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Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

A much more in-depth character list can be found in the Zodiac Brave Character section.
Adramelk (PSX)
See Adrammelech

Adrammelech;Adramelk (PSX)
The Wroth is the Zodiac Brave associated with Dycedarg. (See also Summon:Adremmalech)

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A crossover from FF7, she's just the "Flower Girl" in the scenario with Cloud. (See also Character:FF7)

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Agrias Oaks [HERO]
A lady Hokuten Knight (under the auspices of the Lesalia St. Konoe Knights) who is devoted to Princess Ovelia. She is her personal guard and lives to serve her. When she's kidnapped by Larg and then Delita, Agrias joins up with Ramza to try her best to free her.

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Ajora, St.
See St. Ajora Glabados.

Alazlam J.D. (PSX)
See Arazlam Durai.

Algus Sadalfas (PSX)
See Argath Thadalfus.

Aliste Rosenheim (PSP Only)
Aliste was formerly the lieutenant commander of the Gryphon Knights at Lionel Castle, and once Beowulf left, he became the commander. He nursed a desire to defeat Beowulf in battle, finally crowning said desire by helping Bremondt to kidnap Beowulf's girlfriend Reis and challenge Beowulf at Lionel. He reveals the real reason for his helping Bremondt - not the bounty on Beowulf's head, but the fact that Aliste is dying of a disease, and wishes to settle his score once and for all. He loses, though, and is killed by Beowulf.
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Alma Beoulve
Ramza's sister is closest to him out of her brothers; they share the same mother as well as Balbanes as their father. Alma attends the Aristocratic School in Eagrose with Teta. She's uniquely suited (though she doesn't know it) for the Murond Glabados Church's evil schemes to revive the Bloody Angel.

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Altima (PSX)
See Ultima.

Arazlam Durai;Alazlam J.D. (PSX)
The historian and narrator of the game. His search for an explanation of the long-hidden Durai Writings led to confrontation by the Murond Gladabos Church.

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Argath Thadalfus
A snotty cadet who's rescued by Ramza and Delita, on his way to Eagrose to inform Dycedarg of the kidnapping of Marquis Elmdore. His family used to be aristocratic, but a story which leaked out regarding Argath's grandfather during the Fifty Year War (he betrayed his friends to save himself, but was stabbed in the back by a Hokuten Cadet before he went free) caused the Sadalfas family to lose their class. Perhaps because of his tenuous cling to his status, he hates all commoners intensely, to the point where he believes them to be only animals. He has a vendetta against the anti-aristocratic Corpse Brigade and eventually kills Teta through his disregard of lower classes. Delita avenges her soon after.
(PSP Only) He is later brought back as a zombie warrior by Elmdore and fights Ramza in Limberry, but is killed again.

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Balbanes Beoulve (PSX)
See Barbaneth Beoulve.

Balias;Bariaus (PSX)
The first disciple of St. Ajora, he was chased by the Holy Empire of Yudora and eventually was executed on Baraius Hill.

Balk Fenzol (PSX)
See Barich Fendsor.

Balmafula Lanando (PSX)
See Valmafra Lenande.

Balthier (PSP Only)
Balthier is a crossover from Final Fantasy XII. Given the confusion of timelines between FF12 and FFT, Balthier's history is intentionally murky. He mentions having lost his airship, the Strahl, but not how. He also mentions searching for the Cache of Glabados, an important plot element in FF12: Revenant Wings. He says he found it once, and "look what it's gotten me into"; he hopes if he finds it again he can "put things back as they were". This seems to indicate that the Cache teleported him into Ramza's time, probably in the time between FF12 and FF12:RW. In any case, this search leads him to perpetrate a rash of thefts against Glabados clergy, and has apparently rendered him a heretic, like Ramza. Ramza, upon looking into the rumors, falls into a trap the Church has set for Balthier in Dorter. Together they fend off the bounty hunters, and Balthier joins Ramza.
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Barbaneth Beoulve;Balbanes Beoulve (PSX)
The leader of Eagrose and the Order of the Northern Sky during the Fifty Year War achieved the highest order of Heavenly Knight. His bravery and battle prowess helped to instigate the treaty which ended the War. He was poisoned in the latter part of the war (by his son Dycedarg as we later find out) and dies soon after the War ends.

