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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Triple Triad Card - G-98 Doomtrain foil (Excellent) For Sale

Final Fantasy 8 VIII Triple Triad Card - G-98 Doomtrain foil (Excellent)

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Final Fantasy 8 VIII Triple Triad Card - G-98 Doomtrain foil (Excellent):

Final Fantasy VIII 8 Triple Triad
Triple Triad(トリプルトライアード, Toripuru Toraiādo?) is a card game originating from Final Fantasy VIII Games. It was conceived by battle system designer Hiroyuki Ito. In 1999,Square and Bandai worked together to release a 110 card set + 72 visual cards (image card). Which meant you could actually own every triple triad cards and scenes from final fantasy VIII 8 games.
In this sale, you will get: G-97Doomtrain foil
The card is in Excellentcondition. Each card itself is protect by the sleeves and card protector. Please zoom in to see the beauty of the card. If you need more picture, just let me know.
Within US:I will ship out the card by USPS first class. However, if you win more than 3 sales from me, I would ship them out by USPS priority mail.International Shipping: Depending on the country. I personally like DHL because they are fast and stable. Also, also have great international shipping system. Contact me and I will work out with you about shipping.
All card and package will package with extra protection, so when you receive the card, you will get them in great condition. Check my response to see how well I packed my card when I send to collector.
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Check my other listing for more triple triad card. This set of game card has been already release more than 20 years and it is very hard to find a good condition, especially in Mint/NM condition. So, grab while you can before you regard it.
Got question?
Feel free to contact me with any question you have. As a final fantasy fans, I also have great collection of final fantasy card, including, FFAM set, FF VII, VIII carddess, triple triad, etc. And Valkyrie Profile game card (very beautiful set).

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