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Lord King of Sarangpur Hanuman for Car Dashbord Idol Bajrangi Statue Temple Idol For Sale

Lord King of Sarangpur Hanuman for Car Dashbord Idol Bajrangi Statue Temple Idol
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Lord King of Sarangpur Hanuman for Car Dashbord Idol Bajrangi Statue Temple Idol:

Dimensions (H) : 10 centimeters

Weight : 50 grams

Color : Antique Gold

Material : Imported Resin

Embrace Divine Elegance :

Enhance the sophistication of your car's interior with our Standing Hanuman Dashboard Idol, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with divine grace. Its captivating stance adds a distinctive charm to your travels.

About the Artwork:

Meticulously hand-painted, our Standing Hanuman Dashboard Idol is a testament to visual excellence within your car. Every brushstroke adds to its aesthetic allure, crafting a movable sanctuary that harmonizes artistry and spirituality.

Key Features :

• Standing Pose: Exudes sophistication and divine blessings.

• Hand-Painted Detailing: Enhances aesthetic appeal with precision.

• Compact Design: Perfectly sized for easy placement on car dashboards.

• Premium Imported Resin: Ensures long-lasting durability.

• Lightweight Construction: Designed to prevent accidental damage.

Elevated Aesthetic Experience :

Beyond mere dashboard decor, this idol transforms your car into a moving exhibition where artistic and spiritual values converge seamlessly.

Styling Suggestions for Your Car:

• Showcase Prominently: Display on your car dashboard for an elegant touch during travels.

• Carry Aesthetic and Spiritual Essence: Infuse your journeys with beauty and depth.

Dashboard Idol Care Instructions:

1. Gentle Cleaning: Maintain hand-painted details with a soft, dry cloth.

2. Avoid Direct Cleaners: Refrain from applying cleaners directly onto the idol.

3. Handle with Care: Ensure delicate details remain intact during placement.

Immerse your car journeys in the artistic and divine aura of our Standing Hanuman Dashboard Idol, a harmonious fusion where aesthetic and spiritual elegance meet on the road."

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