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Bariaus (PSX)
See Balias.

Barich Fendsor;Balk Fenzol (PSX)
An Machinist from the Clockwork City of Goug who joined the Knights Templar. He was blacklisted by the royal knights for anti-aristocratic actions. He was killed in the Beddha Sandwaste, but is later brought back to life to guard Murond Death City.

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Barinten, Grand Duke Gelkanis (PSX)
See Barrington, Grand Duke Gerrith.

Barrington, Grand Duke Gerrith; Barinten, Grand Duke Gelkanis (PSX)
The leader of Fovoham and owner of Riovanes Castle, Barrington is known as the "Weapon King" for his eagerness and prowess in all types of weapons. He brought up Marach and Rapha, but both of them eventually turned against him after finding out his past atrocities. During the Fifty Year War, he headed a band of assassins called Ryomoku; Marach and Rapha were the strongest members of the group. He sides with the Glabados Church, but after trying to steal a Holy Stone, he is killed by Elmdore and his assassin cohorts, Celia and Lettie.

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Belias;Velius (PSX)
The Gigas is the Zodiac Brave associated with Wiegraf. (See also Summon:Belias)

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Beowulf Cadmus;Beowulf Kadmus (PSX) [HERO]
The former leader of the Lionel Holy Knights was branded a heretic by Priest Bremondt, who was jealous of his bond with Reis. Bremondt's curse turned Reis into a dragon and sent Beowulf forever searching for her, finally to find her at the Mining Town of Gollund.

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Beowulf Kadmus (PSX)
See Beowulf Cadmus.

Besrodio Bunanza (PSX)
See Besrudio Bunansa.

Besrudio Bunansa;Besrodio Bunanza (PSX)
Mustadio's father found a Holy Stone while poking around the Clockwork City of Goug Mines. Baert Trading Company got wind of this and began chasing him, trying to get ahold of the Stone. Mustadio called in the cavalry of Ramza and co. and saved his father. Besrudio later found two strange machines in the Clockwork City of Goug - one of them was Construct 8, and the other was a device to summon Cloud from his world.

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An aide to Prince Goltanna.

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An aide to Prince Goltanna.

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Bremondt, Priest;Buremonda, Priest (PSX)
In the PSX version, Bremondt doesn't appear in the game, but he plays a part in the story of Beowulf and Reis. Jealous of their love, he casts a curse on Beowulf, but hits Reis instead, turning her into a dragon.
In the PSP version, he is the subject of an extended sidequest. We see Bremondt as a weak-willed, ignorant, spoiled man driven almost insane by desire for Reis, and his previous loss. He succeeds Cardinal Delacroix as liege lord of Lionel when the Cardinal is killed by Ramza. Upon discovering the fact that Beowulf has undone his curse, he orders Reis kidnapped and brought to Lionel. Beowulf and Ramza rescue her. In the process, Bremondt turns himself into a Dark Dragon, but to no avail; he is still defeated and Reis is brought back to Beowulf for good.
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Buremonda, Priest (PSX)
See Bremondt, Priest.

An Assassin who aids Marquis Elmdore; later found out to be an Ultima Demon summoned by Zarela, Elmdore's Lucavi alterego.

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Cid, T.G.
See Orlandeau, Cidolfus.

Cletienne Duroi;Kletian Drowa (PSX)
A Templar who graduated at the head of the Gariland Military Academy, he's now Folmarv's assistant. He's an accomplished magician.

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Cloud Strife [HERO]
The very dedicated hero of FF7 (although to what, he's not always entirely sure). He sports a wacked hairdo and a purple SOLDIER outfit. He likes using big swords. He starts out being kind of a loner, but for some reason all the ladies find him sexy and he comes out of his shell a bit. He's bent on a) destroying Sephiroth and b) finding out just who the hell he is. He makes a surprise appearance as a playable character in Tactics, after finishing a complicated optional sequence of events. (See also Character:FF7)

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Construct 7-new;Worker 7-new (PSX)
An identical clone to Construct 8, Construct 7-new has been guarding the Nelveska Temple (which used to be some sort of research center) even though all the residents have long been deceased. Once Ramza manages to destroy it, he receives the Cancer Stone which made it run.

