Final Fantasy Compendium

One year after the events of Advent Children and three years after the original FF7, Vincent Valentine is thrown into an epic struggle with the mysterious organization Deepground. All your faves from FF7 make at least token appearances, and Vincent's story is enlarged and completed. Rather than an RPG, DoC is a "third-person shooter" with some RPG elements, such as items and gun customization.


The American version tightened up many of the controls from in the Japanese version, added an Extra Hard mode (and removed Easy Mode), removed online multiplayer mode, changed Vincent's Limit Break to use items rather than MP, and added several dozen optional missions along with unlockable character/event/artwork viewers.

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Game Help:
FF7: DoC FAQ by Sash
FF7: DoC FAQ by Mog 13-42
FF7: DoC FAQ by Sephirosuy
FF7: DoC Information Guide by Sash
FF7: DoC Chapter Missions Guide by Sephirosuy

Game Script:

FF7: DoC Game Script by MartinFF7


Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack (2006)

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin picture

FINAL FANTASY XIV Eorzean Symphony Metal Pin


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