-12-22----1 CD
WSCHataraku Chocobo (Working Chocobo)2000-09-21----Cartridge (?? MB)
PSXKingdom Hearts2002-03-282002-09-162002-11-151 DVD
PS2Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix2002-12-06----1 DVD
GBAChocobo Land2002-12-13----Cartridge (?? MB)
GBAKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories2004-11-112004-12-072005-05-06Cartridge (32 MB)
PS2Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special2004-12-22----1 DVD
PS2Kingdom Hearts II2005-12-222006-03-30--1 DVD
WSCDice de Chocobo--------

Other Releases

NoneFinal Fantasy SGI (4)NoneNoneNoneNone
None"Final Fantasy 3.5" (explanation)NoneNoneNoneNone
GBMakai Toushi SaGa (5)1989-12-151990-09-30 (as Final Fantasy Legend)--Cartridge (128K)
GBSaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu (5)1990-12-141991-11-01 (as Final Fantasy Legend II)--Cartridge (256K)
GBSeiken Densetsu (6)1991-06-081991-11-01 (as Final Fantasy Adventure1993-XX-XX (as Mystic Quest)Cartridge (256K)
GBSaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha (5)1991-12-131992-09-29 (as Final Fantasy Legend III)--Cartridge (256K)

  • 1: Final Fantasy 1+2 was a special cart released for the NES (Famicom), only in Japan. It contained both FF1 and FF2.

  • 2: Final Fantasy 1 + 2/Final Fantasy Origins for the PSX contained FF1 and FF2 on their own CDs. These were basically the WSC versions, but with better world map graphics, upgraded sound, and (naturally) FMVs, as well as a bestiary and omake mode, similar to the FF Collection/Anthology releases.

  • 3: Final Fantasy Collection/Anthology/Chronicles: The PlayStation releases contained collections of games, but the games vary. In Japan, Final Fantasy Collection, released in Japan, contained FF4 (original Japanese, not the American EasyType), FF5, and FF6. The Final Fantasy Anthology for North America only contained FF5 and FF6, but had a free music CD. Later, FF4 (hardtype) was released (with Chrono Trigger) as part of FF Chronicles. Europe received FF6 as a stand-alone release in 2002, and had FF4 and FF5 repackaged into FF Anthology Europe Edition (confused yet?). Japan also got FF4 as a stand-alone disc before all this got started. All the discs contained the same games as the SNES versions, but with info, artwork, monster compendiums, and new FMVs. Some small points (like the ability to run by holding a button) were changed as well. The American version also inexplicably changed the control setting, so those who had played FF6 on SNES had to re-adapt to the new controller settings.

  • 4: FF SGI: This game was originally supposed to be released for N64, or else it was only a demo. It featured 3D graphics akin to Wild ARMs, and the characters from FF6. (Check out a screenshot here.) However, negotiations between Square and Nintendo broke off and this game never has, and never will be, released. For screen shots, icons, and movies of the demo, check out RPGamer.

  • 5: Other SaGa games include the three Romancing SaGa games for SNES, and SaGa Frontiers 1 and 2 for PSX.

  • 6: Seiken Densetsu was the start of what is known in the West as the Mana series (Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, etc.). It was also remade for the GBA as Sword of Mana.

  • 7: Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urgan were expansion paks to the original Final Fantasy XI which added new jobs, lands, and other gameplay elements to the base game.

  • 8: No one can seem to pinpoint a release date for the PC versions of Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy 8, but it has been confirmed they were released in Europe and Japan.

  • 9: In 2004, Square-Enix released a version of Final Fantasy for two cell phones. The version for the NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i received "Final Fantasy i" and the CDMA 1X WIN-compatible W21x got "Final Fantasy EZ"

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin picture

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin


    Final Fantasy, all games and animation bearing the Final Fantasy name, and all characters in said games or animation are copyright their respective creators, including but not limited to Squaresoft, Square Enix, Square EA, Tokyo TV, and ADV Films.