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Antique Masonic Temple & Easter Star set 4 Coffee Cup / Mugs by McNicol Roloc Co For Sale

Antique Masonic Temple & Easter Star set 4 Coffee Cup / Mugs by McNicol Roloc Co

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Antique Masonic Temple & Easter Star set 4 Coffee Cup / Mugs by McNicol Roloc Co:

Masonic Temple & Easter Star 4 Coffee Cup / Mugs by McNicol Roloc
* Set of 4 Tan Restaurant Ware China
* Made in Clarksburg WV
* Freemason Collectible
* 3 ½” diameter not counting handle, holds 6 ounces
* Like most restaurant ware they are heavy and made to hold up to a lot of use
* Masonic Temple Logo in Blue on one side
* Easter Star Logo in Blue on the other side
* Marked on Bottom with: McNicol Roloc China
* Made in the 1940’s for the Forest Grove Masonic Temple Lodge
* Made in USA
* FREE SHIPPING and Delivery Conformation The McNicol China Company has made some fine restaurant ware patterns. This company was originally located in East Liverpool, Ohio from 1892 to the 1920s. They moved their operation to Clarksburg, West Virginia and started making restaurant ware. They were still operating in the 1960s. Their dinnerware was marked with Roloc. These cups / mugs are in normal used condition with no stains, chips or cracks. There are many scratches from years of normal use at the lodge. Most of them are on the handle and the bottom. We are a nonsmoking home/shop and there are no odors on these pieces. now has started to collect sales tax from some states. We have nothing to do with it. Buyers are responsible for checking policy on sales tax. will be adding more states to the collection list in the future. Any questions on sales tax would be to and not us. Please check out our other items!
The buyer will prepay for the item, with free shipping. Item will be shipped within 1 business days after payment. Shipment is by USPS Priority Mail. We would appreciate it if you would leave us a five star rating after you receive your item. This rating system lets us know that you appreciate and support having us as trusted sellers on . Thank you for your business ahead of time. QUESTIONS : I encourage you to ask questions! Questions ONLY no offers as this is a BUY-IT-NOW listing. Please don't make assumptions, I will happily answer any questions you may have. In an attempt to keep normal hours (seems like selling on is a 24/7 job) I will respond to emails as soon as possible.

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