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Shirley Temple 1944 Vintage Studio Publicity Photograph 7x8 For Sale

Shirley Temple 1944 Vintage Studio Publicity Photograph 7x8

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Shirley Temple 1944 Vintage Studio Publicity Photograph 7x8:

***** Please note - I ship my items on Fridays. If you wouldlike something sooner, just let me know. It shouldn't be a problem. *****

This is a 6 1/5 x 8 studiophotograph. There is an embossed signature - no indication if it is an actualautograph.

There is some warping in the corner. Studio remarks and stamp on the back.

I believe this to be anoriginal studio portrait, due to the raised signature and in some cases writingin the margins and back - some also have a studio stamp.Please note thatthe signatures are raised - I can feel them. Indicting that they were not partof the negative. I assume that the signature is a studio one, or personalsecretary - probably not the actor/actress, but I don't know.

Unless indicatedotherwise (see pics):

Some photos have studio notesin corners and/or on the back.

Please note: Photos areold and have been around for a while. They are not in perfect condition. Mosthave been stored, moved, looked at a lot. Some have been in albums, frames,etc. I will try and point out prominent imperfections, but please ask if youwant me to double check. Sometimes I miss things like small scratches, spots,etc. Possibly not up to standard for an avid collector, but more for a fun andenjoyment enthusiast. I have a lot of photos, feel free to check if you want aparticular.

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