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Construct 8;Worker 8 (PSX) [HERO]
A Automaton long ago disused, Besrudio found it in the Goug mines. It requires the Cancer Holy Stone to operate, and once Ramza puts it in, it joins Ramza's party. (It claims that Ramza is its master.)

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Cuchulainn;Queklain (PSX)
The Impure King is the Zodiac Brave associated with Cardinal Draclau. (See also Summon:Cuchulainn.)

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Daravon, Bordam (PSX)
See Darlavon, Master.

Darlavon, Master;Daravon, Bordam (PSX)
The elder teacher at the Gariland Military Academy. His short lectures are praised for their clarity, but his long ones are feared for their, well, length. He achieved the status of "Leading Knight" but has only been in one battle and can't really fight by himself. (Some of his lectures have proved so boring that one of the Orator's abilities, which puts a monster to sleep, is "Mimic Daravon".)

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Delita Heiral;Delita Hyral (PSX) [HERO/VILLAIN]
Born to a poor farmer on a fief on Barbaneth's land, Delita became friends with Ramza. Barbaneth appointed Delita to be Ramza's assistant and used his pull to get him into the Gariland Military Academy. Delita is very close to his sister Teta, and her death by Argath's hand sends him into a smoldering rage. Delita's low rank continually irks him, especially from the jibes Argath gives him; after Teta's death, something snaps in him and he vows never to be manipulated again. He's extremely crafty and clever, and ends up using everyone and everything for his own will. He assassinates Goltanna and blames it on Orlandeau; his ingratiation to anyone currently in power eventually gains him the title of Holy Knight, then leadership of the Nanten Knights, then the throne. He harbors true feelings for Ovelia, however. Although he does not agree with the Glabados Church, his goals nevertheless coincide with theirs for a time.

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Delita Hyral (PSX)
See Delita Heiral.

Denamunda Atkascha, King
The king of Ivalice declared war on Ordalia because of the complaints of the province of Zelamonia, which began the Fifty Year War. He fell ill while Ivalice's army marched on Ordalia's capital, Bura, and died. His son, Denamunda II, took over. He also died towards the end of the war, leaving his son Ondoria, who was unfit to rule, in charge of the throne. Ondoria's weakness forced Ivalice to surrender to Ordalia. Denamunda's daughter was Ovelia.

Draclau, Cardinal Alphons
The head of Lionel is the second-most powerful man in the Murond Glabados Church. Unknown circumstances caused him to seal a pact with the Lucavi demons, associating himself with Cuchulainn.

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Dycedarg Beoulve
Barbaneth's eldest son gave up the position of leader of the Order of the Northern Sky by Barbaneth's request, giving it to his younger brother Zalbaag. After Barbaneth's death, Dycedarg becomes leader of Eagrose Castle. A harsh man, his greed eventually seals his pact with Loffrey representing the demonic Lucavi army of Zodiac Braves and associates with Adrammelech. As it later turns out, Dycedarg was the one who poisoned his own father.

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See Elidibus

In the Fifty Year War, he was one of Ivalice's greatest sorcerers and fought against the Romandan army. He disappeared during the recapture of Riovanes Castle, but was later found to be hiding in Midlight's Deep. He had somehow either found or created a thirteenth Holy Stone and used it to transform into a Lucavi demon. His actions between his disappearance and discovery are a mystery.

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Elmdor, Marquis Mesdoram (PSX)
See Elmdore, Marquis Messam.

Elmdore, Marquis Messam;Elmdor, Marquis Mesdoram (PSX)
The leader of Limberry was actually killed in a battle on the Fuse Plains. He is known as the "Silver Noble" by his friends, but as the "Silver Ogre" by his enemies. The Lucavi demon Zarela took over his body after his death.

