Final Fantasy Compendium

This is a city-building game set in the Crystal Chronicles continuity for the WiiWare service of the Nintendo Wii console. More information to come!


Story - coming soon!

Characters - coming soon!

Places - coming soon!

Game Help:

  • FFCC:MLK FAQ by PeachSmoothie (31 KB)
  • FFCC:MLK FAQ/Walkthrough by Googleshng (23 KB)
  • FFCC:MLK Building FAQ by Tahngarthor (78 KB)
  • FFCC:MLK Upgrade Material Guide by Ludovico47 (8 KB)
  • FFCC:MLK Dungeon Location Map by Gloomilicious (83 KB)
  • FFCC:MLK Kingdom Map by Laigonaz (69 KB)
  • FAQs at GameFAQs

    Coming soon!

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