Final Fantasy Compendium

Since FF7's storyline has become more complicated from the presence of extra games and sources, we've found the need to alter the format of the timeline a bit. Now, events take place on a timeline that is either Before Game (B.G.) or After Game (A.G.) which is technically any point in time after the game starts. So when Cloud jumps out of the train in FF7, that's when 0 B.G. ends and 0 A.G. starts. Anything labeled as "SIDE QUEST" is an optional part of the game which may or may not happen, but has no bearing on anything that is not a side quest.

Sources have also been cited in brackets at the end of each entry, so you know where the info comes from and where it was created. Here are their abbreviations.
FF7 Final Fantasy 7 (the actual game)
AC Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (the CG movie)
DoC Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (PS2 game starring Vincent)
CC Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP game starring Zack)
BC Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis (Cell Phone game released only in Japan)
OAWTAS:Denzel On a Way To a Smile: Case of Denzel (from the FFVII:AC prologue book)
OAWTAS:Tifa On a Way To a Smile: Case of Tifa (from the FFVII:AC prologue book)

NOTE: OAWTAS:Tifa, OAWTAS:Denzel, and Before Crisis were taken from secondary sources that were unofficially translated. These lines will be in italics.

Many Years Ago:

2000 Years B.G.:

Between 1999 - 41 B.G.:

55 B.G.:

c. 40 B.G. :

35 B.G.:

32 B.G.:

30 - 29 B.G.

29 B.G.:

28 B.G.:

25-22 B.G.:

22 B.G.:

21 B.G.:

20 B.G.:

16 B.G.:

c. 15 B.G.:

15 - 10 B.G.:

10 B.G.:

10 B.G. - 7 B.G.:

7 B.G.:

Before 5 B.G.:

5 B.G. (events of CC):

5 - 0 B.G.:

4 B.G.:

4 - 0 B.G.:

1 B.G.

1 - 0 B.G.:

0 B.G.: (the events of FF7)

SIDE QUESTS: (These can happen at any point in the game providing the player has the ability to do them. For example, you will not be able to meet Lucrecia in the waterfall cave if you never found Vincent in the first place!)

0 - 2 A.G.:

2 A.G.: (the events of Advent Children)

2 - 3 A.G.

3 A.G. (the events of Dirge of Cerberus)

500 A.G.:

Celtic Moon & Cat Amulet picture
Celtic Moon & Cat Amulet

Celtic Moon Celestial Amulet picture
Celtic Moon Celestial Amulet

Celtic Knot Charm & Mother Of Pearl Moon picture
Celtic Knot Charm & Mother Of Pearl Moon

Crescent Moon Shelf Black picture
Crescent Moon Shelf Black

7.5 Inch Cast Iron Cauldron With Triple Moon Design picture
7.5 Inch Cast Iron Cauldron With Triple Moon Design

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