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Folmarv Tengille;Vormav Tingel (PSX)
The head of the Knights Templar is one really mean character. The father of Isilud and Meliadoul turns out to be the leader of the new Zodiac Braves. Funebris tried to control them, but Folmarv had other ideas and ended up executing Funebris himself. Folmarv was the one who told Ovelia her true origins. He is associated with the Lucavi demon Hashmal .

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Funebris, High Priest Marcel;Funeral, High Priest Marge (PSX)
The leader of the Murond sect of the Glabados Church has grand hopes and expectations - he attempts to deal with and control the demonic Zodiac Braves. However, his second-in-command Folmarv has his own intentions and eventually kills Funebris himself.

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Funeral, High Priest Marge (PSX)
See Funebris, High Priest Marcel

Gaffgarion, Goffard;Gafgarion, Gaff (PSX)
A mercernary selling to the highest bidder, Gaffgarion changes sides several times throughout the game. He begins by working for the Order of the Northern Sky, but later changes his alignment to that of the Church and their evil plans. He was the leader of the Touten Knights during the Fifty Year War, but his reckless actions drove his superiors to dismiss him. He is killed in a battle at Lionel Castle.

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Gafgarion, Gaff (PSX)
See Gaffgarion, Goffard.

An aide to Prince Goltanna commits treason by helping Larg. He masterminds the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia by the Hokuten, and all the horror that comes out of it. As soon as Delita discovers this information, he kills Gelwan himself.

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A spy for the Holy Empire Yudora who was sent to investigate St. Ajora's growing cult. Although finding no concrete evidence of the spy charges they planned for Ajora, he did find several Holy Stones, which convinced him that Ajora was trying to revive the Zodiac Braves for reasons unknown. He gave Ajora's whereabouts to the Empire, who executed Ajora. Germonik later wrote the Germonik Scriptures, which endured for hundreds of years, locked up in Orbonne Monastery.

Golagros Levine (PSX)
See Gragoroth Levigne.

Goltanna, Prince Druksmald
The Black Lion leader and ultimate head of the Nanten Knights is the lord of Zeltennia Castle and a cousin to Queen Louveria, appointed by those protesting Larg's claim to the throne. A crafty and deceitful man who's eventually done in by the leader of his own Order of the Southern Sky - Delita Heiral.

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Gragoroth Levigne;Golagros Levine (PSX)
A knight of the Corpse Brigade, he carried out a failed attempt to assassinate Dycedarg; failing that, he kidnaps Teta as a hostage to let him out unharmed. He is killed in the decisive battle at Ziekden Fortress.

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A fanatic follower of the Glabados Church, he also bears a striking resemblance to Orlandeau. He agrees to sacrifice himself for the Church, although he doesn't really know why. (Delita dresses him up as Orlandeau and kills him, thus letting the real Orlandeau, whom he framed for Goltanna's death, go free.)

Grims, Baron
The leader of the Black Sheep, a division of the Nanten Knights. He and the entire division, with the exception of Delita, is killed by the Ryomoku.

Gustav Margriff;Gustav Margueriff (PSX)
The second-in-command of the Corpse Brigade and former second-in-command of the Knights of Death. Before that, he was a Hokuten Knight who was dismissed. He was the one who planned the abduction of Elmdore for money, but Wiegraf (who knows more than he lets on) gets mad at him for it and kills him in Ziekden Fortress.

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Gustav Margueriff
See Gustav Margriff.

Hashmal;Hashmalum (PSX)
The Bringer of Order is the Zodiac Brave associated with Folmarv and the Leo Stone. (See also Summon:Hashmal)

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Hashmalum (PSX)
See Hashmal.

Isilud Tengille;Izlude Tingel (PSX)
Folmarv's son and Meliadoul's brother, he helps his father in the Knights Templar, but is eventually killed by that same father for trying to keep the Pisces Stone from him.

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Izlude Tingel (PSX)
See Isilud Tengille.

An aide to Prince Goltanna.

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Kletian Drowa (PSX)
See Cletienne Duroi.

Larg, Prince Bestrada (PSX)
See Larg, Prince Bestrald.

Larg, Prince Bestrald;Larg, Prince Bestrada (PSX)
Louveria's brother, who is the ultimate head of the Order of the Northern Sky, was appointed as the guardian for Prince Orinus. Accordingly, he claims the throne of Ivalice. In order to consummate his rulership, he orders Ovelia captured (with the aid of Queen Louveria, who wants her own son to eventually rule) and blames it on Goltanna. He's eventually killed by his own compatriot, Dycedarg.

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Lede (PSX)
See Lettie.

Lettie;Lede (PSX)
An Assassin who aids Marquis Elmdore; later found out to be an Ultima Demon summoned by Zarela, Elmdore's Lucavi alterego.

Loffrey Wodring;Rofel Wodring (PSX)
A Templar and Folmarv's right-hand man. He's the one who formed the alliance with Dycedarg. He's also an accomplished sorceror and opened the gate to Murond Death City.

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Louveria Atkascha, Queen;Ruvelia Atkascha, Queen (PSX)
King Ondoria's wife is the real leader of Ivalice, as Ondoria is unfit to rule. She calls the shots. When Ondoria dies, she decides that her own son, Orinus, should eventually rule; she supports her brother Larg's claim to the throne in the hopes that when Larg passes on, Orinus will take over. She goes so far as to kidnap Ovelia, Ondoria's adopted daughter and true sister, to make sure she never makes it to the throne. Her plan is thwarted, however.

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Ludovich Baert;Rudvich Bart (PSX)
The token head of Baert Trading Company. The company is supposedly involved in many aboveboard industries centered in the Port City of Warjilis, but in reality controls quite a few shady rackets like opium smuggling and the slave trade. After failing to get the Taurus Stone from Besrudio, Ludovichwas executed by Cardinal Draclau.

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Luso (PSP Only)
A young hunter who Ramza saves from monsters in the Zeklaus Desert. He joins Ramza while looking for his friends. Actually a crossover character from FF Tactics Advance 2.
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Malak Galthana (PSX)
See Marach Galthena.

Marach Galthena;Malak Galthana (PSX)
He and his sister Rapha were brought up by Barrington. After hearing that Barrington burned an entire village down, Rapha ran away; Marach, still grateful to his adoptive father despite his flaws, chases after her. He eventually fights back, but is struck down by Barrington. A Holy Stone brings him back, however.

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Meliadoul Tengille;Meliadoul Tingel (PSX) [VILLAIN/HERO]
Folmarv's daughter and Isilud's sister. She's originally a Templar and fights Ramza to revenge the death of her brother and fellow Templar Isilud, but her father's strange behavior, coupled with the transformation of Marquis Elmdore, assails her with doubts about whether her father's really alive, or merely a shade of a Lucavi demon. She joins Ramza to find out the truth.

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Meliadoul Tingel (PSX) [VILLAIN/HERO]
See Meliadoul Tengille.

Milleuda Folles;Miluda Folles (PSX)
Wiegraf's sister proved her battle prowess in the Knights of Death and now is a Fencer in the Corpse Brigade. She was killed in a needless battle at the Lenalian Plateau.

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Miluda Folles (PSX)
See Milleuda Folles.

Mustadio Bunansa;Mustadio Bunanza (PSX) [HERO]
An intelligent young engineer who lives in the Clockwork City of Goug with his father Besrudio. After Besrudio found a Holy Stone and was chased by the Baert Trading Company, Mustadio chanced upon Ramza's band of soldiers and pleaded with them to save his father.

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Mustadio Bunanza (PSX) [HERO]
See Mustadio Bunansa.

Olan Durai (PSX)
See Orran Durai.

Omdolia Atkascha, King (PSX)
See Ondoria Atkascha, King.

Ondoria Atkascha, King;Omdolia Atkascha, King (PSX)
The ruler of Ivalice is a weak-willed man and completely unfit to rule. All the real decisions are carried out by his wife, Louveria. He's the son of King Denamunda II. After his second son died, he adopted Ovelia, his much younger sister, as his daughter. However, a third son, Orinus, was born to him from Louveria, which upset the entire political spectrum. After Ondoria's death, the War of the Lions was begun between Larg, Orinus's guardian, and Goltanna, a cousin of Louveria.

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Orinas Atkascha, Princa (PSX)
See Orinus Atkascha, Prince.

Orinus Atkascha, Prince;Orinas Atkascha, Prince (PSX)
The infant son of Queen Louveria and King Ondoria stirs up a caldron of chaos when he's born. Princess Ovelia, his adopted sister and actually his aunt, is kidnapped and many assassinations take place in the many-pronged fight for the throne of Ivalice.

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Orlandeau, Cidolfus/Cidolfas (PSX)
Also known as "Thunder God Cid", he leads the Nanten Knights and has done so since the Fifty Year War. An extremely powerful swordsman who has mastered all of the available sword techniques. He was framed by Delita for Goltanna's assassination and joins Ramza in his battle against Delita and the Church's Zodiac Braves.

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Orlandu, Cidolfas (PSX)
See Orlandeau, Cidolfus.

Orran Durai;Olan Durai (PSX)
Orlandeau's adopted son is a magician and an astronomer. He's very brave and quite curious, the combination of which gets him wrongly dumped into the Zeltennia Castle dungeon by Delita for knowing too much. He later published the Durai Writings, which was soon confiscated by the Murond Glabados Church, but brought to light 400 years later by Alazlam, who narrates the game.

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Ovelia Atkascha, Princess
Brought up by King Ondoria and Queen Louveria, Ovelia is actually Ondoria's sister (by a different mother) and the true daughter of King Denamunda. She stays in safety at Orbonne Monastery as long as she can; Larg's troops (masquerading as Goltanna's), led by Delita, effect her kidnapping. She's a pure soul who knows many powerful healing spells.

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Queklain (PSX)
See Cuchulainn.

Rafa Galthana (PSX) [HERO]
See Rapha Galthena.

Rapha Galthena;Rafa Galthana (PSX) [HERO]
In the Fifty Year War, she and her brother Marach were members of the elite assassination team called "Kamyuja". Her parents were killed by the Black Plague; she was brought up by Barrington. However, she rebelled against him when she discovered the atrocities he committed (the burning of a village was the last straw).

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Ramza Beoulve [HERO]
The youngest son of Barbaneth, he comes from a different mother than Zalbaag and Dycedarg. He's very close with his sister Alma. He's the hero of the game, who travels from place to place righting as many wrongs as he can. After the apparent death of his close friend Delita at Ziekden Fortress, he changes his last name to Ruglia and joins Gaffgarion's mercenary troupe, in the hopes of starting a new life. By and large, he's ignored by historians and by the Murond Glabados Church, who try to hush up the shameful behavior they exhibited in trying to resurrect St. Ajora. His final destiny, along with Alma's, is murky at best.

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Reis Duelar;Reis Dular (PSX) [HERO]
Beowulf's love was the subject of jealous Priest Bremondt's hatred. He turned her into a Holy Dragon and imprisoned her in the lowest area of the Mining Town of Gollund. However, she was rescued by Beowulf and was cured of her transformation in Nelveska Temple.

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Reis Dular (PSX)
See Reis Duelar.

Rofel Wodring (PSX)
See Loffrey Wodring.
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Rudvich Bart (PSX)
See Ludovich Baert.

Ruvelia Atkascha, Queen (PSX)
See Louveria Atkascha, Queen.

Simon Penn-Lachish;Simon Pen Rakshu (PSX)
The head of Orbonne Monastery used to be a Pagan Examiner for the Glabados Church, but one incident had him resign from that job. He secretly researched the Germonik Scriptures; the Knights Templar killed him for that.

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Simon Pen Rakshu (PSX)
See Simon Penn-Lachish.

St. Ajora Glabados
A Jesus-like character who lived 1200 years before the game takes place. He lived in Bervenia Free City, in Lesalia; raised in Milodos. The then-church, Fara, began to feel some antipathy towards him (which was returned) when he began to prophesize about a new kingdom taking hold. He was executed by the Holy Empire of Yudora at the Golgollada Gallows, but soon afterwards, the Fara Church capital was submerged in the sea by a seemingly natural phenomenon and disappeared. Many people took this to be a miracle and the Glabados Church was formed. (The true Ajora was a spy who seeded rebellion; the Yudora Empire executed him partly for those crimes.) St. Ajora never really died; he struck a pact with the Zodiac Braves allowing him to come back to life if the Holy Stones were brought to Murond Death City. When that finally happens, he turns into the Lucavi, Ultima.

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Teta Hyral (PSX)
See Tietra Heiral.

Tietra Heiral;Teta Hyral (PSX)
Delita's sister came from a poor family but was taken in by the Beoulve family. She attends the Aristocratic School in Eagrose with Alma, but she's ridiculed because of her status. She was abducted, supposedly for involvement with Larg's assassination, but really just as a hostage so that Gragoroth could escape Eagrose Castle. She was killed by Argath in Ziekden Fortress.

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T.G. Cid
See Orlandeau, Cidolfus.

Ultima;Altima (PSX) [VILLAIN]
The Bloody Angel, this is the Lucavi form of St. Ajora. (See also Summon:Ultima)

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Valmafra Lenande;Balmafula Lanando (PSX)
A magician sent by the Glabados Church; firstly, to help Delita with his goals, and secondly, to spy on him. If Delita's ambitions turned against the Church (as they ultimately did) she was to kill him. However, she found herself falling for him, and could not raise the blade to strike.

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Valowa, King
The king of Ordalia who fought the Fifty Year War with Ivalice. He took over after his father, King Diwanu, died. His successor was Prince Lanard.

Velius (PSX)
See Belias.

Vormav Tingel (PSX)
See Folmarv Tengille.

Wiegraf Folles
(Aliases: Wiegraf (NA), Wigraf (JP)) The former leader of the Knights of Death and current leader of the Corpse Brigade. He became a Templar during the War of the Lions and eventually communed with Belias, a Lucavi demon. He was killed by Ramza in Riovanes Castle.

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Worker 7-new (PSX)
See Construct 7-new.

Worker 8 (PSX)
See Construct 8.

Zalbaag Beoulve;Zalbag Beoulve (PSX)
A Holy Knight of Eagrose, Zalbaag is Barbaneth's second son. A pure-hearted warrior, he leads the Order of the Northern Sky. Even when faced with the horrific treachery of his brother Dycedarg(which he naively refuses to believe until confronted with concrete evidence), he upholds truth and goodness.

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Zalbag Beoulve (PSX)
See Zalbaag Beoulve.

Zalmo Rusnada (PSX)
See Zalmour Lucianada.

Zalmour Lucianada;Zalmo Rusnada (PSX)
A Pagan Examiner of the Church, whose job it is to hunt out heretics. He chases after Ramza for a while. He was defeated at Zeltennia Castle.

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The Dark Angel, Zarela is the Lucavi associated with Elmdore. (See also Summon:Zalera)

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Banpresto Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Lordgenome Lord Genome Figure Ichiban Kuji  picture

Banpresto Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Lordgenome Lord Genome Figure Ichiban Kuji


Kamen Rider Revice sodo 4 REVI ①② Mantis ( Kamakiri ) genome A+B figure set picture

Kamen Rider Revice sodo 4 REVI ①② Mantis ( Kamakiri ) genome A+B figure set


CONVERGE KAMEN RIDER REVICE REX GENOME Revi Mini Figure Premium Bandai picture



Nakanohito Genome Vol.1-10 Complete Comics Set Japanese Ver Manga picture

Nakanohito Genome Vol.1-10 Complete Comics Set Japanese Ver Manga


Bandai Kamen Rider Jeanne Cobra Genome Love Koff Peacock S.H.Figuarts picture

Bandai Kamen Rider Jeanne Cobra Genome Love Koff Peacock S.H.Figuarts


Naka no Hito Genome The Ones Within Vol.1-10 Latest full set Comics Osora Manga picture

Naka no Hito Genome The Ones Within Vol.1-10 Latest full set Comics Osora Manga


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